The psychology, sociology, biology, technology, and many other ologies of Irkens and the IZ universe in general. Explain, theorize, discuss, rant, whatever.
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Here's where we talk about what exactly is under that uniform . . . no not that stuff, that's what the reproductive biology thread is for. Here, we talk about such things as: 1. Are those fingers or claws? 2. What exactly does a squeedilyspooch do, anyway? 3. Was Zim referencing Irken anatomy when he said to Dib, "Oh, you'll open your eyes eventually. You have to breathe sometime."? 4. How does a PAK tie into an Irken's body? What life-support functions does it perform? 5. If they don't have to eat, why can they? (vestigal trait? alternate energy source?) and many, many more topics that may come up.
1/11/2006 #1
Congrats on a great topic idea. 1. A combo, the Tallest have fingers but Zim and all the other Irkins have claws. I recon there super thin cos the Tallest are super thin...yup. 2. The squeedilyspooch is probbably a combo of the liver/stomach/pancrious/etc. They have no lungs because the PAK probbably breaths for them. 3. I dunno, Zim was probbably being stupid...or maybe not...o.0 4. The PAK works by supporting thier brain, keeping a tab on them, supressing feelings like 'love' *spew* and generally helping them live. You're Irkin wanna feel love? Take of the PAK and weel see far thier precious love gets them. MUHAHAH 5. They do eat, they survive on snacks and high suger and glucoes subcensces. They do drink colas as well, and I've seen Red drink water. Oh you missed out not sleeping. Well they probabbly do have 'downtime' but, as all good soldiers, not two for long. Like an hour or so of not doing much until there PAK pumps caffine and stimulants back through thier vains.
1/11/2006 #2
AnimeFreak84 and Ikemen
Here's what I think... 1. They're claws. I'm pretty sure they're claws. 2. I think it's either a stomach or a heart...Zim uses that word as he's refering to a heart or a stomach. 3. Maybe they breathe with thier eyes! They don't have noses, do they? At least I never saw an Irken with a nose. 4. In one episode, it's said that a PAK is supposed to be thier brains or something. 5. I...don't know...why DON'T they have to eat!? Good question!
1/11/2006 . Edited 1/11/2006 #3
Don't just answer my questions! thos're just discusion starters! Ok, so we all know that the PAK has a lot to do with brain function and such, but if it were just memory and intelligence-related stuff, taking it off would result in a vegetative state, not death. The question, then, is what else it does. Also, I seem to remember being told that JV specifically said Irkens don't have to eat to live. Why? How? AAGH, don't have time to think about it! Night and Lore are pounding on my brain, demanding to be let out. Back later, maybe.
1/11/2006 #4
flying metal child
Discussion starters but I have to attempt to answer them nonetheless: 1. Are those fingers or claws? I've noticed in some episodes with the Tallests that their "fingers" are bare. Whoever drew them made them segmented, somewhat like an insects legs. 2. What exactly does a squeedilyspooch do, anyway? I think it's one super organ. In "Dark Harvest" Dib sees Zim's organs and they seem to be a big lump, but I assume there are other organs that would support life in case the super organ failed. 3. Was Zim referencing Irken anatomy when he said to Dib, "Oh, you'll open your eyes eventually. You have to breathe sometime."? Only an egocentric would superimpose their own physiology on another species. It's a weird idea, but yes, I think Irken's eyes have something to do with breathing. This may be why their eyes are so large. Oddly I've never used it in fanfic. 4. How does a PAK tie into an Irken's body? What life-support functions does it perform? Because the pak is so integral to "brain" function more than anything, it must be a direct link to the spinal cord, its nerves, and the brain proper. The brain is still necessary to make the body work, but the pak must circumvent the nervous system making it impossible for the body to interpret brain signals to the body in the natural way. Therefore, remove the pak and watch an Irken's intelligence and motor skills decay because his/her body is missing the link between brain and body. Other functions controlled by the brain would include breathing and other functions necessary for life, so death is the result of taking off the pak. 5. If they don't have to eat, why can they? (vestigal trait? alternate energy source?) It might be vestigial. Techonology makes eating unnecessary. For an Invader, reliance on the pak for energy is better than being stranded on a planet without food (not like an Invader would ever get stranded anyway o_o) The reason they like snacks so much is probably because they taste good and it gives them something to do. Zim likes those fun dip things =D I haven't had a fun dip in forever!! But to go on to Rethtales pak function, I think my theory would explain how death occurs rather than memory and motor functions. The pak may be a back up for memory. When Zim has his removed, is his body experiencing actual use of memory or is it residual from the pak? Like we know, removing the pak kills you, so the decay in visible functions may not mean the person is no longer there. The body at that point is incapable of expressing anything. As Zim was literally dying, he was still Zim...according to this theory. This means that Dib wasn't actually being taken over by Zim, but by a backup memory. Irkens probably have no sense of actual "self" as we think of it. After all, they upload their consciousness into the Control Brain collective. Zim is defective so he has a huge sense of self, but that's another debate.
