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SPOILERS FOR BMS and pretty much every thing, probably. Who knows? But I am starting this discussion on the assumption that everyone has read all the books/doesn't care if they find out what happens.

So, if you haven't noticed, things have been heating up between Everyone's Favorite Demon and Ms. Rachel Morgan lately. It's been reflected in the fanfic, too. I don't know about you, but I put down BMS and was like "Rachel Al get together NOWWW" and as per usual when the novels aren't satisfying my needs quickly enough, I popped on over to

So what's with this new Rachel and Al development? Here are actually canon things that make me think they are headed for something, or at least a change (surprise surprise, since they're relationship has been changing practically form day 1). Kim said there was something in Al's eyes when Rachel was possessed, more than fear of losing an investment. Al also said "Newt doesn't care about you" and my immediate response was "and you do? Huh?" So does that sentence translate to "She doesn't care about you like I do"? Not to mention his offers of living with him, near him, and then having her own room in the Ever After. AND what Al said when he caught Pierce teaching Rachel, the bit about the dangerous sex. He said something along the lines of "if it's dangerous sex you want, I can give it to you better than he can and I won't break your heart afterwards." Won't break her heart? So he'll do what exactly? Play house in the Ever After? Stay with her forever? Is he lying to get in her pants? Is Newt pressuring him to make lil' baby demons with her and THAT'S why she was allowed to stay with Al in the first place?

Aaand that's it. I pretty much just word vomited all over this topic, but hey, I am excited and this energy needs to go somewhere.

Also, vote: who thinks the big, black, winged, horned, hung-like-a-horse, naked thing that Al transformed into to scare Treble was his real self? Like? No like? Turned you on?

3/1/2010 #1

WOOT WOOT glad someone got this topic going.

I don't think big scary black demon is him exactly...remember, Al practically said Rachel is a demon in all but birth, and she looks perfectly humanoid. All we know for certain is the boys all seem to have the red eyes and Newt said her sisters had green eyes. The big demon monster looked more gargoyle than anything else we've seen connected to demons. Remember him being all Anubis like to scare Piscary? I'm willing to bet the actuality of a demon's form is a bit of a let down. They probably just look like witches, but maybe hiding some horns or a stubby tail? If some of the theories I've heard about a big'ole family connection of demons, elves, and witches, maybe they have pointy ears too?

I do bet however, that Al and all other demons have big enough egos so as to not accept nature's liminations if they share cetain anatomical characteristics with male witches, specifically in their pants. So the horse metaphor is probably accurate =D

I think he is damn fond of her. Remember the thoughts she used to find him in the line. Alone is it's own sentence after a list of characteristics of his thoughts. It supposed to stand out, and it does. Al has been alone for a very long time, without someone he is willing to see as an equal. Rachel thought she was alone, tried to keep herself at a distance from almost everyone else (was more important in the first few books, she kept repeating her dad's advice to work alone), and is suddenly learning what it really means to be alone for real. Whether or not this means he is ready to play house or just wants to get in her pants, he certainly wants more. And however far this relationship goes, it seems safe to assume it's going to keep growing.

I suggest channeling all this excitable engery writing Al/Rachel fics =D

I seriously do believe we will get some hot Al and Rachel scenes later on. Maybe it won't be all the way, but Rachel WILL get curious, and Al said before, that one night, she'd come to him. She's gonna have questions, and she's starting to trust him, kinda.

3/2/2010 #2

I believe it too. There's been too many hints. Kim generally foreshadows Rachel's relationships a bit. I hope so. She better not be teasing us with sexual tension like she is the Rachel/Ivy fans. I simply won't be able to take it. I mean, Al is the ultimate Rachel-candy. He's the baddest bad boy of the lot, and he's unrepentant too. A strong man who's too strong to ask for help? Is that what she sad at some point? She was talking about Pierce, but really. Who likes Pierce? Everything he says starts with "I swan", "I'm of the mind", and "I opine" AND he wants to kill my favorite character. That simply cannot happen. Oooer, I wonder if Pierce is going to try to kill Al and Rachel will have to stop him? Save Al, so to speak, though I can't think of a situation where he'd need saving. I just don't see Pierce outsmarting Al. But he might surprise us both. Kim sure can work up crazy and complex situations.

And yeah, this energy has to go somewhere. I am taking tentative steps back into the world of fanfic. I've got an idea. Won't be long. Hopefully it will have naughty bits. I've never written naughty bits before, but a slightly erotic poem here or there. But that's what I really want to read, so I figure it's only right if I write some too. You give a little to get a little, eh? Also, hopefully I can write a good Rachel and a good Al. There's no point in Rachel getting together with an out of character Al. Ruins the fun.

