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So who do think the ultimate queen is? The blonde versus the brunette, the casual go with the flow girl of the 'my life is a movie' girl? Me? Right now... I would say Blair. She seems more real and she's not perfect.... and I think she and Nate look more like a couple. Nate and Serena are too wild for each other they wouldn't make a lasting pair. So what do you think?
12/20/2005 #1
Well its hard to say most of the time they both are & they both fight sometimes too but maybe blair.serena gets everythingshewantsb-notall
12/20/2005 #2
Blair, because I like brunettes better (since I am one XD) and she's like, the ultimate b***, which I adore in characters.
12/21/2005 #3
deff blair. she is more devoted to everything, whereas serena is just some big fat s*** who gets everything shes ever wanted. well, so does blair, but, you get the picture.:D
1/3/2006 #4
Blair's been my favourite character from the very begining...i like her bitchyness and love her with nate...thats why im sick of all the putting off of it...let them be together for ONE book atleast lol...but i just cant stand Serena...i duno...she just seems perfect...but the way she acts annoys me...
1/8/2006 #5
Blair is the complete definition of "queen bee". Her b***, rather self-centered attitude and her really good looks plus major popularity make her the true queen bee. Serena is a blond, and normally you'd think queen bees are blond, but not in this scenario. Serena is nicer, and more understanding. Less snobby, too. If Gossip Girl was told from someone else's point of view, say, a not-so-popular girl, Blair would appear to be that really mean school b*** that takes the role of the queen bee in "Mean Girls" and you would grow to hate her.
1/13/2006 #6
Or you could grow to want to be her... just like everyone else.
1/14/2006 #7
Don't get me wrong, Blair IS my favorite character, but I'm just saying: she's not a very nice person.
1/14/2006 #8
clap your hands say claire
I, personally, like Serena better than Blair. Serena seems more like a nicer person. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying Blair's not a good character, I think she's cool. She's b*** and different. But I do like Serena (as a person) better.
1/17/2006 #9
Blair drives herself insane... which I can kinda relate to but I do like the way Serena can just let things go. I think Blair is my favourite character, I mean, of course Serena is a better person, and I think she's a great character as well, but Blair has this fascinating aspect about her.
1/19/2006 #10
Yes, I completely agree with you guys. Serena is has better character, but Blair is still fun to read about.
1/21/2006 #11
Yeah I agree with everyone. Blair's glamerous yet totally screwed up life is fun to read about, and I can relate to her WAY better than Serena lmao but Serena's the nicer one. But I have twinges of dislike towards Serena because she's a little too perfect. Is it so wrong to envy a book character? Haha
1/28/2006 #12
haha, so true. serena is the one i wish i could be, (so i could be with aaron, lol), but i just seem to sympathise with blair. its wierd, but i love both of em.
1/31/2006 #13
Its true Serena has everything and its all perfect... like they say: Every girls wants to be her and every boy wants her!! But I'm not sure why but I still like Blair slightly more... I guess its the way she seems more real and .. shes as brunette!! Waoh!! Anyway, at first I'll admit I didn't like Serena but now I'm starting to like her more... I didn't like her before was because she and Blair would fight over Nate and at that time Nate was Blair's (even if you dont him) and they lost their virginity to each other Blair didn't know - I just think its not fair and Serena doing that just reminds me of some people I know!!
2/7/2006 #14
Sereana...I liked her from the beginning. I know she seems to get everything she wants but how true is that exactly? She was kicked out of boarding school, Blair spread rumors about her ostrasicing her from pretty much everyone at school, her friends didn't want anything to do with her, and there's a huge chance that she wouldn't be able to get into college. (Remeber the interviewer at Brown.) Am I the only person who doesn't like Blair? No offense but she bugs the hell out of me most of the time. She gets pissed if she doesn't get everything she wants, she'll spread rumors about people, and she has a huge tendency to act like a b***. No offense to fans of this character. Off-topic but is anyone going to see the Gossip Girl movie?
6/22/2006 #15
I just adore Blair. Sure, she's a b***, but aren't we all at times? She spreads rumors, but again, we all have at some point in our life! I feel so sorry for her that nothing goes her way- like her mom & stepdad getting married on her birthday? Blair loves attention so she should have been given some on her birthday. I felt sympathy for her at that stage.
7/24/2006 #16
I totally like Blair. I don't hate Serena but I just find her annoying at times. I like Blair because she is more interesting and she seems more real. Even though they describe Serena as the epitome of beauty, I kind of imagine her still very pretty but the kind of pretty tbat makes her just typical pretty I always imagine Blair to be prettier.
8/1/2006 #17
you're my Star
I like Blair better. Serena is just a bubbly happy-go-lucky type. At least Blair has thoughts in her head and things to say. Serena's the airhead, Blair's the b***. The b*** wins lol. -sam
8/8/2006 #18
I would say that Blair is definately the ultimate queen bee of this series. She's pretty, rich, and very assertive, plus, she knows what she wants and how to get it, and she doesn't stop until it's hers. She knows when she has to be nice to get people to do the things she wants, and she knows that when they won't all she has to do is turn into a mega-b*** and it'll get done. Not that being a b*** is a good's not. It's terrible, actually. But people are more likely to pay attention and listen to someone who's being a loud, outspoken b***, than a nice girl. Queen's have to be listened to, or things can end up going to s***. But that's the thing, she doesn't know when to quit. If something starts to go overboard, a queen would have to know when to stop it. Knowin to stop things before they go to s*** is something a queen needs to know how to do, and Blair, well she seems to be the kind of person who doesn't know when to stop. Sometimes, that is good. Other times, that's bad. That's why, if Blair was queen(in these books SERENA is queen, without really knowing it), Serena would have to be second-in-command, or else their whole world would go to s*** without Serena's sensibility. -Kate
8/13/2006 #19
Serena isn't an airhead, she's actually the smartest girl in her class. Blair really only has two goals in her life, Nate and Yale. Serena got into all the universities she applied too, because she probably worked hard and came off better in her interviews. Blair didn't bother to go at all, since everywhere except Yale wasn't good enough. Serena is definitely the better person, and I see the reasoning why Blair and Nate break up every once in a while. I think Nate and Blair are too.. Non-similar, to ever have a really good relationship. I prefer Serena absolutely. Blair's too whiny and moany, but I do like the interesting parts of her character somewhat. I disagree that she's the queen bee b***. I think she wants to be, though. And to be honest, a lot of the stuff she's gone through isn't that bad in the big scheme of things, I know people who have gone through worse. I'm Serena/Nate, for sure.
12/2/2006 #20
I'm definitely a Serena fan. Most of you who prefer Blair say that Serena has it all, and that might be true, but she's had a lot to deal with also. Serena's character is totally fresh, and easily loved because she's a good person. Blair, is just a jealous person that KNOWS she could never be like Serena. That whatever she did, she would only be second best to her, and you know what, that's for a reason. Blair wants to be the best, but Serena is, and not because she wants to be, but because it's who she is. Blair and Nate could never be a good couple ever because Nate doesn't love her, and they're way too different. Not just that, but Blair's always trying to manipulate him because of her jealousy towards Serena. Blair was just to horrible mean to her when she came back, and this was before she even knew about Nate and her losing their virginity to each other. She was supposed to be her best friend, and helped spread the bad rumors about her, and was overall the most b*** person in the books. I totally prefer Serena because she is the better person, and she is deserving of all the good things that come to her. Plus, none of that stuff goes to her head. She's beautiful, nice, fresh, and a great person. I don't completely hate Blair, and I do kind of feel bad for her, but she's still a bad person. Blair thinks she's got the worst life and that she's going through so much...I mean does she even read what's on the news, ever? Anyway, In addition, I'm a totaly Nate&Serena fan. They are definitely the epic, and the it couple of the series, and I'm pretty sure they'll end up together. The signs are ALL there. So guys, Nate&Serena for sure!
6/13/2007 #21
I think Blair is way better then Serena. I'm kind of like Blair myself. I like her because she's not perfect. And I think Blair and Nate are the cutest couple together.
7/4/2007 #22
i totally agree with you, TutorGrrl23.
11/7/2007 #23
I like Serena better.Shes nicer and seems to make the more wiser decisions....' But Blair is cool .They both are my top fav.s but Serena beats her..........
12/25/2007 . Edited 12/25/2007 #24