1/11/2006 #5
You know on planet jackers Zims eye pops out but he just shoves it back in. That, I do belive, is proof of Irkin eye implants. He also seems to never feel pain, or not for long periods of time anyway, recon that his PAK just doses him up on chemicals all the time?
1/13/2006 #6
Heh.. it's funny that everyone's LISTING the question answers. That just seems funny to me. I think Irkens eat because that's how they USED to get their energy source, but then they started living off of Paks so food became nothing more than an enjoyment. They eat because STUFF TASTES GOOD! So you'd never see an Irken starve to death, though not eating for long periods of time CAN'T be good for ANYBODY. And the not sleeping thing is, again, their Pak's fault. It completely controls everything about everything, from body to mind to (soul?). But when detached from the body, it seeks a new host... meanwhile, the body has ten minutes to reattach it before it becomes.. nothing more than a shell. The episode "Ten minutes to doom" was the very best one. I'd pay millions just to see it made. Then again, I don't HAVE millions.
1/13/2006 #7
flying metal child
Ha! I said in another forum that I'd chop off a finger or an arm to see "Ten Minutes" (feels smug). Galaxy you're silly, of course we are listing the question answers, it's like taking a test. A very nice IZ test. 1 2 3 4...I get an A plus. Someone please tell me in what episode it says Zim doesn't sleep. And don't tell JV said it in a commentary somewhere because frankly he can kiss my a**
1/14/2006 #8
I said that I would become so rich that I would buy the show and give J.V anything he wants to re0make it. Oh and my opinion of J.V has dropped very low lately...seeing as he never works anymore like a big non working fooooool of wasted talent doom that he is.
1/14/2006 #9
I've never seen it SAID that Irkens don't sleep, but it seems implied in the show because Zim's ALWAYS awake and never tired (there is that one shot in the pilot of him passed out snoring on the couch, but that was a cheap gag). In reality, sleep is for the brain, not the body (the body can rest up all it needs to in a couple hours of relaxation), so I would guess that with the PAK's alteration of brain function, the Irkens did away with the waste of time that is sleep by allowing the subconcious thought processes inherent in sleep to occur without alteration of the conscious state (theory fleshed out more fully here: [s:2693500:11:Paranormality Ch. 11]).
1/14/2006 . Edited 1/14/2006 #10
And it also helps that J.V is an insomniac and invented Z?
1/14/2006 #11
Well, yeah, that helps too.
1/14/2006 #12
I don't know where this idea of not eating came from...I always thought that Zim and the Irkins practically LIVED off junk food.
1/14/2006 #13
I dunno . . . it's one of those things that has been floating around for a long time. Maybe JV? Crap, now I want cheese puffs.
1/14/2006 #14
Butterfly Stomper
I think that the questions have really been answered. But the the food quesion, I think it should really be how come GIR can eat and why the newer sir units don't? GIR is a robot who has a flesh tong (?) and who eats food that is sometimes bigger then he is... or at least I have seen him.
5/17/2006 #15
Well, I for one think those are hands on irkens b/c everyone on the show has spindly fingers. As for the food thing, well, mayby Irkens get only bare basic nutrients from paks, but still get cravings for something sweet or what have you at times. Does naybody know if an Irkan can disable any set function of their pak, or is it like a if one thing craps out it all craps out? Paks are essental to Irken survival so I'd thought I'd ask...
6/7/2006 #16
I'd imagine there are fail-safes and redundancies for most essential systems; it'd be a real problem if one short would fry the whole thing.
6/7/2006 #17
Dying Rose on The Vine
Oh, I'm not sure how many people replied with this, but anywho, here I go! Irkens eat what we arn't suppose to eat. Junk food. And everyone knows that the school no longer serves junk food because Americans are fat! Less than 5 percent of fat in every lunch meal!
7/3/2006 #18
I have the "Extras Disk" along with all the other disks in the IZ collection (and the house with GIR duty-mode!!! Yaaayyy!!!) Anyways, on one of the unfinished episodes, "Robo-parents go Wild!" His robo-parents tell him to go to bed, and he states, "SLEEP? Irkens don't sleep!" I heard it mahself!!!
