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Posting on the Forum

This forum is a Play-By-Post Roleplaying Forum. It should be made clear when your OC is talking and when you are. You may not post on any topic except this and OOC Conversations without the permission of any of the Admins (Axira, Cyxrus, Wyrmhero or Xed14thKey) The standard form of a post is:

Place (first post only) (e.g. Radiant Garden: Ansem's Study)

OC: Talking, *Action*, Thinking, 'Singing'

(Description of the surroundings in brackets if needed)

If you have two or more RPs in the same thread, please seperate them like this:

OC1: Talking


OC2: Talking

5/23/2009 . Edited 4/27/2010 #1

Talking out of character

Talking out of character is done essentially the same as RPing. A standard post would go like this:


Something like that, anyway.

Many of the authors here choose to shorten down their name. For example, instead of putting Cyxrus where I have put Author in the example, personally, I usually put Cy. However, you don't have to do this. You can also use nicknames (for example, Xed14thKey puts 'Emo'), or just keep your name completely (like Wyrmhero simply puts 'Wyrmhero')

Expressions and emotions are usually conveyed with smileys, such as :), :(, XD, :P and so forth. If possible, avoid putting actions in asterisks while talking out of character.

If you have more than one thing to say, you should put an OOC (out of character) under your first post. For example:


OOC: Did I seriously just put that?

OOC2: Damn, I think I'm high...

You can merge talking with RPing, but put the OC first, followed by the author.

OC: *does a little dance, makes a little love, gets down tonight*

Author: I love that song =3

And please, be nice to the other authors. =)

5/23/2009 . Edited 5/23/2009 #2

Current Organisation

I - Rixon (Stars)

II - Xedramon (Terror)

III - Navix (Shadows)

IV - Maxia (Nature)

V -

VI -

VII - Texnephs (Psionics)


IX - Kexna (Healing)

X - Bex (Invisibility)

XI -

XII - Xendre (Bodies)

XIII - Luna (Necrotics)

5/23/2009 . Edited 1/16/2011 #3

Before asking to join, you should have an Organisation character, and post them in this thread for reviewing. Over-powered OCs are highly discouraged, unless there is an easily accessible weakness. Once deemed satisfactory, please copy and paste their bio into the Organisation thread. The same basic format applies for non-Organisation characters too.

The standard format is:

Name (doesn't have to have a surname)

Age: (actual age, and physical age, if they aren't the same)

Gender: (M/F/Androgynous)

Position: (in New Organisation)

Alignment: (

Title: (combines personality, power and/or weapon)

Power: (can be as vague as you like, as long as it doesn't cross with another Organisation member's power)

Weapon: (or weapons, if needed. A good weapon is connected to their power or past)

Appearance: (includes hair, eyes, height, weight if you want, and usual clothing)

Bio:(all relevant information about your character)

Ties to: (parents, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife, siblings, children, friends)

Personality: (or lack of one, if you like. May include quirks and verbal ticks)

Desperation Move: (powerful attack that can only be used once in a battle, and is a last resort)

Themes: (a defining theme that is similar to your character, not one that you like. Something from Kingdom Hearts or Final Fantasy soundtracks are usually good)

5/23/2009 . Edited by Cyxrus, 5/26/2009 #4

The following are standard Forum Rules that apply on every thread:

1) Respect the other posters

2) No unkillable OCs/'Sues

3) No X/M rated stuff here. Innuendo is fine, but no further please.

4) If you know a poster's real name, please do not use it without their permission.

5) Please, no posts of non-sensical gibberish...

6) No all author-inclusive plots without previous notice.

7) Do not use other people's OCs, unless you have their permission.

8) Without very good reason, no Keyblading OCs.

9) Ask to start an RP with a specific author, instead of jumping in to one already in progress.

10) In order to join, you must have been on Fanfiction.Net for a month. We reserve the right to reject your application outright, though it is unlikely that will happen.

5/23/2009 . Edited 8/28/2010 #5

Incorporating Other Ideas

If you have a new world that you want to bring in, an original plot, a plot/world copied or piggybacked from a manga/anime/game, or any of that good shizz, feel free to. However, there are a couple of restrictions.

