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Anyone who's played Crystal Chronicles knows that among the six types of magicite that characters can use to cast spells is a Life stone--the Life spell (usually fused with another magicite to cast Holy) can be used to bring that which (or a person who) is dead back to the world of the living. Its most notable use in the course of the game is to revive the pumpflower plants in Veo Lu Sluice and get the Jegon River flowing again when it dries up around Year 5. Some people in multiplayer games will need to revive fallen comrades with it from time to time.

The use of Life magicite to bring people back from the dead in fanfiction raises a great many points of debate. Can it be done, and if it can, is it right for a spellcaster to do so?

My belief is that the Life spell can revive the fallen if (1) there is a body to which the soul may return, and (2) the Life-casting magic user knows exactly the soul that matches the body. However, there are other circumstances that factor in--some circumstances under which it's kinder to leave a person dead. For example, most spellcasters would not cast Life to bring someone back from the dead if:

1) the dead person in question was beheaded or otherwise dismembered (or was in great pain from irreparable injury).

2) he/she was sentenced to death for some crime and would only be killed again if discovered to have been revived.

3) he/she is suspected to have committed suicide or else had a good reason (died of a broken heart?) for not wanting to be brought back to the world of the living (e.g. a widow/widower finally joining a deceased spouse in the world of the dead).

Of course, all this depends on the good graces of Mio, Queen of Memories. If she intends to send a soul back to the world of the living, on that person's death she may work her magic to prevent further harm to the body until the soul returns to it. Conversely, if she would keep a soul among the dead, she would do what it takes to prevent the body from ever being found before it decays or is torn apart.

And if Raem targets an individual and sends minions to do the person in, Mio may, before she attempts to send the person back, set conditions for sending the soul back to the world of the living--protective measures so that Raem isn't tempted to have another go at the individual.

Anyone else have points to ponder or anything else they want to say?

5/25/2008 #1
Twilight Scribe

This is a very good question. I agree that a body would be necessary in order for the Life magicite to restore the soul, but I never thought that the soul that gets Lifed back into the vacant body might not be the one that left... I always thought that it wasn't the spellcaster that was seeking out the soul, but the magicite itself. After all, not everyone in the party can be a trained healer and spellcaster of equal skill, yet everyone can use a magicaite equally well. (However, the idea that another soul may be attached to a body not its own does give me an idea for a fic... Hehehe.)

As for your "do not resuscitate" points:

1) I don't think that a spellcaster could bring someone back if their body had been horribly mutilated like that, not without healing it first or immediately anyway. Think about it: You have a number of party memebers, so you get two. One charging a Life spell and the other charging a Cure or Curaga. Life first, then immediately following, Cure. Doing that would not only save your comrade, but also keep the roster of your caravan full and your village's chances for survival up.

2) Agreed. As generally law-abiding citizens, I don't think caravnners would even try to bring back criminals.

3) Ever think that even if a Life spell was attempted, the soul might not want to come back and refuse to be restored?

Of course, all this depends on the good graces of Mio, Queen of Memories.

Hm... I don't know about that. It was my understanding that Mio and Raem only have power over memories, not souls. Mio nibbles at forgotten memories and spins the rest into myrrh, while Raem devours them mercilessly, but the both of them only work in the memory department, as far as I know.

8/8/2008 #2

As to your last point, Twilight Scribe, I always considered Mio and Raem to perpetually be fighting for dominion over mortals and the world of those living. Hence Mio works to bring about happiness (in Mio's hands, pleasure begets myrrh) and Raem sends his many-faced servants to bring about suffering (pain enables Raem to form miasma into monsters). You can see a good example of Raem's will clearly at work in my oneshot The Demon Sends His Messengers, as Raem perceives a familiar character to be a threat to his dominion (one who would deprive the miasma of its ability to cause pain) and sends monsters to end this character's life.

