seddie or creddie
which couple is the best freddie and sam or freddie and carly
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zaria z
i love sam and freddie. but when i think about it carly and freddie wouldn't make a bad couple either. what do you guys think?
12/4/2007 . Edited 12/4/2007 #1

Carly will never be intrested in Freddie in that way.

Sam seems to have feelings for Freddie already!

12/4/2007 #2
12/4/2007 #3
Is anybody else out there?
12/6/2007 #4
Here I am! (Quote from Bible Book Isaiah) =P
12/6/2007 #5
12/7/2007 #6
I meant LOL
12/7/2007 #7
Really I don't think Sam OR Carly go with Freddie (You know how Sam behaves). I bet he will just end up girlless. Poor Freddie.
12/8/2007 #8
I doubt it.

That's just cruel not to let him have a REAL girlfriend(Cough Sam Cough.)

12/8/2007 #9
zaria z
that would be so sad if freddie was really left girless. but sam should seriously give him a chance. wouldn't it be cool if they mad an episode where sam starts soften up to he. eeeeeeeek.
12/10/2007 #10
Yeah! That would be great!
12/10/2007 #11
12/12/2007 #12

Another Seddie fan!

12/12/2007 #13
Freddie couldn't be left girlless. But Sam could, I think she's like Josh, from Drake & Josh, told Mindy that he lived 15 years without having a girlfriend after refusing to shave his mustache off just because Mindy won't kiss him.
12/12/2007 #14
I hope Sam wouldn't have a girlfriend!


12/13/2007 #15
Well, to be honest... if God permits homosexuality, I'd definitely take Sam. o_O; yes, I'm against them but I still respect them.
12/13/2007 #16
So do I.
12/13/2007 #17
Oh, is that so? Why?

I wouldn't consider myself girly or even let alone woman but I know that I'm 100% straight for sure. I'm sometimes attracted to some girls. I've a friend who is woman, I wished that she's male or I could be male but I realized that once my gender is given, I'm supposed to accept this. And I'm, seeing that I survived the past 19 years as female and proud. It didn't turn out bad. =P

12/14/2007 #18
I know I'm straight.
12/14/2007 #19
I also wanna add to my last post comment. I'm unsure which I'm referring to Sam or the actual actress, Jennette McCurdy. I like her appearance but personality I could only see is her on-screen character Sam. So I'm leaning towards both for different reasons. And again, yes it is out-of-topic... C'mon, we need to keep this forum alive! For the sake of Seddiers, including namely myself, aha, otherwise Creddiers would conquer. =P
12/14/2007 #20
Aha, it's good to know that, too. I'm not implying that just because if someone who is girl likes girls doesn't necessarily means she's lesbian. Not all are.
12/14/2007 #21
I don't think there's anything wrong with it.

Creddiers will never beat Seddiers!


I'm done now.

12/14/2007 #22
Rock on....

*voice fades*

So am I... *walks off*

12/14/2007 #23
I'm back!
12/15/2007 #24
zaria z
envythorn93 and Laison4lyfe are the only ones keeping this interesting, they deserve an YAY!
12/19/2007 #25
Since zaria z found the forum, she also deserves an YAY.
12/19/2007 #26
Since I just got here I deserve a .... uhhhh...

:D :D :D

Anyway, yes as Sam likes to rub in "Carly will never love Freddie". :(

But she can always change her mind... and in that event I vote shipping Sam with Germy! Mwhahahahahahahahahahahaha!

12/19/2007 #27
"God permits...." ohhhh man... you haven't read the first bit of Genesis often have you? :D ONE MAN + ONE WOMAN...


12/19/2007 #28
Incorrect. I never said God permits... I said IF God permits... No, I read Genesis. I read the entire Bible few times. I'm very dedicated to God Jehovah. Genesis 2:18 God thought Adam being alone wasn't good, He gave him a helper: wife Eve. =P

But the point, I'm aganist homosexuality because it's out of nature. By all means, I still respect them anyway, their affairs are theirs, not mine. =D

12/19/2007 #29
Eeep! That's what I meant. :D

That's true. Homosexuality is no worse than any other form of adultery. Staying pure till marriage is the right way (God's way) but it's not easy with the pressures of society. :(

12/20/2007 #30
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