The psychology, sociology, biology, technology, and many other ologies of Irkens and the IZ universe in general. Explain, theorize, discuss, rant, whatever.
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Glass lady

Uh...yeah, this is my first time doing this, so please be nice. (I hope this topic fits here...if not, I'll take it down.)

This is an idea that has been floating around my head for a while. There is no evidence that modern Irk has any kind of religion, but what about in the past? Could ancient mythology have influenced modern Irk's government? Morals? Anything else?

And if there was any ancient belief system, what was it like? Did it have one All-powerful being? A group of higher beings, each controlling different things? (Think Greek Gods.) What were the stories like? Did they have any kind of moral, or an explanation of nature? (Think Native American stories.)

Please let my know what you think! It will make me happy to know what other people think about this, since I've never really seen anyone look into this subject.

9/18/2010 #1

that really is an interesting topic...



i dont really know what to say...


you start?

i'll think of something!

3/27/2011 #2
Glass lady

Alright. XD

Irken Mythology was based around 4 main Gods;

Ir (er): God of Order, Government and Strategy. He brought structure to ancient Irken society by introducing laws, jobs, and money.

Kenne (ken): God of Chaos, War and Victory. He showed Irkens how to make weapons, and other metal items.

Tour: (tor): Goddess of Judgment, Time, and Language. She brought Irkens a justice system, a way of telling time, and a written language. She is Ir's wife.

She (sheh): Goddess of Wealth, Loyalty and Tools. She showed Irkens how to grow food and make tools.

How the Gods came to Irken:

At the beginning of time, a prophesy was made that "Irken will become the most powerful force in the universe." However, the prophecy was worded in such a way that it could also be read as "Ir or Ken will become the most powerful force in the universe." Because of this, Ir and Kenne began a great battle to prove who was best. This went on for many centuries, untill finally, She and Tour, tired of the fighting, made a plan. They invited both Ir and Kenne to a meal where they prepared rich food and drink. Soon the both of them were asleep. She took this chance to chain the two together, so that they could not kill the other without also killing themselves. When the two awoke, they were furious. But Tour said to them, "This senseless fighting must stop. Look," She pointed to the planet bellow them, "I have seen that the beings of the world can rise to greatness, if molded well." So, the fude between the two Gods ended, and they prepared to make the beings of Irken the most powerful race the the universe.

And that's all I have right now. I had more, but it's been a while since I thought about these characters.

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No. 767

I know a goddess! Her name was Zil. She may of been a young irken when she was made a goddess but she was sooooo worth it! Well she was the goddess of Suicide and death.

Back way back in time right after Ir and Ken were molded Tor could not sleep and love Ir with out Ken. But she loved Ir so much she did not bother to care about Ken. So they, well y'know. Ken and Tor accidently had a baby... Sheh noticed this when Tor and she were talking. The baby came out of Tor. They both knew Ir would be furious, so they gave the baby to Sheh. Sheh named the baby Zil, because it means shadow. And that's what happened. Zil lived in shadow for a long time. Sheh transported the baby to Irk. Tallest Miyuki found young Zil at the Holy Pedistal during a holy moment. Miyuki and Spork raised the child as their own. Zil had strange gold eyes that were not Irken eyes. They gave her Silver goggles for her Sixth birthday. When it was time Tor came to Zil herself and told her about 'it'. Poor Darlin' Zil was so confused she had a fit and Accidently fell out of the tower. Tor and Sheh mourned deeply. When it was time for Zil to go to heaven Sheh swiped Zil away when the Irken angels wern't looking. Zil was made the Goddess of Suicide and death. All this happened when Zil was 10.

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(wow, this is off topic but ive been zil for almost two years and this is awesome! XD)
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Duchess of Ghosts
Hm.... cool! I HAVE ONE!!!!! :D A God named Sme had a wife named Yi. Yi left him for a mortal Irken, so as punishment Sme corrupted the Irken population by making female smeets rare, which caused the cloning system.
2/6/2012 #6
Hmmm....ok. Well personally I don't think the Irken race has any sort of higher beings apart from the control brains. The control brains seem to run and completely control everything about the irkens, including birth rates (cloning). So why would they let there be another being above them?? Did they exists in the past? I don't know....but believe not
1/2/2013 #7
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