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Hey everyone! We've all been together for a pretty long time now (almost a year this July!) and most of us have gotten to know each other pretty well. Kelsey and I were discussing how great it's been to know all of you guys, and we decided to put together a fun little awards ceremony to honor all the different personalities and characteristics that we all encompass.

There are a lot of really amazing things that I believe we've all taught each other over the year, and it's about time you guys get some recognition for it! So, if you guys are interested, we'd like to start this off by kind of explaining how it's going to work!

Much like The First Annual Hairspray Fan Fiction Awards that Nor posted earlier this year, we would have different categories and different authors nominated for each one. Unlike those awards, The Hairspray Forum Appreciation Awards are merely recognition for character and personality, not for writing.

We've compiled a list of categories, and you guys can suggest a few of your own, as well. Category suggestions may be posted as a reply to this thread, whereas nominations for said categories can be private messaged to me!

To keep nominations simple, please only nominate up to three people per category. Less is fine, of course. When the results are in, Kelsey and I will tally the results and post the final nominees here. It's then up to you to pick your favorite nominee, and see if they win.

You can vote for yourself if you believe you deserve to win, and there's no limit to how many times you nominate anyone else. Just remember, you can only message me once with your vote, so choose carefully!

The final winners will be revealed on July 20th, 2008 (exactly a year from the date last year!) so don't delay with your nominations. The lucky winners will be contacted with details on their well-deserved surprises once the awards are complete (and we promise you'll like your surprise!)

If you have any questions, you may contact Kelsey or I via PM, or post in this threat. As stated earlier, you may also suggest categories in this thread. However, remember, that all nominations are to be sent to me via PM. If you post a nomination in this thread, it will not be counted! This will make things much easier, and keep the nominees a secret until we post results again.

We're expecting this to be a lot of fun, and it's a way for our tight-knit little group to grow even closer to each other. We're all friends here, and these are all friendly, fun categories. I don't have to remind you to be nice, because everyone here is always nice!

So...let's get on with the categories!


Most Friendly

Most Imaginative

Most Witty

Most Hilarious

Most Pleasantly Random

Most Factual

Most Intellectual

Most Inspirational


Most Welcoming

Most Involved

Most Fun To Be Around

Most Likely To Stalk A Cast Member

Most Likely To Become Famous

Most Likely To Write A Best-Selling Book/Novel

Most Likely To Organize A Hairspray Forum Real-Life Meeting

::Possibly More Categories Here, As Determined By You!::

Have fun nominating! Good luck, everyone!

6/17/2008 . Edited 7/20/2008 #1

love this idea..hafta think about who I'd nominate :0)

6/18/2008 #2

Hey guys, just wanted to remind you all to get your nominations in! The date is almost here, and while I have many nominations, I don't believe I have everyone's... so if you want to vote, please, please message me your nominations!

Thanks, guys!

7/7/2008 #3

Okay, here's a question:

Are the final winners going to be posted tomorrow, or the final nominees, or anything? I'm a little fuzzy on that, and if anybody would clear it up for me, I would appreciate it!


7/19/2008 #4

The final winners will be posted tomorrow, and that should be when the winners' prizes are posted, too, though if they are a day or so late, I'll let you know! But the winners will definitely be up tomorrow!

7/19/2008 #5

Hey everyone!! Happy One Year Anniversary, Hairspray! So, here are the results of the awards that Kelsey and I created. We had intended to have all of the prizes today, as well, but we got a little sidetracked on a few other projects. However, they will be up very soon, within the next couple of days!

Congratulations to the winners, you guys are ALL amazing!

*drum roll*

Most Friendly:

Hippogriff Tamer

Most Imaginative:

MidnightCowboy (aka Deathrace4000)

Most Witty:


Most Hilarious:

Obviously Insane

Most Pleasantly Random:

MidnightCowboy (aka Deathrace4000)

Most Factual:


Most Intellectual:


Most Inspirational:


Most Welcoming:

Nor of Kiamo Ko


Crispy Hobbit

Most Involved:

Obviously Insane

Most Fun:

Obviously Insane

Most Likely to Stalk a Cast Member:

Lazy Chestnut

Most Likely to Become Famous:


Most Likely to Write a Best-Selling Novel:


Most Likely to Organize a Hairspray Forums Real-Life Meeting:

Lazy Chestnut

Congratulations to everyone, all you guys are winners! (I know that's corny, but...corny is good) Your prizes will be up really soon, we promise! Yay, everyone!

7/20/2008 #6

Holy crap! I'm so pitifully out of the loop.

Sorry I miss this. Where was I?

(And thanks for the awards ) *blushes*

7/21/2008 #7

yw know we love you

7/21/2008 #8

Thanks HT! Right back at ya!

7/21/2008 #9

*reddens slighly* awww... yw and thanks Tadsgirl!

7/21/2008 . Edited 7/21/2008 #10
Nor of Kiamo Ko

Awww... thanks, guys! *group hug*

7/21/2008 #11

*hugs* yw and thanks guys means a lot!

7/21/2008 #12

Too bad there weren't any negative categories, then I would have won! lol. Sorry I never got my votes in. I just don't feel like I know you guys as well...


7/21/2008 #13
Crispy Hobbit

... omg... I won a category!! Blimey! Thank you everyone!!

7/22/2008 #14

Congrats Hobz I think I voted for you...was just curious to when we see our awesome prizes? don't know if it is impolite to ask or not...but curiousity is driving me crazy..I know its been busy with the the collab and stuff so understand any delays...

7/23/2008 #15

Today or tomorrow for sure! We're shooting for today. Sorry for the wait, Tracy and I have been rather busy lately.

7/23/2008 #16

cool thanks KR..I understand that you guys have been busy so no problem...

7/23/2008 #17

Most of them are done. :D We only have a few more.

7/23/2008 #18

awesome can't wait to see :0)

7/23/2008 . Edited 7/23/2008 #19

Hey, everyone! Here are your prizes! You guys are all so much fun, and we're so glad you took part in this little awards ceremony with us! Kelsey and I each did half of these, so we hope you enjoy them!

7/23/2008 . Edited 3/13/2009 #20
Nor of Kiamo Ko

Wheeee! Thank you, guys! :D

7/23/2008 #21
Obviously Insane

Okay, so basically...

I am IN LOVE with those icons. Thank you so, so, so much! You fabulous girls did a magnificent job. :D

7/23/2008 #22

Thank you guys! :0) they are great no awesome!

7/23/2008 . Edited 7/23/2008 #23

Okay, even though I didn't win anything, I have to say, those graphics are totally WIN!!! :D I saved them all onto my computer. :)


7/23/2008 #24

Oh! I love them (the graphics)! Thanks, guys!

Unfortunately, I'm not able to save them onto my computer (my computer's having issues), so I'll have them saved as soon as I can!

Oh, and the more I look at them, the more I'm convinced that there should be a full version of Hairspray in black and white!

7/23/2008 #25

Oh, and the more I look at them, the more I'm convinced that there should be a full version of Hairspray in black and white!

that would be rad! and symbolic I think the word I'm looking for since the movie is about segregation and integration

7/23/2008 #26

If any one knows where I can download the full movie of Hairspray, or at least watch it on my computer, I could probably use my windows movie maker to change it into black and white. The only thing that would bug me about it is the video and audio quality... there's a certian sound/ look to old movies that you can't really get any more...


7/24/2008 #27

Oh thank you!!!!!

7/24/2008 #28
Bardess of Avon

SQUEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Thank you soooooooooooooooooooo much! I love them! Love them, love them!

7/24/2008 #29
Crispy Hobbit

:D Thank you guys!!!

7/24/2008 #30
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