I hope Al is right. One night, she'll come to him. And I will grin like the cat that ate the canary.

3/2/2010 #3

I was kind of hoping that the 'blacker than sin' devil was how he really looked, but it's debatable. Guess we'll have to wait for Kim to clarify.

As to Al's relationship with Rachel- I think he's glad to have something new and refreshing to keep him busy. Rachel pisses him off, yet continues to surprise him. Of course he's got to have some ulterior motives (c'mon, it's Al)- but I could see him wanting her to stay because it keeps things interesting because of this he's really gotten 'fond' of her- as much as he can anyway. I feel that kind of covers the whole 'more than fear of losing an investment' thing. Their relationship, at least in my head, is a complex level of layers. Rachel seems to be unable to really seriously hate Al and trusts him a little too much in my opinion. Probably another reason he has a soft spot for her. I think Al will eventually come to value her dearly- whether that makes her any less expendable (should the situation arise) is yet to be seen.

And yes, I think with the way things are headed they will at least sleep together, or at least some form of metaphysical copulation that I can act like a fan girl over, lol.

3/3/2010 #4

I was hoping the black devil thing was really him too. It surprised me how much I liked it.

And I am pleased by the veritable rain of Rachel and Al fics that appeared this week. Whee!

I just can't tell how Al feels about Rachel. Or how he feels about anything. I think that's why I like him so much. To me, he is a puzzle. A puzzle in a sexy English young man's body.

Why do y'all like Al?

3/4/2010 #5

I think I've liked him since he first popped up in the series and it's just kind of grown since- he really doesn't miss a beat. I think At first I thought he was kind of a fool because Rachel kept besting him in things. Then I read Outlaw Demons Wail and I was just like :heart: and I know a lot of people disliked White Witch Black Curse, but the scenes with Al in it are probably some of my favorite.

And uh yeah... I contributed some- but ThoughtCriminal has done a lot of the bulk. Taking prompt requests in the reviews for my fic =3

3/4/2010 #6

I HEART Al. I've had a thing for him since book 2, beat that! When he was all flustered with Rachel's wording of their deal, said he didn't know what a voluntary familiar was, then he was blowing on Rachel's wrist to make it not burn, and said he was a demon not a sadist, I was all ooooooo something more is there!

I wouldn't be disappointed or anything if the big black demon thing was his real form, might just make things a little more awkward later on...

3/4/2010 #7

Hey you XD working on that pic you were talking about- it's a little harder than I was thinking it'd be- I'm wondering if his face would still look human- or he'd have a muzzle or some odd creepy thing going on. BTW, trying to write that chapter you prompted too XD (I finished that Al chapter I sent you a preview of).

3/4/2010 #8

Your literary-artistic endeavors are inspiring me. I too am an artist. I kind of want to do the scene in my fic where Al and Rachel meet up with Hildy for a second. I am fully enrolled and invested in my school though, so taking on ANOTHER project just seems silly. I shouldn't even be writing fanfic, I've got so much stuff to do. But I've always been a bad girl ;) hahaha. I was SUPPOSED to be done with my Rachel Al fic but I got so many requests to continue I changed it's status from Complete to In-Progress. I'll have to think of some more plot though. *looks under her bed for some plot* Hallooo! Plot? Anywhere? Something for Rachel to do?

Quick semi-off topic poll: Should I put Hildy back in or leave her out? I prefer strictly canon, non-OC fics, really, and only created her as something to make Rachel jealous and get things started, but I could also use her to move the story on a bit, or leave her out. Yay or nay for Hildy?

EDIT: I think the fact that Al became more gargoylish points in favor of the black devil being his true form, since demons made gargoyles. If one was going to make a little helper creature, it would be natural to model it after oneself. It also said Al's voice got more gravelly, which is what gargoyle's voices sound like.

3/7/2010 . Edited 3/7/2010 #9

WOOT WOOT I can't wait for more chapters in that fic. Plot hmmm? Rachel could have a demon pregnancy scare, would really be fun/funny to see both her and Al respond to that little bit of news. Hildy was great jealousy bait, could serve as another plot device. She could have some of her own jealousy, summon Rachel to scare her off Al? Playing with the possibilites of his actual form could also be fun. We won't have any real news of it for another year, so go wild!

3/7/2010 #10

GOD i have an awesome Al fanart piece my sister made but can't figure out how to post it. Any help?

