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Ok for characters I know there IS enough Gods and Goddess' to chose from. So feel free to choose any of them ok! Also you can have them any species you want...I don't mind... Character layout: Name: Age: Species: (any thing you want just nothing outrageous) Personality: God/Goddess: Special Powers/Attacks: Hair: Eyes: Clothing: Short Background:
10/28/2007 #1
Name: Jasmet Granttempus Age: 17 Specie: Humam Personality: She is usually a happy and lovely girl, always smaling to others. However she has another personality that is calculator and quiet tipe, prefering to work alone then to have people intruding her space. She despise sloop people the most. Goddess: Choronos Special Powers/Attacks: Time invertion - can go back in time, however she can not affect the past as she becomes ghost like. Chronos Divine Clock - she calls for her weapon that it is a spear with on the other extremity a hourglass. Tempus Stop - she can stop time for a maximum of 2 hours and after this time spire she becomes really tired and need at last a full day to recover. Chronos Revenge - This power has the ability to create a clock like ground where everything becomes stone like, making it easy for other to atack. Hair: Silver long hair till the knees, with bangs in the front. Eyes: Rubi (normal self); amber (split-personality) Clothing: normaly - a high neck shirt, on top a jeans jacket with middle sleeves, a red short and black stockings that goes up till her knees and brown leather boots. goddness - a long sleeveless light purple dress with chains and small hourglass as a belt. She wears white shoes with straps that goes around her leg. Short Background: She comes from a family of famous astronomist and astrlogist, so since childhood she has always been around stars and mitology. Once she was 6, her family and her when on a trip to see the ancian greeck mitology, and going got lost in a one of the streets. A strange man rescued her and gave her a goddness ring, Chronos ring. At that moment a split personality was created to help her to control that power. Many years later she is trying to find who gave her that ring and how had he know that she could turn in to a Goddness. The only thing she remembers is a strange tatoon on his left hand. PS: Her other personality prefers to be called Jay. (Well here it is^^, took me a long time^^'.... now for you guys to introduce yourselves)
11/30/2007 #2
((Love you character Yuzumi!)) Name: Ryri Tempestrie Age: 17 Species: Human Personality: Fairly quiet and to herself. Tends to be scared to get involved with other people since she considers herself dangerous. Most people are creeped out by her but she really is a nice person. God/Goddess: Persephone Special Powers/Attacks: Deep Sleep-can put people to sleep just by singing. dangerous because anyone who hears her voice will fall asleep, sometimes even herself. Nightmare-brings forth the victims fears. Dead Rising-calls forth her weapon which is a crossbow. Hair: Black, falls down to her mid-thigh and is partically put up in two small buns, most of her hair is down though. Eyes: cloudy Lavender Clothing: Normal- wears plain dresses, normally long sleeved. Goddess- Very ornate black lace and satin dress. Wears a ruby necklace and her hair is decorated with golden pins. Short Background: Her mother died giving birth to her so kids all through school would rumor that she was cursed. When she was eight, her father died. she found him clutching to Persephone's rings on his death bed. She took that ring and hasn't taken it off since.
12/1/2007 #3
(Thanks^^ * blush* I'm really glad that you liked. And I can also say that your char is interesting^^, I soooooo looking forward to this RPG^^)
12/1/2007 #4
((Me too! It's been so long since I've been on a worthwhile rp and I have a good feeling about this one ^^))
12/1/2007 #5

[i love your chars guys! btw cronos is a titen not a god/goddes and hes a guy! lol just wanted to tell you]

Name:Luna Flos-aurantii



Personality:She's very outgoing and extreamly spontanious.Dosn't care about what other people think of her if she does something weird. She's freindly to everyone but kinda zones out sometimes. She is very tough/strong and protects all of her friends.She loves to pull pranks and ALWAYS has something up her sleeve.Loves to play sports, be in nature and sing/play guitar and alot of other instuments she plays. Also she has a wicked sence of humor.


Special Powers/Attacks:

staff that she uses for magic and her gold english longbow with her siverquiver full of an infinant amount of silver arrows.

Moon shadow - drains opponents energy but takes alot of energy from luna to fight of there mind.