1) Please do not make carbon copies of worlds or plots. Change them at least a little bit, so Axi and I don't get sued =S

2) If there are canon characters you want to use, make sure they're not being used anywhere else.

3) If anything you want to do requires the help of another OC/author, ask them to help instead of forcing them to.

Original ideas are encouraged, but please, at least use your Organisation OC more than once before jumping into original ideas. This is a Kingdom Hearts forum, after all. Or, alternatively, make your Organisation OC come from that world so it's more natural to incoporate it with the rest of the forum.

5/23/2009 . Edited by Wyrmhero, 5/23/2009 #6


Swearing is very, very, very bad. I do not encourage it in any way, shape or form. Do not mind me if I swear, cuz I'm not right in the head =)

However, it's quite likely that at least one of your OCs will swear at one point. If so, please follow these rules.

For words:

Please censor them appropriately. This could mean censoring the whole word ('****'), the first vowel ('f*ck'), or the first letter ('*uck').

There are a few words that you won't have to censor: Ass, piss, bastard, and bitch, usually. (I feel dirty =P)

For gestures:

Please do not put it very bluntly. For instance, instead of saying: OC: *raises middle finger at so-and-so*, put: OC: *gives so-and-so the finger*.

And instead of: OC: *raises the two fingers at so-and-so*, consider: OC: *flips so-and-so the bird*

5/23/2009 #7

Name Jax

Age: 19, physical age:34

Gender: Male

Position: 5

Alignment:Lawful. He will follow rules to the letter even if it is an inconvenience.

Title: The peaceful Forge.

Power: Fire. The color of the fire determines its ability. Lighter colors are more towards healing. Dark colors are for damaging enemies with explosives.

Weapon: A large war-hammer shaped like a a forge mallet.

Appearance: About 6'3. Has short brown hair. His eyes are also brown. His usual aparral would be an organization uniform, adjusted to look like a blacksmith's smock.

Bio:Before he became a nobody, he was a forger of weapons in the colluseum where hercules would fight. He crafted weapons in his forge for combatants to use. He had a girlfriend named Nira. The two were very close. One day Hades came with an offer to Jax. He told Jax to make hercules a brittle sword that would break in combat very easily. Jax refused, so Hades kidnapped Nira. Jax went to save her but was stopped by cerberus, Hade's guard dog and hurt to the point where he couldn't move. After Cerberus was done, he left him and heartless came and devoured his heart in his weakened state creating both his heartless, a large body, and his nobody.

Ties to: His closest tie he had was to Nira but it is unknown if she is alive or dead. All that is known is she is Hade's prisoner.

Personality: Very calm and accepting but can easily be angered with the right fuel

Desperation Move: Salt of the forge. Jax's body becomes engulfed in green fire and he speeds toward the enemy for a tackle followed up by a strike with his hammer.

Themes: Yojimbo's hymn or Sanctuary.

6/7/2009 . Edited 6/8/2009 #8

Nice to see someone's wanting to join. There are a few problems with this, but not many. First of all, there is no position 31. It's 1-13 like the original Organisation. The free slots can be found above. Secondly, different forms of fire is unneeded. Just call it fire, and that's enough. I must say, I like the backstory, since most of our characters don't actually have a reason they became a Nobody. It's nice to see a change. I'm sure Cy will come along and point out anything I've missed.

6/8/2009 #9

Okay. Could you explain the alignment thing. I tried to bring it up, but I got a 'page not found.' thing.

6/8/2009 #10

Basically, it's a sort of way to show what your character is like. There are two measures of a character's alignment: Lawful (follows the law, even when it would inconvinience him), Neutral (depends on circumstance) and Chaotic (Selfish character), and then there's Good, Neutral and Evil (self explanitory)

6/8/2009 #11

I got it now and fixed.

6/8/2009 #12

One last thing, we have a number twelve. The free spots are non-negotiable. Also, if you come to this thread now, you can meet another mod:

6/8/2009 #13

Okay. I fixed it. Jax is 5.