11/3/2006 #19
"SLEEP? Irkens don't sleep!" Fair enough. I also agree with the points of Irkens not having 'useless' nice emotions while their Paks work properly. I suppose that's part of the reason why so many Irken OCs are Defectives. They can be so much deeper with a full range of emotions. Finally, it sounds perfectly rational for Irkens to only eat for enjoyment and a change of pace. I still don't get Gir's tongue, though. My best theory is that among the components claimed to make up Gir so far (I've heard leftover SIR Unit parts, a frozen yogurt machine, and Purple's pocket lint) was something biological. By the time Zim got to Earth, this has grown into a full biological component of Gir. That's why Gir has a fleshy tongue, and why he can eat... stuff. I'm also guessing this would make any real 'repairs' on Gir nigh impossible. And for the record, those are fingers. Just about everybody on the show has pointed fingers, the Irkens just have one less per hand (and the Tallest don't have thumbs).
3/1/2007 #20
Skittles the Sugar Fairy
I know that they say that Irken's don't need to sleep but I don't think that it means that they don't need to rest. Sitting still for an hour and just staring could be their version of sleep. Every living thing needs to rest its body for a while or it gets worn out. As for emotions, you see a wide-range of them on the Irkens that are focused on in the show. I tend to be of the opinion that Irken's can feel and portray any emotion that want to, however as most of them are soldiers they are probably taught how to suppress them as much as they possibly can. I think that Irkens have claws, but thats because I like the idea of them being different than humans other than just being a digit short. And GIR's tongue? Well that could be anything like a coil of wire, which would explain how he could eat some of the things he cooks as I'm sure that more than half of it would not taste good at all. Or be edible. But yeah, I think that's what it is.
3/19/2007 #21
Your points are valid, and I could understand Irkens simply being taught to repress things like romance, guilt, and sadness, but we haven't seen those emotions even on Irkens who aren't soldiers (Would Sizzlorr ever feel guilty for what he subjected Zim to, for example?) The closest things we've even seen to sadness were the look on Tak's face when she was put on Planet Dirt and Purple's various snack-related disappointments. The wire coil would make sense, except for the fact that GIR's tongue doesn't resemble a coil of wire. Plus he... cries when he's sad? That's a little odd for a robot. Still, you are right in that no human could eat some of Gir's cooking. "These [waffles] gots PEANUTS and SOAP in' em!"
3/20/2007 #22
Devil of the Ice
'5. If they don't have to eat, why can they?' The closest thing on planet earth to an Irken is probably a human(in terms of body structure)Insects(Speices?)and perhaps some others. Everything on our planet has to eat. No exceptions. The only way for a human not to eat is to inject the vitamins, minerals and other things that make up our body some other way. because without them, our bodys would deteriorate. like someone suffering from anorexia. If it were to work the same way with Irkens, they would need to inject the needed nutrients into their body constintly somehow. Its possible Zim has something in his pak that does this. But you can't make something out of nothing, So if there is something that does that, it would need to be refilled every once in a while. Irkens may have retained the ability to eat as a back up, in case they can't refill the device. It may also be the reason Irkens are so thin. they don't need fat to hold onto excess energy.
7/6/2007 #23
tere moto the sentry
Also, perhaps early Irkens needed to eat. I'm impressed by the good theories I've seen on this forum.
7/27/2007 #24
1. Are those fingers or claws? They probably do have pointy fingers. The tallests hands are kept in those pill shaped glove thingies where their fiingers manipulate the claw like...things. 2. What exactly does a squeedilyspooch do, anyway? It is probably just a cluster of organs to save space. For what? I dunno. 3. Was Zim referencing Irken anatomy when he said to Dib, "Oh, you'll open your eyes eventually. You have to breathe sometime."? He's just a clueless sap. He also knew squat about the rain. 4. How does a PAK tie into an Irken's body? What life-support functions does it perform? You've seen the two large pipe like things attatching the pak to the body. Inside those two pipes are loads of little wires that connect to each part of the squeedily spooch. The pak controls and regulates the organs, and surpresses emotions. When they are knocked out out, it gives a zap like a defibulator that awakens them. The spots im guessing converts sun light or what not into foods like a plant, another reason why they are green, and the snackages, which usually contains alot of sugar. 5. If they don't have to eat, why can they? (vestigal trait? alternate energy source?) Just a good source of sugar. And should their skin be ill, the teech chews food for alternate energy.
11/3/2007 #25
tere moto the sentry
Oh, and as for whether those are fingers or claws, they could be claws, but Starry mentioned that they've likely got pointy fingers, and I must point out that probably most of the humans have fingers in that shape.
