seddie or creddie
which couple is the best freddie and sam or freddie and carly
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Okay, so I'm really excited for this episode. If you haven't seen the promo go and see it 'cause this is supposedly where Freddie's gonna choose! I'm going to be really disappointed if he doesn't decide and they pull one of those because I hate when that happens! I think it's going to start out Creddie and end up Seddie. But idk.

And lol, I love how all the commenters on youtube are all like 'Seddie is so overrated' and blah blah blah. Even though I'm a seddier, I find that kind of funny.

I also love how my friend who doesn't really watch iCarly at all reacted when I told her about the whole Freddie with Sam or Carly thing. She was just like, 'How is that even a question? He like belongs with Sam even 'cause they have like love/hate and shizz.' Even the people who don't watch iCarly are Seddie warriors!

10/14/2010 #1


Ohhh trust me, it's been crazy here and in the bickering sidekicks forum EVER since the preview

.....Twitter BROKE because of the overload of Seddiers tweeting after the promo

Yes, Twitter actually BROKE. Everyone's timeline just went clear and everything was erased from the timeline xD

10/14/2010 #2

So that's why my twitter broke down... I can't wait for the episode! I really hope he ends up choosing someone, and I really hope it's Sam. But I just REALLY want a resolution to all the madness.

10/15/2010 #3

Me too,

but we all understand he might ... Dare I say it... choose carly

10/15/2010 #4


Sadly in this point of the series it'd be OOC for Freddie to choose Sam

BUT in this episode it's not going to give the endgame. If anything it'll just give the answers to if Carly will "give it another shot" with Freddie

and if Sam and Freddie really liked the kiss.

All this is going to show is it's going to open Seddie's eyes to what they could be

No relationships will come out of this episode xD


Creddie. BUT That'd be a good thing.

WHY!? because this ISN'T the last season

We STILL have the "I'm not in love with you" leaked script episode (it's not this episode, it's most likely the episode that is SO hush hush we don't even know the name of it)

So if Creddie happens cause of this episode it'll end by the end of the season which will lead in for Seddie to be the endgame.

10/15/2010 #5

sorry becca, but that scripted was written before icarly season 3 even came out (by then they werent filming season four, or writing it.)

this episode cant even have creddie or seddie come out of it, because its WWWWWWWWWAYYYYYY too early for that. it would be sucuide for dan to choose any of them right now.

10/16/2010 #6

I didn't say that either was gunna be the final outcome xD

I just said MAYBE Creddie would date in THIS episode, then they break up in that episode therefor dismissing Creddie. Leaving Seddie open for them, but had a way that made it so the Creddie fans WOULDN'T stop watching iCarly

10/16/2010 #7

trust me even if seddie didnt happen i would still watch icrly because its just that great!

10/18/2010 #8

Dan will at least give us SOMETHING substantial from this episode...he has to. Seriously. He's been putting to us to the side for a while now (i.e. since season 2) ...maybe he's preparing something great for this side, who knows.

It could end in a cliffy and know one really knows what exactly to make of it (i.e. purpose of iSpeed Date)


10/22/2010 . Edited 11/20/2010 #9

#2 Promo

10/24/2010 #10

Here's my theory:

Neither Creddie or Seddie will end up together in this episode. It may be somewhat Credddieish at the beginning, but if that's the case it won't last the whole time.

I personally think Freddie might realize his feelings for Sam in this episode. At least, that's what I'm hoping for. I would be REALLY disappointed if it was just like okay, Seddie happens now. I want it to be Freddie at the end like, "Crap, I'm in love with Sam." And have it be a running story through the rest of iCarly.

So I hope Freddie realizes his feelings, or maybe even Sam does but he doesn't. But I don't want it to happen just yet! One has to be revealed to be in love with the other but that's it.

10/25/2010 #11

if i were you guys, i wouldnt get my hopes up to much. it might be a huge let down if no sedddie happens. :(

10/26/2010 #12

I don't think there's going to be Seddie actually getting together in this episode. I would actually be very disappointed if that were the case.

I'm hoping its Creddie to start out and then they break up and Freddie admits its Sam to Carly or he doesn't but we know. :D That would be great as a running plot through the show. I enjoy Freddie trying to get Sam more than the other way around.

11/2/2010 #13

Whatever couple it is, it's not gonna happen in this episode.

From what we know it supposedly 'points' in the direction of the final couple, whilst Carly/Adam "doesn't work out" as well as there being a "twist" involving an awkward scene between Sam and Adam (or at least, awkward for their actors to do), but who knows.

Carly has a boyfriend in the Victorious crossover movie (it's the reason why they go visit Tori), so I'd rule out anything happening with her going to Freddie (since if she did admit she liked Freddie, he'd probably just make out with her right in front of everyone then take her back to their hotel room to 'consummate' their relationship), so I personally only see the following events happening to "point" in the direction of a final couple:

* Freddie reminding us that he still likes Carly. Carly/Freddie talking about it and Carly revealing she still needs time to sort out her feelings, with Freddie being accepting of that.

* Freddie saying he's over Carly and doesn't love her any more.

* Sam revealing she likes Freddie.

* Seddie being sunk. Maybe Sam gets angry at the people who think her and Freddie should date talking about how that makes her want to puke, etc etc, then Freddie gets angry at her because he can't be _that_ bad a guy that she'd be so angry over it, and Sam admits something along the lines of "you're like the brother I never had" or something to make Freddie stop being angry at her because she doesn't really think he's gross and stuff, her teasing is just for fun and she's sorry it got out of hand.

Or a combination of those, like 2 and 3, or 1 and 4.

11/3/2010 #14
Lovely Amelie

I agree completely with sockstar. With who knows how many seasons left, they're not going to reveal the endgame yet. At most, they're just going to acknowledge the love triangle that has developed, and point us in the direction of which pairing will, ultimately, occur.

11/3/2010 #15

sockstar, please explain this process of "sinking" seddie.

11/11/2010 #16

What you mean like "what's sinking?" If a couple is called a 'ship' (short for relationship), when something happens that makes it clear it's not going to happen (especially with one specific event) that's called 'sinking' the 'ship'.

As for how, who knows, Sam could say Freddie is like a brother to her, or Freddie could say the same but sister, something like that.

11/11/2010 #17

True, and that's why I think I may be worried - seddie is very fragile at present - they're both walking on thin ice.


11/20/2010 #18

I don't think you understand iCarly, sockstar. I don't think Sam and Freddie will ever think of each other as siblings, even though siblings do fight and bicker they just aren't the same way. Siblings wouldn't have kissed just to get it over with.

11/20/2010 #19

btw, Did everyone read Dan's blog addressing all the iSAFW issues? If not, it would be a good idea.


12/10/2010 #20
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