The psychology, sociology, biology, technology, and many other ologies of Irkens and the IZ universe in general. Explain, theorize, discuss, rant, whatever.
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1. How do you think the Irkens became so powerful?

2. How did the control brains establish control over the Irkens?

3. Do you think some may have objected to the control brains?

4. Why is their society completely based on military?

5. Did they once have civilised culture, like humans? If so, how did it end?

a few of these are answered in my story The Truth

10/22/2011 #1

1. It was probably all fundamentalism. Since it's obvious from the show that they use other cultures and species to develop their technology further (Zim conversing with Vortian scientist in one episode), they can dedicate themselves to their illusion that they are better and more advanced than everyone else in the universe.

2. The control brains seem to actually be bred by the Irkens to be their leaders. This almost seems to be on parallel with the book "Brave New World", where everyone is bred toward a specific role in society.

3. The whole thing probably took so long to get to the point it's at now, that a lot of them didn't see it coming. There's likely not a lot of them that see the danger in giving all the power to the control brains, but just as probably a few that see the unfairness inherent in the system. If they wanted to overthrow the control brains, however, they would come up against a lot of resistence. There are likely a lot of cultural rules against even thinking such things, and the control brains probably also have a few tricks to make sure they stay in power, namely creating and maintaining each Irken's pak....

4. Their entire goal seems to be a sort of "Manifest Destiny", and I'm sure that plays into the fundamentalism above.

5. "Civilized" meaning art, music and the like? Sure, I think that's possible.

12/2/2011 #2

1. There may have been a species of dying out creatures. They came upon struggling, pathetic Irkens with their technology. The species gave them eyes(artificial), intelligent brains(PAKs), and the Control Brains to guide them. Knowing the technology would not go to waste, the species died peacefully.

2. Since they were created by the now-extinct species, they easily manipulated their PAKs, leading to domination of the species; and the want to control all other species, inbred into each PAK. The CBs basically got crazy with power, even though they were just computers.

3. No Irkens could, it would lead to their death. Unless, an Irken grew to live without a PAK, they could start a revolution.

4. CBs, crazy with power, make all Irkens want to control the universe. So, the first thing to come to the simple minds of Irkens was military.

5. Not if their history was like this. However, if a revolution was to take place and win, they could make peace and become a more "civilized" culture, as you call it.

12/2/2011 #3
Duchess of Ghosts
For #3, i think some did object. I think PAKs were made after the control brains took over because some Irkens disagreed. The PAKs would prevent a second rebellion. So if they became cybernetic (sp?) afterwards, an opposition couldve happened.
2/8/2012 #4
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