Blair may be a 'queen bee' and a b.i.t.c.h and she is nice sometimes but she's just too b.i.t.c.h.y

Whereas Serena's a rebel and she's nice, and she on the sort of philosophy side which I like, and she reasons with things much more the Blair.

And those of you who say Serena has it all, Blair has it too, but her attitude sucks. Serena actually acts a lot nicer. And she's much more relaxed. Like in my avatar. RAWR

4/11/2008 . Edited 4/11/2008 #25

Books = Serena

TV = More Blair I think

4/20/2008 #26

wow haha I always thought that I was the only one in liking Blair and I would always explain to my friends what makes Blair my fav but it never sounded right. But i read all of your guys comments about her and its like you took the words from my mouth!

haha Blair may be a b*** and a "queen B" but shes also a very good friend. She will always have your back and look out for you, and as much as she seems like the rebel backstabber, its actually Serena (the supposed to be the nicer one) who repeatedly stabs Blair in the back by hooking up with Nate.

At least Blairs not fake, she doesn't fake being all nice, she tells people straight. But If your her friend, you would see the Blair is a good person and will always be there for you.

5/30/2008 #27

Hm, I think that Serena is the better person but Blair is more interesting to read about/watch.

I think Serena is better with Nate, and that the two of them complement each other, whereas Blair needs someone more like her who can handle her. In the TV series I think that would have to be Chuck, but I'm not really sure if there's a guy for her in the books.

I think my vote would go for Serena, though.

6/20/2008 #28

Blair is more like the average teenage girl I can't help liking her more. She's easier to relate to, plus you never really read books about people with eating disorders that are also living normal lives.

8/9/2008 #29
No One Reads Bad Fanfics

Blair, hands down. S is nice and all, but B will always remain superior. (To me at least)

8/9/2008 #30
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