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Let's face it. We've all gone fanqueen over some lucky tom one time or another. So... let the corny sleepover conversations begin...
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Sirius Blaak
(prepares to shout) He is a kitten. He is not interested in queens. Not seriously, in any case. He does not love you and will not sire your litter. Oh who am I kidding, Pounce is adorable!!! Are your eyes drawn to that chair every time the DVD plays? Do you hate Tugger for tripping him? Do you hate Bustopher Jones for whacking him with that stupid spoon? Oh boy, you've got it bad if you can hate Tugger... Congratulations, your obsession for Pouncival is officially irreversable. And don't hate Bomba for bringing out the tom in him. She can't help it if she's attractive. To the toms, i mean...
11/17/2007 #1
sprit o' the greenwood
Yes yes yes!!!!!! he is soooo adorible! that probibaly is spelled wrong. I didn't know that Tugger tripped him. unless you mean in the Tugger song. if i daydream about Cats (which i do about 95% of the time) he is always the love intrest if i'm part of the Kittens Group!
11/27/2007 #2
Sirius Blaak
[q]I didn't know that Tugger tripped him. unless you mean in the Tugger song.[/q] yeah, that's what i mean. stupid tugger... :D
11/28/2007 #3
Pounce!!!!!!!!! He is adoooooorable!! He wins the 'cutest face' award as far as I'm concerned. Though Misto comes close... ;) His facial expressions are priceless...throughout the whole thing, but *especially* during the Jellicle Ball. :D
1/2/2008 #4
Sirius Blaak
my favorite expressions are during pekes and pollicles. it's adorable how he throws off his 'gloves' hockey-style and tries to punch munkustrap. oh, and when he pretends to shoot the girls... so funny!!
1/2/2008 #5
He pretends to shoot the girls?! And here I thought I'd noticed everything...when does he do that??? I'll have to watch for that!! Aww but I felt sorry for him when Munku let him fall, it looked...painful. He took a minute to get up anyhow, but then he kinda straightens his hat (well it's a shoe, but it's on his head) and makes a 'I'm okay!!' face.
1/2/2008 #6
Sirius Blaak
ooh, when does he do that??? um... he's behind two cats, so you have to look in the background, and i think it's after munkustrap yells 'no!' actually, skip all that nonsense and go here: he does it when the little timer thingy is at 4:10. ignore coricopat pretending to be a dog and look behind him. It's really funny. He even bobs his arm up and down like he shot the rifle!
1/3/2008 #7
I saw it!! That is hilarious!!!!!
1/3/2008 #8
Felinae Silvestris
Pouncie is adorable. I'm not a fan of his as such, but he makes me giggle.
1/6/2008 #9

YAY! Pounce! Tugger is defo number one on my obssesion list and will always have a super special place in my heart but pounce is number 2 , and how dare bustopher hit him with a spoon , the stssupid fat idiot , he's only jelous cause noone like him , and tugger is naughty for tirpping Pouncival , but who can actualy HATE tugger , seriously! anyway Yay Pouncival! xxx

9/14/2008 #10
sprit o' the greenwood

hun, this Tugger obsession is insane. you are worse than etcetra. but we luv you for it

9/14/2008 #11

Eep I'm a Pouncy fangirl!!!

11/7/2008 #12

Eep I'm a Pouncy fangirl!!!

11/7/2008 #13

I love Puncy! He' such a cutie!@!!

1/24/2010 #14

I'll whack Bustopher with a spoon if he ever lays his paws on my Pouncerkinz again! *takes defensive stance* MY POUNCY! MINE!!! *judges the area as all clear, then turns around and glomps the poor kitten with a squee*

10/21/2010 #15

Dah! I never answered your question, Sirius Blaak, and this was ages ago! :( Sorry!! When Munkustrap puts his paw on Pounce's head to keep him still while singing "And to those that are frisky and frollicle..." After Pounce throws his gloves off and swings his paws wildly at Munkustrap, and Munkustrap finally moves his paw and lets Pounce fall down, if you keep watching Pounce (which is a little tricky, since the camera kind of stops focusing on him), you see that he gets up kind of slowly, as if he landed rather painfully. But then, after he's up, he straightens his hat and kind of smiles, like "Don't worry, I'm alive..."

5/4/2011 . Edited 5/4/2011 #16
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