The psychology, sociology, biology, technology, and many other ologies of Irkens and the IZ universe in general. Explain, theorize, discuss, rant, whatever.
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The pak...okay... Irkens, having green skin,could be much like plants, the junk food offering extra sugars, the pak storing it as well as many other helpful tools. They do resemble bugs though. When Zim has his pak seutured to his back, as seen in, "Parent Teacher Night", two rather large pipe like things are seen. They could be an outer layer protecting many small wires and pipes, connecting the brain to the pak, thus why they can activate the pak like they do, also transferring what's stored in the pak. The colors on the pak seem to be nore more than just colored panels, but maybe they obsorb sunlight. If irkens do use photosynthesis for their food source, then the junk food may be just extra sugars, like I mentioned before. It's true that the irken fingers do resemble that of a human finger. Claws do sound more appealing, but compare dibs and zims fingers, and you'll see. As for the tallests, it does seem likely that the pill shaped casings just protect their hands, and their true finger manipulate the spindly digits from withen. Why? Who knows. Tallests are probably elected just because they are tall, as for Sizzlor,he is oddly wide and tall. He does have the armada symbol on his uniform strangly. Perhaps he was aformer Tallest? Choosing frycooking as a retirement job? Skoodge is oddly rotund himself. He probably comsumes alot of extra sugars, and the pak transforms all of the extra sugars into fat. He probably doens't do as much physical work, thus the piling fat. The weight of the irkens vary from how much physical work they do, and how much extra sugars they consume it seems. For spleen, that is an inigma. I would guess stronger spines, but in the episode, "The Halloween Spectacular of Spooky Doom", Zims spine was easily snapped by his toss from Dibs mind. But again, Zims posture isn't all that great. Support could have been inserted for that reason for spleen. I always thought of irken eyes as globular, and so for Sozzlor, perhaps the light just hit his eyes for that effect. Coiencidance maybe.
1/3/2008 #31
Oh and the water thing. Perhaps the waters filth level is too high? Zim didn't know of rain, so their skin mustn't be used to rain, or liquids. The steak sauce, that has alot of possibilities to it. The meat juices don't seem to bother him though. Around that time, the water surely isn't of good quality at all. Because they may not be used to the idea of water, naturally the pak would have no defense against it. Jhonen has left alot of gaps for us fans to fill in. D:But it's fun, no?
1/3/2008 #32
[q]Tallests are probably elected just because they are tall, as for Sizzlor,he is oddly wide and tall. He does have the armada symbol on his uniform strangly. Perhaps he was aformer Tallest? Choosing frycooking as a retirement job? Skoodge is oddly rotund himself. He probably comsumes alot of extra sugars, and the pak transforms all of the extra sugars into fat. He probably doens't do as much physical work, thus the piling fat. The weight of the irkens vary from how much physical work they do, and how much extra sugars they consume it seems. [/q] Sizz-Lorr being a retired Tallest seems unlikely at best. Irkens don't have any evidence of aging in the traditional sense (you see any obviously old or middle-aged Irkens?), and besides, both the Tallest before Red and Purple were accidentally slaughtered by Zim, so Sizz-Lorr's rule would've been pretty far back. Sizz-Lorr and Skoodge having stored fat due to physical inactivity doesn't make too much sense either... they both get plenty of physical activity whenever we see them (Sizz-Lorr chases Zim across the Foodcourtian skyline, Skoodge runs from the Hogulus, Skoodge gets shot out of a cannon, etc). Sizz-Lorr's eyes only turn red at the end of Zim's flashback, right after Zim leaves (the part he shouldn't remember because he wasn't there). Spleen's head has only one fairly obvious answer. The Tallest mention that he has 'grown since they last saw him'. Perhaps he injected his head with something in a partially failed attempt to artificially increase his height? It would explain the massive swelling and the bandage.
1/3/2008 #33
It may not be obvious, but they age. Who were the tallests before Red and Purple? They didn't mention names did they? Though the physical inactivity thing may or may not be wrong, those episodes are just small windows into a chunk of their lives. For all we know, Sizzlor may just be waddling around the resturaunt all day, and Skoodge is kind of a slob. Skoodge wouldn't of gone to Hobo 13 if he were a good soldier. His weight may be what caused him to have to go to Hobo 13. To lose weight and train maybe? As for Sizzlors eyes, don't think too much about it. It was just there for a silly effect. Spleen having an enjection is most likely. A bouyant substance no doubt.
