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I've been a long-time fan of X-Men, watched the cartoon as a kid, but never read the comic books. And I'm just wondering if Logan's history before the operation has actually been written down. Stryker had told Logan that he was an "animal" and made him out to sound like a pretty bad fellow. Now obviously because of his mutation, he could very well be over 70 years old, and I thought I heard somewhere that he was even around during WW1. If there is anything, could someone give me a history of man? Thanks a bunch! ~sancti~
1/24/2006 #1
El Varon
Certain aspects of his history have been written in the comics, but even so, there are still pretty big gaps in his life. As far as the comics are concerned, there was "Origin", which basically went into who he really is, and where he really came from. As I remember, they made him out to have been born in the late 19th century (don't remember if they actually put the date in, though, sorry), and his real name to be James Howlett.
1/25/2006 #2
Hey, thanks a bunch, I really appreciate it!
1/25/2006 #3
1888 I think, he had a relationships with Silver Fox, A girl named Rose, she spurred the whole grudge with Sabertooth and Eurigo, I think, oh well Deathstike second movie, can't miss her.
1/25/2006 #4
wolverine has a long past doesn't he so it makes sense!
1/29/2006 #5
He changed his name .
4/15/2006 #6
Well we bloody well knew that! I mean who'd put Wolverine down for taxes? Sounds like a hippy, really violent one at that.
5/2/2006 #7
Yeah, they came out with a book that tells his entire history, which no one knew because they never told us. "Origin" is the book and you can find it on amazon . com if you want.
6/15/2006 #8
below is the link to this one site where you can learn the past of almost every marvel character there is. chekc it out, it even gives you his description.
2/23/2007 #9

There are several back ground stories, and the movie's mash them all together. However, Logan never had a set backgrounds in the comic books, either.

Wolverine was born as James Howlett in Canada in 1831, making him 178 years old.

For more detail, go to or just plain old wiki. They have the full story.

8/24/2010 #10

Wow, old man:-)) But he doesnt look like 178! Is he immortal?

2/1/2013 #11

He is aging much, much slower than normal human thanks to healing factor.

8/9/2013 #12
the wolferine
how many people love logan? sorry need to know
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