6/8/2009 #14

Name: Rekxed (pronounced Rek-zed.)

Age: 15

Gender: Male

Position: (Er, I'll wait to be accepted to put an official number in.)

Alignment: Good.

Title: The Mirrored Enforcer

Power: Uses the powers of reflections and mirrors.

Weapon: Twin Gladiuses, with the ability to combine into a large broadsword with mirrored edges.

Appearance: Long, moppy brown hair in his eyes and down to his shoulders. About average height and weight for his age. Striking silver eyes that can make anyone peer into their depths forever. His usual clothing is a white, loose, long-sleeved shirt with light blue jeans, and black sneakers.

Bio: Rekxed's true name is Derek, but he doesn't recall that. When he was 10, he wandered into a house of mirrors in a carnival. It was dark, and a group of Heartless were lurking in the midst. He heard something behind him, and he began looking every which way. The Heartless attacked, but the only thing Rekxed could see was his reflection in the mirrors surrounding him. His will to survive allowed him to turn into a Nobody, but his Heartless was eliminated by the Orginization within hours of its creation, and Rexed was found on the ground without a clue what was going on. He had no memory of who he was, only the attack on him and the mirrors. Ironically, he gained power over that which had led to his creation.

Ties to: No one at the moment.

Personality: Extremely helpful and friendly. He's always looking out to help the other Orginization members on their missions, and continuously trying to make friends with them. He'd do anything to help the Orginization reach its goal. However, he has a slight overdoing in protecting his friends, and gets hurt quite a bit in doing so.

Desperation Move: Reflection Refracture- Rekxed produces 10 mirrors which surround an enemy and fires off a blast of light that bounces off the mirrors and repeatedly hits the enemy. After about 20 hits, the mirrors glow and explode, dealing massive damage.


I hope this is adequate.

10/8/2009 . Edited 10/10/2009 #15

Just letting you guys know I didn't poof away, just still waiting to get accepted. I'm really eager to post here. This'll be my first KH RP forum if I am accepted.

10/9/2009 #16

Sorry, thought someone else would deal with it. Anyway, your character looks good, but there's just one or two things. I wouldn't call him good/evil, I'd call him neutral, or chaotic. And don't call him a Nobody with a heart... Just call him helpful :P

10/10/2009 #17

Alright. Just wanted to use a metaphor, but I guess it was too strong. I'll fix it right now. He's more good than evil, so I'll just put him as good.

10/10/2009 #18

As far as I can tell? A very good OC :P

Only problem I can see is the actual and physical age. If there's nothing stopping him from aging properly, I suggest it should be 23 as the actual age. 14 years is a lot of difference.

10/24/2009 #19

Wyrmhero: I think you can have the go-ahead then. Just a bit of advice then. Don't make your OCs invade other RPs without permission. other than that, observe and learn.

10/24/2009 #20

Wyrmhero: I've been put in charge of allowing people to join, so there's no need :)

10/24/2009 #21

Hallo there, new peoples who would like to apply =)

Anyway, considering we've had quite a few people interested, and our spots are now limited, I'm just gonna stick up what the mods do...

Axira - Is our Admin. You will respect and worship her =P Actually, Axi isn't here much. However, when you meet her for the first time, please don't abuse her. Or you will have me to deal with =P

Cyxrus - I haven't typed my whole name in ages ^^ Now, I'm like... demi-Admin. So yas. Being Axi's brother, does give me a certain weight around here =P I'm in charge of deleting. Any posts you make, except in the Introduction to the Forum thread (this one) without consent from our mods will be deleted by me. People who decide to whine will find me hard to argue with. I also deal with bans.

