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Blue Dragon

...there's far too little happening in this fandom right now, and personally I'm running low on inspiration. So how about someone come up with a good challenge to spark some ideas and start some writing?

Here's one idea:

The Highest of the Red Ajah is proudly determined to snatch as near a monopoly as she can on channelling Warders, due to her Ajah's expertise on channelling men (as well as a growing fear at the thought of so many channelling men running about loose, not that she would ever admit it..!), and has ordered no less than fifty of her Ajah members to take at least one channelling Warder. Portray the man-hating Red sister and her newly bonded victim/companion and their struggle to find some sort of balance... in as humorous a tone as you can. (I need a laugh.) Bonus points awarded to anyone who takes on a known Red from the books.

Post a note here in this forum if you either join a challenge or want to post a second challenge.

2/12/2010 #1
Blue Dragon

Second challenge: portray Min baby-sitting all four of Avhienda's children.

2/14/2010 #2

Hee hee! I'm definitely going to try that! I agree: Fanfiction has been almost ridiculously slow.

3/24/2010 #3

I agree. Personally, I've been working on my own little project. I'm writing an AU. I've noticed that all the fics take place in the WoT world only. So, I'm going to take the characters and put them in a new setting. They do this in other fandoms, so I plan to start it off in here.

7/30/2010 #4
Emperor Lelouch Vi Brittanna

Another idea I'd like to see (and am working on, my second wot fic though first I've given much thought to) is something including the second age. Unless I've just missed them I haven't found any good stories on the era. It's a "utopia" that falls into cataclysm so it'd be fun to see the Dark one's touch effecting the world and all. I mean it'd be a dark story really but I can picture some interesting things with it. Plus writing in the Forsaken at such a young age, it would be interesting to see their development and how they end up turning. I mean we have the reasons but a little emotion in it would be nice.

About the Reds taken on warders, that'd be funny. I might see if I can think of a short for it. If I do I'll post here again. I could almost picture a good bonding where the two humble each other. That would be an effort for both of them. Though I'd imagine it would be the only chance of a Red being humbled. Let alone an Asha'man. Good challenge.

2/11/2011 #5

Yes, for such an epic fantasy series with so many readers, its astounding that there's so little fanfiction.

And the idea of the budding relationship between a Red sister and her warder seems really interesting

As for more challenges, I can't think of anything particularly challenging, but stories from the perspective of the Forsaken (especially before the Bore) would be interesting (the only one I found was a particularly excellent one about Semirhage and how she turned to the dark. I don't remember the name or the author, but its out there).

How about writing something that happens after the Dark One is defeated? How does the world cope? OR what if the Dark One wins. What does the world do then (actually, now I kind of want to write this one....). I'm currently writing one that focuses on Aviendha's visions of the future and how the channelers and the Aiel deal wit the Seanchan, but if anyone likes that idea, they can use it too...

8/30/2011 #6

Has anyone ever considered writing a Characters Read the Series style fanfiction? After the last book comes out of course. Seems like it would be a massive undertaking, but it could be very interesting writing and reading character reactions for scenes they were not present for. For instance, Mat seems very little credit from some of the other characters, especially since his more impressive moments are not always witnessed by the others.

4/26/2012 #7

I would LOVE to see a characters read the Wheel of Time fic, and I've toyed with the idea of writing one for myself....but unfortunately, I really, REALLY don't have the time to dedicate to such a gigantic project. I wish, though. And I would definitely be up to see some more appreciation of Mat. So, if anyone else decides to write it, I would most certainly read and review it, though! :D

4/26/2012 #8

Great idea! Would love to read and/or write something along the line of a favorite Char reading the WoT books. I almost wish I wasn't already engrossed in what I'm writing now! I think I may start a side project with this, or maybe wait 'til I'm done with 'Legacy' and then start one in earnest!

5/15/2012 #9

By all means, be my guest. It might be wise to wait for the release of A Memory of Light anyways. I don't really see a way to write a good fanfiction of this type before we know how the story ends. From a story perspective, my largest hangup is that I'm not sure how the metaplot would work; that is how do the characters get the books and sit down to read them. Given the massive amounts of secrecy and misinformation in the Wheel of Time series, I doubt that any of the characters would be keen on their personal secrets being explored. They would probably love the insight into the others' secrets though.

5/21/2012 #10
Try a challenge where Rand has a do over and he only retains his memories and abilities. Also he should be paired with Berlain or Lanfear!!!
8/8/2016 #11
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