I don't think that a soul can return to a too-badly-mutilated body either, which is why Mio might intervene to prevent further harm to a body until the soul returns with the spellcaster's aid. My best example of this principle at work is Chapter 9 of my story The Great Revival. At the destruction of the miasma's source a furious Raem discovers that Mio protects the caravanners who then cast their bodies into the miasma to save their souls from his jaws--she whisks their souls into her abode, and encircles each of their bodies with a ring-of-protection spell impenetrable to Raem's forces. (When his gaze falls on my Selkie caravanner Anais Nin, Raem turns on her and curses her in a way against which Mio must have overlooked the need for protection, but that's beside the point.)

8/8/2008 #3

Hey there, Master-of-Omega here. I'm new to the forums and all, still trying to figure this stuff out. Kinda hard when DSL would be an upgrade.

Regardless, I think I'll add my thoughts to this.

I've always thought of the Life spell in fanfiction to be much diferentthan in the game. While I have not writen any CC fics (though I am working on a Crystal Bearers fic) I do have ideas for when I finally get around to it. I've always considered it to be one of those ultimate spells that only a select few can perform correctly, if at all. Normal people would be able to use it only if certain conditions are met, while those with exeptional magical powers would be able to use more potent variations. I've been playing with th idea of summoning in CC and thought: Hmm... What would a pheonix be able to do? I'm sure if a pheonix down revives you under those conditions you've set, the pheonix itself would be able to revive even someone whose body was nearly obliterated. Those who've played other FF games will remember that sometimes the Pheonix summon's Pheonix Flare would restore HP as well as revive fallen characters.

Anyway, just my thoughts on the matter.



... Huh. That sounded better in my head. Maybe it's just me?

1/17/2010 #4

Oh, one more thing! I also think that maybe, just maybe, there may be some cases where a body isn't required for a ressurection. Say... I dunno, someone's body get's anihilated, and you use the life spell to put their soul into, say, a suit of armor. I think that would work, or am I just insane?

1/17/2010 #5

Well, resurrecting a soul into a suit of armor would explain the Black Knight.

1/20/2010 #6
Simply Unknown

Actually, i think that in fanfics, using a life spell drains the health of the user. If someone was trying to bring back the dead, they would probably sacrifice their own life to do it. In most fanfics that i have read, there have been side affects to using magic. The more powerful the magic is, the more serious the sideaffects are. Bringing someone back from the dead might not only kill the magic weilder, but also only partially revive the victem, leaving them in a zombielike state, much like the Zombie Dragon. Wonder if that's how he survived. Just my thoughts.

7/16/2010 #7

Kind of like summoning the Final Aeon, to defeat Sin and bring about a decade or two of Calm, kills the Summoner in Final Fantasy X, right? Interesting idea, but I haven't actually seen it crop up in a Crystal Chronicles fic. (Probably because I don't read any fics for the new Ring of Fates or Crystal Bearers games.)

Actually, when I first started this topic, I thought more people would answer on the moral question of "is it right or wrong?" to bring somebody who died back to the world of the living. I considered that some people would say that yes, it is justifiable under certain circumstances (while others would say that no, one who dies should stay dead, and bereaved loved ones should bury the dead person and move on with their lives).

Stories abound in mythos of heroes who have attempted (either successfully or not) to rescue loved ones from the world of the dead, and there have been stories of deities who either supported or opposed the idea of mortal beings being allowed to have power over the matter of life or death. I myself have used this latter idea as a plot element in my fic Sword of Redemption, a crossover between Final Fantasies VII and Crystal Chronicles.

7/16/2010 #8

From a narrative point of view, I would restrict the effectiveness of the Life stone to the point where only the most powerful and talented spellcasters could use it. I would also limit the number of times it appeared in the story, making it rare to the point where it would often be unavailable to the protagonists even when they need it for the Holy spell or some purpose unrelated to resurrection.

I feel that widely available resurrection destroys the dramatic tension in a story. It would also be a dangerous force in a world where each Crystal can only support a limited population; imagine if whenever someone died in Tipa, their relatives could pop down to River Belle Path with the corpse and go looking for a Life stone to revive them.

As for whether resurrection is right or wrong, I think considering the circumstances of the FFCC world, it would almost always be wrong to revive the dead, with the exception of teammates needed for caravanning. In all other cases, population pressures would make resurrection a serious problem. Even then, I would be inclined to limit resurrections to once per story, or preferably not at all.

7/19/2013 #9
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