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In Episode Two, Steam added achievements to gameplay. You can brag about the ones you've unlocked, or ask for help on those you haven't.

Has anyone completed the "Little Rocket Man" achievement? You're supposed to take a garden gnome with you from the start of the game and drop him into the rocket towards the end of the game. I've been having some trouble keeping the gnome in the car. Does anyone know where in the car to put it?

8/3/2009 #1

It'll bounce around regardless of where you put it. There are two ways to get around this.

One: use the Gravity Gun to punt it farther down your path. Drive up to it, rinse and repeat.

Two: drive really slowly. This'll be much more difficult to pull off, especially considering all the ramps you have to jump.

Here's a really good video guide, if you're willing to sacrifice about 20 minutes of your time.


As for me, I've got the 360 version. The only ones I have that are worth bragging about are The One Free Bullet, Zombie Chopper, and Pacifist. Everything else is either story-related or not very noteworthy.

I've tried to get Get Some Grub, but I'm always short three grubs by the time I first meet the Guardian. Not where he rams his head into the planks and the Vortigaunt is like "AHHHH! THE GUARDIAN! MUMBLEMUMBLEMUMBLE!" but where he's first able to kill you. Any tips?

8/13/2009 . Edited 8/13/2009 #2

nah, just listen for them, their pretty loud. don't leave an area if you still hear them.

Me and my friend set the game on Hard, and played through ravenholm for the first time trying to get zombie chopper. It was 2 am and the lights were off.

so. scary.

8/18/2009 #3

I'm not familiar with the X Box achievements. Care to explain?

8/18/2009 #4

Going through the entire level "We Don't Go To Ravenholm" using nothing but the gravity gun.

8/18/2009 #5

I actually wouldn't mind doing that. I only play the PC version, and the PC version of Half Life 2 has no achievements.

8/18/2009 #6

yeah, but on a my friends huge tv screen, in the middle of the night, in the dark, with zombies howling at you in the distance, and headcrabs jumping out and scaring you...


8/18/2009 #7

I think the parts that scare me the most are the headcrabs that jump at you in the vents. I didn't mind Ravenholm so much, but I was still very relieved when I came out of the mine onto the railroad track.

8/18/2009 #8

The One Free Bullet is where you have to play through Episode One using only one bullet. So you have to go through the entire game using only the Gravity Gun, grenades, the crowbar, and the rocket launcher. It's pretty easy, really, since for one, you go through almost half the game with the Gravity Gun as your only weapon, and two, Alyx is really good at dealing with any enemies you leave for her.

Zombie Chopper is where you have to go through Ravenholm using only the Gravity Gun. The secret is running whenever there aren't any sawblades or propane tanks around.

Pacifist is where you have to contain the Citadel core without killing any Stalkers.

I'm thinking of getting Little Rocket Man, but I keep putting it off. Playing through four-fifths of a 6-7 hour game in one run is no easy feat.

8/18/2009 #9

How is Pacifist even possible? Don't the stalkers destroy the energy that you put into the thingys to make the walkways appear? Those orb-ports? So you would need to kill stalkers to get through.

8/18/2009 #10

It's possible, you've just gotta be really fast.

8/18/2009 #11

Ah, I see.

8/18/2009 #12

I have The Orange Box for PS3, and it includes HL2, and Episodes 1-2. No achievements, sadly. Mostly I use the GG all the time anyway- tires and radiators work best- besides meat hooks, energy balls, and the occasional sawblade.

11/16/2010 #13
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