11/3/2007 #26
1. Who knows really? They look the same as humans finger do on the show but claws are cooler so I'm going with that one. 2. I was watching the commentary for the episode 'Dark Harvest' and Jhonen himself said that the squeedily-spooch is like all the vital human organs rolled into one, sigular organ. Jhonen said it! I'm just the messenger. 3. That would be so awsome if he was. XD 4. An irken body will die ten minutes after it's pak has been removed as explained in the never completed episode 'Ten minutes to Doom'. I'm not sure exactly WHAT it does but it keeps them alive that's fer sure. 5. I think they do need to eat. I'm not sure though. Ok, that's it from me. All facts that I heard from the show or just comments. I'm not theorizing on anything because then i'd end up writing a whole fic about like that time I got into a convorsation on what Irken reproductive organs would be like. That turned into 'My Only' for anyone who cares to read it. *was shot for advertising like a review starved w***
11/18/2007 #27
I remeber believing that the PAK stored food, or some kind of energy. I pictured the PAK having two small containers locked away deep within. Think of them as a pair of batteries, as someone said they need to be refilled. Maybe sugar is changed into a chemical or energy of some kind that acts as a food source, as irkens are very android-like. Or they eat because they can. I mean, junk food is bad for us but we eat because we like it, maybe the same for irkens. It always made me wonder why most irkens are not fat as hell, the only real fat ones being Skoodge and Sizz-Lorr. I just thought of another theory for the PAKs. Maybe they act as a filter for the body? All the unhealthy parts in their junk food is probably 'flushed out' from the body because of the PAK, there for they won't suffer the consquences *excuse my spelling* of eating so much junk. They could also filter out poisons and such in air, in planets that would normally have toxic air for them. Another theory I saw on DeviantArt, the PAK makes cells. Peopel usually die in ten minutes when cells can't produce, according to that picture. But you also vomit blood when that happens, and that Ten Minutes To Doom episode didn't mention that side effect. Now, here's a question that's been bugging me a bit. Why does water hurt irkens? I once thought it was because they were so much like androids, that if they were for lack of a better word, then they could tolerate it just fine. It could also be that the water is harmful to the PAK itself. Either the water causes it to malfuntion, or the shock is supposed to tell it's host that something is wrong. Though that last one doesn't hold much water because Zim can put on chalk to protect himself. Now another question that bugs me, why few irkens have bulk while most are twigs. I've noticed that irkens are very human-like in culture. They eat junk food, main diet for many humans. They admire tall people and don't take short people seriously, very many people do that. They depend on technology very much, so do humans. Irkens are most likely taught to be a certain way, humans are too. So it is possible that irkens maybe concerned about their appearance, as odd as that sounds. Maybe they find bulk unattractive, like humans do? Though there are few that don't really care that their ugly. Skoodge didn't mind, in fact seemed proud, that he was called short and ugly by the Tallests. This would also be a reason why he was veiwed as ugly, he's fat. I mean, to me there's nothing really off-putting about Skoodge's looks. The only thing I can think of is either his sloppiness (always has a stain on his uniform) or his fatness. I also think that Sizz-Lorr may not actully be fat, just actully has muscle *sp* tone and a lot of it. This maybe a bit rare for irkens, and would explain why their arms are like twigs (then again, so are most of the humans, the children anyway). Yet more questions that bother me, what is with Sizz-Lorr's eyes? If you look at them, they look different from a normal irken's eyes. His eyes don't shine and he has dark rings around them. The 'non-shiny' part seems to only come when an irken is either dead or draining in intelligence. I haven't seen the dark rings on anyone else, but Tak is sort of similar in that around her eyes are a little darker, but that could just be the fact she has eyelashes. So, why does Sizz-Lorr look so different? Any other theories?
12/27/2007 #28
Hmm... Sizz-Lorr really is a deviation from the norm, isn't he? Okay, here's my take: According to a fic I read recently, 'The Complete Irken Report' (unfinished, but you all should give it a read, it's great), the Tallest aren't actually selected from the tallest Irken of the species. Rather, the most appropriate candidate(s) from among the 100 or so tallest Irkens are given a serum to boost their height further (side effects include lack of body fat, and spinal problems, which is why they use hover suits). They then have their thumbs cut off to symbolize that they don't need them to rule. The point is that maybe Frylords go through a similar process, since Sizz-Lorr is the only one we know and it seems to be a highly respected position. Sizz-Lorr stands proportionately wider than any other known Irken (and only Skoodge even comes close), is almost as tall as the Tallest, has strange eyes (that glow red sometimes), and has a flight unit equipped in his Pak, which is also rare. Yet he's not classified as a Defective like Zim is. It's pretty unlikely that all that is just a coincidence.
12/29/2007 #29
That's very intresting, makes sense. Though i'm still wondering why change the eyes. Maybe it's a side effect? Wait, they glow red? o__O I guess I wasn't paying attention too well to notice that. Now here's another weird question for strange looking irkens... Remember Invader Spleen, the one with the band-aid on his gigantic head? Why is it so huage and how does his little body not snap under the sheer wieght? Just curious. Edit: Oh yeah, thanks for anwsering. :)
1/3/2008 . Edited 1/3/2008 #30
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