1/4/2008 #34
In the cancelled episode 'The Trial', we were supposed to learn that Miyuki was a former Tallest in a flashback (she's the only known female Tallest). She was checking in on the Irken scientists, which at the time included Zim. The monster Zim made killed Tallest Miyuki when it raged out of control and escaped. It later returned on the coronation of the next Tallest, Almighty Tallest Spork, and killed him too. The script was released to the public, but the site I found it on is closed down. And actually, Skoodge is a good soldier. He conquered the home of the Slaughtering Rat People before any other Invader completed their mission. He went to Hobo 13 because the Tallest can't stand for one of their best to be so short and ugly, so they're always trying to kill him too. Sizzlorr's eyes may have just been for effect. And the dark circles could just be the equivalent of those found in human insomniacs.
1/4/2008 #35
I never really said Skoodge was bad. He is chubby, returning to my original theory. Yah, now I remember reading that one and about Miyuki and Spork. As for sizzlor, yah, just effect. I watched the ep. so much, i tend to zone out and miss facts like that. I need to find the episode with the yellow and or orange eyed irken. In the episode Attack of the Saucer Morons, ( i think) Zim has three fingers and thumb in a shot.
1/5/2008 #36
Like the obsessive little fan I am I bought the DVDs and took the time to watch the commentaries for every episode that had them (I found it so amuseing how in the comentaries for 'Nano Zim' they weree talking about Melissa Fhan's ((Gaz)) previous voice acting contracts and everyone started doing the battle cry from the third season of Digimon)and it teaches you a lot. Like it explains why Sizzlorr has the invader symbol on his uniform instead of the regular irken one. It was a simple mistake during story boarding, no reason behind it. And if you watch the one for 'Dark Harvest' Jhonen himself tells you EXACTLY what a squeedily-spooch is. In another on (I think 'Battle of the Planets' but I can't be quite sure now) Jhonen gives a few hints that maybe the Tallest aren't really that tall. That maybe they just have really big head and their actuall bodies are smooched inside the armor. As for Sizz-lorr. My theory is that because the Control Brains seem to make all of the actual desisions they wouldn't actually go for the TALLEST irken necesarily, but rather they would chose the tallest, most charismatic, with some type of military experience to be Tallest. In other words not a fat slob like the fry lord. The eye glowing, that was just for dramatic effect, kinda like in the cartoons with wolve's lurking in the shadows they have their eyes glow red to add to the mood. And the dark circles, you'd look like that too after working through the twenty year foodening.
1/5/2008 #37
I don't know about the others, but this I know. I too obsess so I saw all the commentaries. The reason behind sizzlors symbol i just forgot. SIlly me. The tallest thing, yah. That's what alot of people think. Then again others like to drawn tallests out of armor, looking like, well, humans. The two tallests have alot of, charisma. Air-quote. But Sizzlor seems to be a little skilled in military. He a big lard ball, so yah. The glowing eyes is already known for just effect. Silly Iz crew. <3 20+years of frycooking would make anyone racoonish.
1/6/2008 #38
I think people draw the Tallest like that mostly so they can write about them haveing hot, Tallest sex while not calling for much imagination from the readers. Because you know not every one is as obsessed as us. XD
1/7/2008 #39
Yes. Most tallests fics involve secks. I've yet to do it, but you know I will some day. Cuz im obsessed. D:>Speaking of tallests, people name them after colors, But Miyuki and SPork is not a color. So the color thing was probably just a fad like humans naming their babies Apple, or Jermajesty. (and Sh'theed and Topramaneesha for those of you who watch Mind of Mencia. ) Though i've fallen into the fad as well.
1/7/2008 #40
It's hard not to. XD Probably because it requires very little thinking (at least that's my excuse, I have such a hard time coming up with names) though for my Irken OCs (I will almost NEVER write about any of my ocs because people seem to hate reading about them and that just turns them into May-sues Gary-stus.) I will use abreviations for things in my life, like I got the name for Mec from mechanic n** also my username on devART, MostxEvilxandxChibi. M.E.C.
1/7/2008 #41
1/11/2008 #42
Liani Risate

