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Expound on your ideas, complaints and dreams of C&C Fanfiction. Tiberian series, Red Alert series, Generals series, all are welcome as long as civility reigns. Come one, come all!
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Game, Movies, and TV shows Crossovers can EASILY be with: (Tibierium series crossovers)

Star Wars

Harry Turtledove's WorldWar or Colonization series

Battlestar Galactica

Universe At War: Earth Assault

Do whatever you want, but will someone PLEASE post a crossover?

9/2/2009 #1

Whoa. Holy crap.

Well, since it doesn't really make sense in the first place, Red Alert could be crossed over with many other things, ranging from the Tiberian games (thus, a patchwork fic), to Looney Tunes (which would be LOL plain and simple).

1/25/2010 #2
i would do a cnc transformer crossover
4/8/2010 #3

I have a CnC - Battle Royale crossover.

7/28/2010 #4
Luke Danger

I am working on a C&C /Star Wars (The Clone Wars) X-over. Far cry from Peptuck's awsome Tiberium Wars, but it's a good shot (though that's probably just self promotion :P)

Chronologically speaking, Cloned Tiberium, then Cloned Tiberium: Tiberian Dusk

9/12/2010 #5

This may be self promtion but i am doing a Red Alert 3 mass effect cross over.

6/29/2011 #6
I am currently doing a command and conquer and star ocean crossover. it is called "Complicated and Completely Out of Order"
10/16/2012 #7
Currently making a CNC:Red Alert 3 and UAW xover fanfic
2/3/2014 #8
Radomir's Renegades

I wanted to try out making a triple crossover of Freezing, Command and Conquer and Hetalia, with the Rise of the Reds mod playing a major role.

6/1/2014 #9
Generals Soldier
I currently working on C&C, Code Lyoko, and Harry Potter X-over with ShockWave mod take the most role on C&C universe. I put some other C&C games like Rise of the Reds, A Global Crisis, C&C 3: Kane's Wrath, C&C RA 2: Yuri's Revenge but I can say I used all C&C games with 3 C&C Generals Zero Hour mods except C&C (1995 video game) and it's expansion packs, C&C Tiberian Sun & Firestorm, and C&C (2013 video game). All of the C&C Universes happen in the same time as in Code Lyoko Universe. Except for the date in C&C Universes
7/28/2014 #10
Generals Soldier
It's cronogycally Code : Command & Conquer and then Code Command & Conquer Evolution
7/28/2014 #11
Peacekeeper 37
I'm working on one. It's with the anime Girls und Panzer.
2/11/2016 #12
Currently working on a RA:3 and a Gate -Thus the JSDF Fought There crossover. Probably my most popular story apart from my Terraria/Touhou crossover so far.
6/8/2016 #13
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