Wolf Claw- is a slash of magic that cuts opponent

Stag Leap- calls fourth her wepon, an english longbow

Hair:Dirty blond with a chunk of red near her face

Eyes:grey/blue with a tinge of purple arond the edges

Clothing:punk like style. likes to wear colorful clothes that make her stick out.Walks around bare foot half the time.

Goddes Clothing:A white strappless dress with a metal fullmoon pin in the center with a silver cord around her waist. Wears a Silver cape that goes right above her knees and lace up sandles with large cuffs ontop. Has a glove on her bow hand. (right hand) and has a large silver banglet on the top of her left arm. wears multiple earings and a large hoop on her left ear with a wolf charm on it. Her staff is tall and has a cresent moon on the end with an opal in the middle.

Ring: A fiery opal with a silver band and has intricite patterns encircaling the stone.

Short Background:Luna was born and raised in America. Her parents died while caring for animals in astrailia. So she was sent to Japan and is living in huge loft/studio. Luna was taught japanese at a very young age so speaks it fluently.Luna Has been trained in her powers by her tutor (un-named) since a young age.

12/1/2007 . Edited 7/3/2008 #6
(Well I thought that Chronos was a god. Gaia, Chrono's mother, married a titan and gave birth to him... or at last is what I thought I knew. Anyway... I guess that there is not such a problem for a girl to take a god and a boy to take a goddess, I would to love to see a boy being Afroditi or Persefony or a girl Martin... it would be rather fun. Ah! I loved your char... and who is this tutor of her....? I'm interested in knowing....^^. Now we only got to wait for our leader to return)
12/2/2007 . Edited 12/2/2007 #7
((Cute character elloitssme! I'm sooo excited for this rp!! Yay! Yay! Yay! lol, sorry ^^; I'm hyper XD))
12/2/2007 #8
yay hyperness.!!! i specificly left tutor unnamed (o0o0o0o0o0) (creepy music) YAY!!!!!! im ready!!...but where is the other persons charecter????
12/2/2007 #9
(We have to wait.... And wait... and wait...)
12/2/2007 #10
*sigh* i hate waiting...
12/2/2007 #11
Well since are waiting... I usually like to make my own doll im my pc and Jasmet was no exception... I guess or I'm too bad to describe or i'm a useless person, but yeah, I liked it^^. Here is her for you guys to see, I would also like to make ones for you, but I'm scared to do the hair the way you guys imagem.... it took quite some time... Well until next time. See ya, Kisses
12/4/2007 #12
Aww, thats really cute! I was about to draw my character too! I'll put the link up here when I finally do.
12/4/2007 #13
the link didnt work!!! poo. id love to draw mne but im reeeeeeally bad at drawing...but im better than my friends (tee hee hee hee hee)
12/4/2007 #14
Thanks^^, I'm soooooo happy that you liked^^. I'll fix it elloit-chan, don't worry^^, at last all try.
12/5/2007 #15
o000 the link worked nvm! its CUUUTE!!!!! btw theres this dollmaking website that i use sometimes. its cute!
12/6/2007 #16
Yep, that is really such a cute site for dollmaker^^, and thinks^^ now I'm working in her goddess for but the damn hair is soooooo anoying..... damn.... but once it ready all put them for you guys to see. When are gonna start?.... where is the admin...?
12/7/2007 #17
pooooooo...im gonna draw my charecter...IN CHIBI!!!!! yay!!!!...personn!! comebak so we can START!!!!!!
12/7/2007 #18
Man, i'm gonna play sudoku until we start....
12/7/2007 #19
Name: Kiomi Tensuki Age: 17 Species: Kitsune Personality: Bright and Bubbly and she tends to get hyper a lot. Shes also Kind and generous. God/Goddess: Poseidon Special Powers/Attacks: Long thin blue and silver staff and a small water filled pendant. The ability to control water, and a special ability to call upon horses.(lol..That's just funny to me...MY LITTLE PONY!) Hair: Thigh length Navy blue hair. Eyes: Shining silver Clothing: Mostly blue and white and both her shirts jackets and Pants (which tend to poof out on their own) Are overloaded with zippers. Short Background: Kiomi is an orphan who values others above herself. She lives alone in a an apartment and works at a small cafe called the The Polar Pop.(wow random) She has the ability to make friends fast and but unfortunately she has never had a boyfriend.