1. They always looked like claws to me, but you really can never be sure.

2. I always thought a squeedilyspooch was sorta like their stomach or something in that area, because when Zim says "Ow! my squeedilyspooch!" he was hit in the stomach area. And when we get hit in that area, we usually say something like, "Ow! my stomach!"

3. When Zim said, "Oh, you'll open your eyes eventually. You have to breathe sometime", I don't think he meant it literally, that he was just being stupid or saying that to confuse Dib into opening his eyes, because if someone told you you had to open your eyes to eventually breath, and you're under alot of stress, it would probably work.

4. In Ten Minutes To Doom, Zim says "Everything that I am is in that pak! My memory drive, my charging cell, my atmospheric processor, my Zimness!" And then later he's talking to himself and he says, "..Must reconnect with brain." Then, " Backpack have brain thing make Zim act like Zim."

5. I think they snack just because they want to and they can. If Zim has a charging cell, he obviously doesnt get energy from food.

5/29/2008 #43
tere moto the sentry

Speaking of tallests, people name them after colors, But Miyuki and SPork is not a color. So the color thing was probably just a fad like humans naming their babies Apple, or Jermajesty...

I always thought the names Red and Purple was just like a "default" thing. Like they weren't given any other names by JV besides their title of the Almighty Tallest, and for the credits and other references they were just called the color of their eyes/robes. You notice that they're never called "Red" or "Purple" in the show by any other character? They never even need to call each other by name, since they're always in close enough proximity of each other.

An off-topic thought, but Dib (or Gaz for that matter) has never called Gir by name either (probably due to not so many exchanges of dialogue between them). I don't know why, but sometimes I really get into picking out that sort of thing in character interactions. lol Sometimes I have too much free time...

5/24/2009 #44

I was never fond of Tallest fan characters named after colors for those same reasons. I always assumed the Tallest were given no real names on the show (besides the default names Red and Purple) because the rest of Irk were not meant to know their real, pre-tallest years, names, and were only allowed to address them as "Sirs" or "My Tallests".

Perhaps when Red and Purple are no longer Tallest, Irken society will referrer to them by their real names

A bit off subject, but it pertains to the Tallest. So many people believe Red and Purple are either best friends or lovers. I believe they are neither. If anything, I believe Red and Purple are twin brothers (meaning in their test tubes, their cells split into two identical Irkens and were hatched from the same test tube at the same time). If they were simply best friends or lovers, completely unrelated, the tallest would be the exact same height, but not physically identical. But Red and Purple are physically identical, aside from their eye colors. They rarely debate one another and are very playful around each other throughout the show and tend to finish each other’s thoughts and sentences like siblings. That’s my argument ~shrugs~

5/24/2009 #45

That's a good theory, but there are some problems with it. For one, twins don't usually get along THAT well unless they want to advertise that they're twins to either get something or extend their fifteen minutes of fame, and being that they're tallest that's not really an option.

As for looking the same, they aren't main characters. Johnen doesn't seem like the kind of person to waste creaativity on two character that have maybe twenty lines in a whole two seasons.

Ok, one and a half.

Anyway, the Tallest's designes are very simple, anatomy wise anyway. Like the other invaders in the first episode. Well, Scooge was very diffrent but that's because he was going to become more important in later episodes. Other than that most irkens are just generis cookie cut out aliens.

As for hte names, again, they weren't very big and in the front characters, the naming was probably Johnen just pushing them off his desk. In fact he would probaly laugh his a** off if he were to every read this because I'm sure he put so little thought into a lot of the science around IZ and the fact that we can analyz every little thing and argue with each other over it would amuse him. XD

BUT, Johnen did mention in one of the commentaries in the DVDs that the Tallest might not actually be taller than everyone, that they might just be little bodies shoved in that armor and the rest is automated. He wouldn't confirm it either way though.

5/24/2009 #46

my theory abuot the not-sleeping thing:

we have to sleep to save energy , but the irkens don't do it, they geting all this extra energy from calories-full food

that why the irkem food is snacks

6/16/2009 #47

they said in the never-maded episode ''robo-parents gone wild''

robomom A certain little green boy is going to bed without dinner tonight!

