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The subtle romance in the game between Gordon and Alyx is something that is talked about quite a bit in some forum-based HL2 forums I've visited. I'm all for romance, but the relationship between Gordon and Alyx seems kind of... forced since Alyx has only known Gordon for a couple of days. I think Alyx may have developed feelings for Gordon before she actually met him. A kind of hero worship I suppose that turned into something more when she was able to confirm his heroics. I did hear that there was a love subplot in the Half Life 2 beta that was removed early on where Alyx actually died in the end and in her dying breath said, "Gordon, I've always loved you." Implying she been living with these feelings long before she met Gordon. I just wanted to know what everyone's thoughts were on this since it hasn't been really talked about in any of the fanfics I've seen.

10/20/2008 #1

Seeing as how Alyx was a baby during the events of HL1 (and Gordon knew her from the pic in his locker that was SUPPOSED to be a Developer easter egg), it'd be a kind of awkward situation to say she's always loved him.

It's understandable that Gordon/Alyx would be a GREAT shipping, and I'm all for it, but it's kind of a strange thing to have Gordon not say ANYTHING, and she loves him purely by his actions.

Except if you consider the whole "You are Gordon" thing, in which case it's what YOU choose to say to her. She wouldn't reply back anyway... _

1/14/2009 #2
Fishy Crackers

Even so, Valve has been trying so damn hard to push these two together, they must be going somewhere with this.

6/15/2009 #3

Well, I'm sure they are going somewhere with it, but, I mean, there really aren't very many places they can go short of Alyx being right out with it before "Shit Goes Down(tm)", so I'm sure they're going to drop that bomb somewhere, it's just that there aren't many opportunities to drop it and make it an explosion of emotion.

6/15/2009 #4

Alyx is kinda creepy. I'm playing episode 2 and she's winking at me in the damn car.

6/28/2009 #5

Alyx is a little creepy in episode 2 with all the winks and such but, you can't help but love her :)

6/30/2009 #6

^ True dat.

Honestly, considering the fact Alyx flirts with him quite frequently, I'm surprised that Gordon doesn't answer up. I know that Valve wants the player's and Gordon's experience to be one and the same, but would it kill him to respond sometime in the future? In the words of one blogger, "She cracks jokes, she gets deadly serious, she expresses concern and caring for you, and you don't say a damn thing in return. I know women are drawn to the strong, silent type, but I'm starting to feel like Freeman is kind of a dickweed."

7/9/2009 #7

haha nice choice of words :) it is weird if Alyx still likes him considering he ingnores her all the time. But I like to pretend he responds to her. It makes the game more fun :)

7/15/2009 #8

In a word: Hell yeah!

That's two words.



Also, I laughed so hard at the "Alyx winking in the Dodge Charger" comments.

2/13/2010 #9

ValVe definitely intended the player to feel an attraction to Alyx. She does, after all, initially worship him as a hero...and, after fighting alongside him for days, begins to see him as the man he really is. She's cute, helpful, and consistently friendly to you, so the player's encouraged to like her.

As part of their whole thing with totally immersing the player, Gordon's reactions to everything is left up to the player's imagination. If you like Alyx, then Gordon does too.

2/14/2010 #10

Was that picture definitely of Alyx?I didn't know who it was of.If so,that changes my assumptions a little.

Here's what's confusing me:when Alyx first meets him at Kleiner's lab,she says two contradictory things:First she says,"You probably don't remember me",and then she says,"Nice to meet you".In one sentence,it sounds like they knew each other some,and in the next,she's treating it as an introduction.What gives?Am I missing something that's not in the videogame itself but other players know?

5/27/2010 #11

Personally, I think it's more that Alyx has a crush on Gordon. She's probably been raised on stories of Freeman, hero of black mesa, and then finally meeting him and going through the whole revolution thing with him.

On top of that, he stormed the citadel to rescue her, attacked nova prospekt to get her father back, defended her, been rescued by her, and even fought through Ravenholm to get back to her. She has every reason to flirt with him.

Gordon's probably just mute because he has no idea how to react to her.

7/21/2010 #12

See,I don't think he's actually mute,he just is shown that way for purposes of the game(ie,so the player can"fully immerse themselves in the character").There's an Easter egg-type thing somewhere where it's an image of a letter of employment from Black Mesa to him.It mentions that he was offered employment via phone and accepted.There's no way a mute can communicate via phone,unless he's using a TTY device that Deaf people use or something like that.And if he were,why would whoever wanted to talk to him choose to use the medium of a phone instead of sending letters or e-mails or something?

I tend to think he just doesn't know what to do about Alyx hitting on him because he's not used to it,lol.He's a nerd,and the fact that he's a 27-year-old PhD indicates to me that he was very serious about his academics/career,so maybe he focused on that at the expense of his dating life,lol.I figure maybe he's not sure if Alyx actually means it when she flirts with him or if she's"just being nice".I mean really,if you were a nerd being hit on by Alyx Vance,you probably wouldn't believe your luck,right?And that creates some nice drama in the form of conflict about getting them together!;-)

7/22/2010 #13
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