3/17/2010 #11

ok it's on deviantart under thethoughtcriminal and there is a link at Rhombus in the search for fanart section. Not sure how else to make it available here since you can't link stuff.

3/17/2010 #12

Mmmm yum. Al. There needs to be more Al fanart. I like the one you favorited too!

3/23/2010 #13
thanks, I hope I can convince my sister to read the whole series...I'm sure she'd be a Ral shipper...eventually. Then we could get more and more fan art =D She seems pretty into it right now, even did a real cute Jenks pic. but shouldn't be looking at pictures /gasp! You should be writing chapter 6 of that fanfic! /cracks whip
3/26/2010 #14

Oh hush. I have 2000 words of it already. On average, my chaps are 4000, so that's half. It'll be up Sunday probably. Unless I stay up late night. I need to quit sacrificing sleep for my fanfic

I'm so glad everyone likes it though! *happydance*

3/26/2010 #15

The dry spell conintueth with force. Where be the Ral Writers? Rawr. We have many moons ahead of us.

I have nothing actually useful to say.

I'd probably best be gettin' back to me own word processor. *scuttle*

4/3/2010 #16

Glad to see someone trying to keep this forum alive.

I am working on chapter 8 of roommates now. Will have it up tomorrow or Monday at latest. Hehehe and I took your advice on one aspect of it. I also have a new one-shot idea brewing, but we will see.

I hope we see more writers, but we probably won't. The flurry was right after the book came out, so now people are getting it out of their systems /sigh. Only the real addicts will keep producing. Also, new Patrica Briggs just came out, then a new Dresden is due, then a new Sookie, then another LKH, so lots of these fandoms will steal attention away from the Hollows, even though Kim is the queen of urban fantasy. I'm sure I'm missing someone else, but Spring always brings a slew of new books. I just wish I could find something to abate my own Hollows craving, but most of the popular urban fantasy writers aren't good enough even for just fluff reading. Oh well, more fanfic!

4/3/2010 #17

I ttly agree. And I actually like some of the other series... Mercy Thompson, Dresden, yadda-yadda. But, at the end of the day, they're just not The Hollows. *sigh* We need more fanfics.. specifically Trench & Ral. It's the only thing that's gonna keep me sane for the next 10 months til the next Hollows gook. *Grrrrr!* :P

4/10/2010 #18

errr... that was "book".

Damn you, fingers!

4/12/2010 #19

errr... that was "book".

Damn you, fingers!

4/12/2010 #20

Whee! A new poster!

And yeah. We need more stuff to get us through the long months. We can't have burnt out this quickly?

But who am I to talk? I've been bad. Haven't even started my next chapter.

4/13/2010 #21

what....haven't even started your next chapter? /sniffle sniffle =(

I'm half-way through my next one...but then, you're chapters are always longer than mine, so I guess that means I need to write 2 or 3 chapters in advance...and then refuse to update until you do too....oh, that's a good plan.

4/13/2010 #22

Hey ya'll's~ I made a Rachel/ Al community to bring together the few fics that are out and about for this couple. If ya'll can think of fics I missed, let me know, kk?

4/17/2010 #23

I have now started. But I'm in a plot slump. And yay for Ral community!

4/19/2010 #24

SO psyched to hear you started a new chapter! I myself have been contemplating a new Ral fic. Yummmm... Ral! I cannot get enough! :D

4/20/2010 #25

You should write it! =D I want to read it. We need to give Ral a better following! :'D

4/20/2010 #26

Alright, Ladies! We need to get our butts in gear! There's WAY too much Ravy going on lately and we need to seriously step up the Ral action! Argg! ;)

4/22/2010 #27

Yes please! Q_Q I stop by each day hoping to see more fic's but only see a new wave of Ravy. *cries*

4/23/2010 #28

new book name is up on Kim's page. It's tentatively titled "Pale Demon."

I thought the next book was the road trip...and so I thought we wouldn't get much Al time...title would suggest lots of demon fun yes?

...and someone needs to crap out a one-shot so Ral is the 200th story on fanfiction! Cause I'm dry atm

4/29/2010 #29

Kim releasing the title of the next one has me squirming in my seat - arggg... how many more months do we have to wait? *sigh* I'm thinking that "pale demon" refers to Rachel herself. I know it's the Rache/Trent roadtrip book, but I'm really hoping it has a good bit of Al in there as well. I have an idea for a Ral one-shot, but I'm sure a Ravy person will probably beat me to the magic 200 post! Darnit!

4/30/2010 #30
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