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I thought I might as well bring up what I've done on The Sims 2. I put four Sims (each with different personalities) in a horrible house, and made them suffer as they tried to make a new house. (Never leave Sims with a fireplace and the inability to clean. I lost each of them multiple times from that.) Anyone ever done something like that? And yes, I took inspiration form IGN's "SimIGN".
10/20/2007 #1

I LOVE The Sims! I don't have any for PC (yet!) but i have a few for console systems. (My Sims for DS, The Sims for PS2, The Sims 2 for PS2, and The Sims 2 Pets for Gamecube.)

Anyways, in one house, I had a pair of roommates, and I wanted one of them to die, so I built a little home for one of them outside, only the home didn't have anything, it was only walls, and there was no room for it to fall down and sleep. The sim finally died after a few sim days, and it began haunting the other roommate. I don't really know why I did this, I was pretty bored.

6/2/2008 #2
The Torminator

Which game did you do that in? That is so funny!

My neighbor had two men together who despised each other and would fight constantly. Eventually, one died from not eating (neither of them would get a job, so they had no food...). It was really wierd.

And I oncce had two kids in the same house. They couldn't pay the bills, so eventually, everything they owned was taken from them...and yes..I was bored...

8/29/2008 #3

I built a jumping board at the second floor once, over the edge of the floor. The sim did not want to jump but i keep on forcing him to, well, he did it, and his upper body was hanging on the sky, swimming, freaked me out. Well, to cut a long story (full of 'what the hell',etc.) short, I pressed the 'save' button.

Another time, I dragged a firefighter guy into an empty room (no door), somehow he walked into an invisible vehicle and the fire engine drove away, wierd.

9/25/2010 #4

I have locked my sims into a room with several fireplaces and lots of couches, i have a house on the Sims 1(deluxe edition) that has a whole graveyard(about 30+ graves) because of what i just mentioned or because I put my sims in a pool and take away the ladder.

I have only once made a small place for a sims to just stand there and die. I took about 4 sim days for it to die, so i just gave up on that way to die.

I am trying to get a sim die by satilite on sims 2, so the ghostly self would be orange, if they get eaten by flies it is purple...Most of my ghost-sims are blue and leave puddles everywhere(you could probably guess what they died of lol). Some are also red...cause of being burnt...

1/25/2011 #5
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