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Lightning Dasher
Okay, here's where you submit your character, or ask to claim an official one. Also, you may ask to be paired up with another character. However, if that character is already being controlled by another member, you must ask his/her permission, got it? Oh, but not Lyn, I got her, sorry! Rules: No flaming, god modding, or posting in the RP before I approve your character! Break these rules and I will forbid you from posting for 3 days. If you still post anyway, I will report you. Got it? Good. Also, if there's a character that you want to play as that's not up, let me know. I forgot some of the names. Normal Characters: Tactician:Danieru Uchiha Lyndis: Eliwood: Hector: Florina: Sain: Kent: Will: Dorcas: Erk: Priscilla: Matthew: Rath: Lucius: OC Plate: Name: Age: Gender: Class: Physical Description: Abilities: Personality: Biography: (You may skip this part if it is your wish)
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Lightning Dasher
Okay, my character is the tactician basically. Name: Daniel Age: 16(He's young as hell) Gender: male Class: (...) Physical Description: Brown spiky hair, the green clothing form when he was helping Lyn and the others out. Abilities: Tactical Skills, and recently able to use a sword. Personality: Quiet, but will open up when necessary.
12/3/2007 #2

It okay if I make an OC?

Name: Aurith

Age: 18

Gender: Female

Class: Myrmidon

Physical Description: Shoulder-length brown hair; a black, sleeveless shirt with her collar flapped up and a red dragon shape on the front; black shorts.

Abilities: Err... as in? XD

Personality: She'll talk to you whether you approach her or not, but tends to go off-topic with things. Slightly forgetful.

10/18/2010 #3
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