12/7/2007 #20
You back Gotta!!!! Nice char anyway^^, no boyfriend.... poor girl... we'll get one^^, I guess that now we can start!!!! No more sudoku!!! Finished my Jasmet Kami mood: I've changed a little the color of the dress sooo that it looked better^^ Hum.... since all we got are girl... I guess I'm gonna make a boy... this is tooooooooooooo girly we need more men in here... so what ya think?
12/8/2007 . Edited 12/8/2007 #21
Yay! Gotta-senpai!! You replied!! -glomps you- Your character is so cute! AW, it's okay -pats Kiomi- my Ryri's never had a boyfriend either...but that's just 'cause she creeps people out ^^ So... can we start now? Ooohh, she's pretty Yuzumi-chan! You can play a boy if you want. You're right, we do have too much girls. I love rping as guys but I think I'll stick to having just one character for now.
12/8/2007 . Edited 12/8/2007 #22
(Hum.... this is our guy... but I'd rather say he is more girl than anyone of your chars... *looks around* somebody is gonna kill me for getting Aphrodite... I'm sure of it^^) Name: Lukas Walove Age: 17 Species: Human Personality: Sweet and cute petite boy, he is every’s man dream wife (that is right, I said wife) since he loves to cook, sew, clean and reading shoujo mangas, because of this he usually has more girls as friend as boys, he is really naive. Get dizzy when sees blood and hate but and horror stories. God/Goddess: Aphrodite Special Powers/Attacks: Bond by Love - calls for his weapons, two knuckles with pink hearts on top. Aphrodite’s First Love – With fast movements hearts leaves his knuckles and attacks the enemy. Loves Mirage – Creates mirages that confuse the enemy to attack his ally. Hearts Controller – Dark magic allows him to completely destroy an enemies heart, as he smash it with his knuckles. Hair: Long black hair, with bangs covering his eyes. Eyes: bright blue ice Clothing: Normal: Wears a white T-shirt with some graffity on it and jeans shorts. Has 5 piercing in each ear. God: White and pink shit with lace and ribbons around it, a transparent light pink skirt and a white short, with also laces and ribbons. Sandals on his feet. Short Background: Being raised by his grandmother and 12 sisters, he was always spoiled and loved. He would usually dress as a girl while walking around his house and do the chores, that when he got his profile as a great wife from. In his family, Aphrodite’s ring would pass from mother to daughter, but since there were so many, it was Lukas responsibility to care on with that job. He lives with his elder sister in a small apartment near The Polar Pop.
12/8/2007 #23
HAHAHA...*snigger* i like ur char Yuzumi!!! YAY u have ARIVVED!!!!!!!!! YAYAYAYAYYAYAYAYYAYAYYAYAYAYAY!!!!!(sorry i just ate all my leftover candy from holloween and am playing my music at like...really loud) cute char Gotta!!!!!! tee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee hee(yeahh ive got nuttin else to write!!)
12/8/2007 #24
o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o0o the pics sooooooooo puuuuurty Yuzumi!!
12/8/2007 #25
thanks, and no more candy to you ellots-chan... I'm kinda scared now.... *sweat drop* mommy.... she is scary....
12/8/2007 #26
he he he he yeahh sorry *head scratch*
12/8/2007 #27
Wow, you guys are crazy! But that just makes this so much more fun!! lol, Yuzumi-chan your character is soooooo funny! I love him!! ^^ I finally drew Ryri!! Here's the link: I know I said that she had a ruby necklace but I didn't like the way the red looked with her so I changed my mind and made it sapphire instead.
12/8/2007 #28
WOW!!! shes really pretty, i kinda picture periphone with blackn grey but some pastel colors n stuff!!!! She liked to paint ... i think *ponder*
12/8/2007 #29
**persephone haha i cant speell (pun intended)
12/8/2007 #30
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