Wyrmhero - Our mod in charge of new arrivals =) When you first post, to get your profile checked out, he'll make the criticisms (mostly critiscisms), he'll suggest changes, and he'll say what needs to go. His word is final, so please don't try to argue him down. It's suicidal. And besides, he has a natural talent for arguing. Also makes edits when he thinks it is necessary, or gets bored, so don't argue with him on that, either =P Also, if he seems rude or patronising about it, that's just his way =)

Xed14thKey (Emo) - Our editing mod. She does most grammar and spelling stuff, as well as changing names, and scolding people for swearing without censorship X(. She also helps with creative issues, like creating new OCs, plots, and what-have-you. Cuz yeah, she's very talented at all this creative kind of stuff. (aww thanks Cy :3)

RagnarokSamuraihisnameisverylong (RS/WTHHNI) - Our mod in charge of GARNESS! No, really, RS is kinda our PR man. He gives people feedback when necessary, is very friendly (he doesn't bite, honest), and will try to dissuade us other guys from ripping your head off. Also helps out with like, crossover plots and stuff. He has a wide knowledge of stuff like manga, anime and games, so he will be able to help with most things.

Ah, look at our crew. Now, I've probably mentioned this a lot, but DON'T ARGUE WITH THESE GUYS. You're likely to get yourself banned doing so. Banning is also used against antagonistic behaviour towards other authors, and in some extreme cases (i.e. when the antagonising isn't pre-planned), towards OCs. If behaviour like this continues after the first couple of bans (usually a day long, though sometimes longer), we will ask you to leave. Can't believe I forgot to put that in another post.

10/27/2009 . Edited by Wyrmhero, 12/21/2009 #22

(I didn't know which thread to join at first but luckily Wyrmhero helped me about that problem among the list of problems including spelling errors and I am ready to go, please understand that I do have several problems because I do have ADD so I do tend to leave words out of sentences, but I will try my best to correct myself when I mess up)

Name: Texnephs

Age: 19

Position: Number VII

Title: The Psychic Acupuncturist

Weapon: Needles that seem to multiply themselves

Powers: Psionics

Alignment: True Neutral

Ties: Undetermined

Height: 5'7"

Weight: 105 pounds but who is asking

Appearance: Styled back, long, dark brown hair; dark brown hawk-like eyes, not to tall and slightly underweight, has a tattoo over each of his eyes

Fighting Stance: Never uses the same stance twice

Fighting Style: Any style that involves inflicting, quick and painless wounds that don't hurt until after a short period of time that can have devastating results

Bio: Not much is known about him, and if somebody asked he wouldn't answer, as Texnephs sees it his only purpose is purely to exist for some unfathomable reason. Texnephs is very mysterious and reclusive, a prefect stranger, he doesn't talk much but when he does it's usually in a whisper or a quiet voice. Texnephs does enjoy any challenge that causes him to push his limits and he doesn't back down when one presents it's self.

Desperation attack: Telekinetic storm: Texnephs focuses all his mental and physical energy at a single target and unleashes a blast of raw telekinetic energy

Themes-Orchestral: Andante Festevo in A minor

Themes-Lyrics: The Stranger by Billy Joel

Quotes in battle:

"Okay...This works for indeed" Start of battle

"This won't hurt...yet" Attacking

"Either you got lucky, or I got sloppy" When attacked

"It was why did you try?" Win

"" Loss

"So...This is how it ends...Nggghhhh" Death

10/28/2009 . Edited by Wyrmhero, 10/28/2009 #23

Just one last thing. The beginning of battle quote doesn't make sense. Change that, then copy and post the profile into the character thread.

10/28/2009 #24

(Crud I ommited the word "me" from it, how do I copy the post?)

10/28/2009 #25

Hey =) Wy had to go, so, unfortunately, you have to deal with me instead ^^ Just highlight the bio, right-click, click copy, then paste it into the Organization - Post Time-Skip thread.

10/28/2009 #26

(Okay, I like the avatar by the way, Zexion is my favorite in 358/2, Death by Lexicon)

10/28/2009 #27

Thanks =) Nicked it off Google. And I haven't played it yet )= Hopefully getting it for Christmas.

10/28/2009 #28

It's not letting me paste it... I highlighted it, right clicked, selected copy, but it did not give me the option to paste for some reason

10/28/2009 #29

Click reply on the last post of The Organisation - Post Time-Skip. Where you should be able to type, right-click, select paste, make any changes you want to the bio, and then click post reply :)

10/28/2009 #30
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