ZIM Bed? IRKENs don't sleep. The very thoguht is disgusting!

6/16/2009 #48
Irken Leka

I have a theory for the water thing. It could possibly be the POLLUTANTS in the water. Think about it: the IZ equivalent of Earth seems very polluted and toxic (they have a city cesspool T_T ) Zims skin could be reacting to all the chemicals and toxins put into the water while it's in the atmophere.

As for Sizz-lors appearance, i think it might be because of his job(?) or possibly his age (he seems to be the oldest irken seen on the show, because JV said in a interview that Zim and The Tallest were the same age (don't shoot me! im just the messenger!))

6/29/2010 #49

Hi, I'm new here, and I'd like to add my theories to your discussion. The topics presented here have proven to be interesting, and as such I have decided to contribute my input.

I see that you have many possible solutions to the 'Water Conundrum', yet let us not rule out other possible aquatic hazards.

You may well know that there are other forms of water, namely ice, steam, sleet and hail. This was brought to my attention when I watched the Christmas special and noticed how Zim was able to stand in snow freely and without experiencing problems. I can of course, conclude that Zim had applied paste as usual, or that the water has a delayed reaction in this state, or Zim is simply immune to snow. The same may hold true for ice, hail etc.

Now, for steam, namely water in its gaseous form, but you already know that. My theory is that steam is far more deadlier than water in its liquid state. because steam is hot, the water atoms are excited and move far more vigorously, causing accelerated degeneration of Irken cells.

Also, if ejected at high speeds, maybe out of a hose or something, it might cause further damage by violently tearing through muscles tissue and eventually breaching the Spooch. There may even be severe skeletal damage as well. In short, steam and Irkens often get along worse than water, because they'll probably reduced to a pile of sizzling bone and biogel.

Now that I have concluded my theory, here's another topic for you to mull over:

Irkens and Nuclear Radiation?

8/5/2010 #50

I think nuclear radiation would turn Zim into a Superhero or something. Or not... Maybe it would cause age regression or sonic diarrhea.

11/22/2010 #51
Nah, his pack would probably absorb the radiation and use it as energy
2/15/2011 #52

I have a question. I know a squeedilyspooch is like a giant organ thingy but like what exactly does it do? everything?

and does that PAK control emotions?

3/27/2011 #53

I would think so.....but adressing the original question, didn't Jhonen state that it wans't the water-it was the chemicals?....Or was that a fan or something...sorry, I have no memory. XP

8/12/2011 #54

1. Are those fingers or claws? Fingers. Pointy fingers. If they were claws, wouldn't they have been used?

2. What exactly does a squeedilyspooch do, anyway? I think it's a heart or a stomcah, but my other opinion may not be welcome here- It MAY have something to do with their reproduction.

3. Was Zim referencing Irken anatomy when he said to Dib, "Oh, you'll open your eyes eventually. You have to breathe sometime."? You know, I never thought of that. But it makes a lot of sence. He wouldn't know, would he?

4. How does a PAK tie into an Irken's body? What life-support functions does it perform? Pretty much everything, and I think it suppresses emotions as well. I have a theory that many "defectives" had PAKs that didn't suppres their emotions. This may be why their is a lack of love among invaders and other Irkens, but the smeets obviously feel love.

5. If they don't have to eat, why can they? (vestigal trait? alternate energy source?) Uh... they do eat, and quite a bit. I don't think they need it, but the fact it's all sugar may suggest that sugar is the only substance they need to survive OR it's like a drug.

My question is: Are all Irkens allergic to water and meat?

12/7/2011 #55

So I've been looking for somewhere to mention this, it concerns the PAKs functions.

In Invasion of the Idiot Dog Brain, Zim levitates for a short distance to the house's brain control panel. I am assuming this is because of his PAK.

Its pretty awesome. That's pretty much it lol.

2/21/2012 #56

I think that is accurate. The PAK does have a jet pack function (lol jet PAK...) so it makes sense he would be able to.

Has anyone else noticed that there are some Irkens with no PAKs?

2/21/2012 #57
Invader Skarrch
I remember hearing that since the fronts of our eyes need to be transparent (no blood vessels) they can absorb oxygen directly frkm the air.
1/13/2014 #58
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