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A place where we can discuss Nancy, Rod, Kristen, and Joey, either as couples or by themselves.
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5, 6 grab your crucifix

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9, 10 never sleep again

Hello Piggies! This is where can discuss the characters Rod, Nancy (my first two kills, though the Thompson brat took a little longer), Joey, and Kristen (the last of my children). Topics can include anything about them as long as you keep it clean. And whatever you do, don't...fall...asleep.

Catch ya on the flip side.

3/26/2011 #1
*glances around with wide blue eyes* Hello? Anybody here? *shrugs* Oh well! Guess it's just me LOL. Narod and Kroey eh? Hmm...interesting! I can't come up with couple names to save my life, they come out too weird. Just curious- how did you come up with Nancy/Rod? I think it's a neat pairing (though I myself prefer Nancy/Neil) and when I saw you wrote some fics for them it made me look back to the original again see there kinda was something there, wasn't there? :) As for Kroey..Hm... I dunno. I loved Joey totally, and Kristen was good too- though I'll admit some scenes with her made her look very annoying- and as much as I liked "Dream Master" the idea of killing off the survivors from Dream Warriors I HATED it with a burning passion. I get there's a concept behind ANOES that "nobody's ever safe" and that "nobody can live forever"- but seriously? Picking off Kincaid and Joey so simply within the first not even fifteen minutes of the film? Was that necessary? Besides the fact Joey's cause of death was OOC- he most certainly isn't supposed to be that stupid to fall for the same trick twice!!! Gah! *smashes computer* Sorry, looking back I guess the fourth film made me angry. I dunno about Kroey though. Narod I really like. :) But I see Kristen and Joey as more or less just close friends, like they look out for each other and have each others back. But I dunno, that's just me. At least you can come up with cool names for pairings. Seriously I fail at them. One of my favorite ANOES pairings is Taryn/Kincaid- but what the hell can you call that? Tarycad? Kinryn? *facepalms at self fail*
12/11/2011 #2

Aw, sweet. Fresh meat! Well, Iz, while watching the first NOES movie, I noticed that Nancy was awful protective of Rod and he was all set to go after Glenn but was placated by Nancy. I dunno. I just thought that they could be great together. As for Kristen/Joey. I noticed that when Rick came up in the 4th movie, Joey and Kristen seemed to be a bit uncomfortable with the whole "Kiss and tell" scene and my mind took it from there. I TOTALLY agree. If you're interested, I can give you the links to stories where characters from NOES 3 are prominiently featured in NOES 4. I think Kinryn could work. Or you could go with Tarcaid. Catch ya on the flip side.

12/11/2011 #3
Fresh me- ah I see what you did there. :) Anyways sorry my messages look real sloppy. I'm texting through my iPod (my very stupid one that seriously is convinced the word "hug" doesn't exist.) but at some point I should get back to my computer. Anyways I always noticed that too!! Nancy was so protective to Rod, and was the only one who truly seemed to believe what Rod was saying despite with a bit of questionable doubt. They look great together- I already have your stories favorited BTW. Just haven't had the chance to review yet. They're really good. :). Hm...*looks back* Now that you mention it, Joey and Kristen did seem to have an awkward and uncomfortable kind facial expression/stare. Hm, we'll never know. I think I like Kinryn better. Tarcaid sounds like the name of a freakin Pokémon LOL.
12/11/2011 #4

Nah, your messages are comin' through fine. What the---? How can "hug" not be in the dictionary? True that we'll never know, but it's fun to theorize. Ah, I see. Thanks. Catch ya on the flip side.

12/11/2011 #5
I have NO idea how hug doesn't exist in my iPod spell check. It's IQ level seems to drop sharply often with each passing day. Oh well. Phew! That's a relief my messages are coming out fine for you. :) I love theorizing. Whether it's the AU kind or just as an explanation. I have a few myself like considering this; remember how in Freddy vs. Jason Freddy was pissed that people forgot him, yet despite all his kills were deemed like unsolved mysteries or blamed the wrong people? Well have you ever thought Katherine of all people would be behind that?? Like she went around covering up the rumors and mentions of Freddy just to stop her Daddy from ever going on a rampage again and for another theory reason being she knows if he ever returns she would be unable to resist his temptations to join him? Technically, there's a debate as to whether or not Freddy vs Jason vs Ash is canon- so technically Alice and Katherine may not be dead at all. Just left with anonymous fates then. I dunno. (I didn't like Freddy vs Jason myself; Lori was such a whiny and unbearable Mary-Sue.). What are some of your other theories? These are fun LOL!
12/11/2011 #6

And yet another reason I don't want an ipod. Lol. That could very well be. Or maybe enough time passed where it was like "Fred Krueger? Oh, that happened so long ago" or "That's just a silly story, no one believes it". Something like that. Catch ya on the flip side.

12/11/2011 #7

I finally managed to get on my computer! WOO HOO! Oh and no don't worry, iPods are otherwise worth it. For me mine is some sadistic love-hate relationship, the typical kind for any human and their technology LOL. Trust me, I've seen worse- just looking to some of the guys in my school that couldn't go a day without their precious xBox yet look sometimes ready as though to destroy it when we talk about video games. Ay ay ay...

Hm...maybe that's the reason too I suppose. I wouldn't think the parents of the poor victims from 1 and 3 even bothered to stick around or really say anything, like all got away with a guilty conscience having known the dark truth all along, so it wasn't like anyone who believed in the rumors and stories of Freddy being behind the murders could get proof by asking them. I kinda toyed around with the idea once of maybe a fic that explains that, like after ANOES6 but pre-FvJ with my OCs and Katherine being the reason people started to shrug off the rumors. Meh. I dunno.

Oh gosh, this was so mean but hilarious...on deviantART someone jokingly made a demotivational poster for ANOES at the 'Kiss and Tell' scene when Kristen and Rick are all close together, Kincaid's looking but Joey well...his face is pasted with the Forever Alone face. *bawls in aughter* Poor Joey, but it was hilarious!

12/11/2011 #8

Those sound like good fics. Do you have the link for the pic? Catch ya on the flip side.

12/11/2011 #9
Unfortunately I don't have the link. Actually I have no idea how exactly you make a link. :/ Well I dunno. I suppose I could go for making them. When's your birthday? I'd love to do a birthday fic for you- you name what you want and I'll happily oblidge! Rod/Nancy? Something else? :) OMG!!! I'm cursed!! Someone just got into a car accident in front of my house and this is the fifth one to happen!!! My mom got into one, my dad, some teenage kid once, my bus nearly slid off once, and now THIS?! W**?!
12/16/2011 #10

This is late, I know, but I hope everyone's okay. Catch ya on the flip side.

11/23/2013 #11
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