The psychology, sociology, biology, technology, and many other ologies of Irkens and the IZ universe in general. Explain, theorize, discuss, rant, whatever.
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Well, I've been doing TONS of thinking about this: As many IZ fans know, Irkens are dependant on technololgy to survive. They can last a measly ten minutes without a PAK, using it for most of their defence and...stuff. Gah, I'm bad with words today. I keep saying "and stuff". Anyway, share your theories on this kind of stuff. DANG, I SAID IT AGAIN! *bangs head on nearby typewriter*
4/18/2011 #1
Duchess of Ghosts
Possibly, they could have started out non-electronic but later have adapted that form of life support.
2/7/2012 #2
Maybe it happened when the control brains took over the reins of the Irken society. Perhaps they where like humans used to be, farmers or something, with NO technology, ten the control brains took over, attached paks to all of them and built an army. They somehow designed the paks so that the irkens became dependent on them to live and ergo would not defy them once the pak was removed. This, obviously, happened many many moons ago. And is just a theory. Invader hooniemay, future ruler of the fandom and thinker
1/2/2013 #3
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