Guess the title says it all. A place where we can discuss the youngest Mercer.
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Of course, he's closest to Bobby but what kind of a relationship do you think he has with the other 2?

11/30/2010 #1

I think he was close to all of them on some level. If he wasn't, he wouldn't have made that joke about having teeth whitened to Jerry. Catch ya on the flip side.

12/13/2010 #2

But dont you wonder WHY Bobby? He's the biggest prick and the most annoying. Why did he decide to be Bobby's shadow instead of someone who was a little more like himself like Jeremiah? And once I thought about it, he would probably be closest to Angel, since they're the closest in age and probably stayed in the house longest.

I also wonder what kind of trouble they were dragged into as kids. Bobby as ringlead and Angel as second in command. Jack doesnt stand a chance!

I'd like to ask Singleton is he'd thought about their past, if he'd do a prequel to the movie so we can see them as little kids. That would be so awesome, I'd even write it for him!!!

12/13/2010 #3

I get what you're saying and you bring up a valid point. My best guess is that Evelyn asked Bobby to look after Jack and it formed a bond between the two. Catch ya on the flip side.

12/13/2010 #4

She must've been mental, leaving a vulnerable little kid in Bobby's 'capable' hands. But it was probably best for the both of them.

12/13/2010 #5

LOL. Probably. But hey, who are we to argue? Catch ya on the flip side.

11/23/2013 #6
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