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Fantastic Flying Ferret
Hello everyone! I'm the Fantastic Flying Ferret and i'm recently in love with Meet the Robinsons (and Wilbur!!lol) so i saw this on another site and thought i might try it out here. Rules are simple, just post a one-line quote from the movie, for example: 'That is an execllent question' The next poster must give an answer to the posted quote and post their own quote, for example the answer to this quote is of course Wilbur Robinson. I would then post another quote from the movie for someone else to answer. Happy Playing! FFF.
12/21/2007 #1
Fantastic Flying Ferret
To start us off, here is the first quote of the game! 'Talking Frog, not a good minion' Post who said this in the movie and another quote to keep the game going.
12/21/2007 #2
I KNOW! IT'S MY FAVORITE CHARACTER- THE BOWLER HAT GUY!!!!!! Great idea for a game. :D My turn.... hmmmmmmm... "Why is it an acorn?" Hee hee... Mi Mi
12/28/2007 #3
That would be Carl! "Yes, you must love it, and buy it, and mass produce it!" Good luck! XD ~Robi
12/30/2007 #4
Nausicaa of the Spirits
Ooh, that would be Bowler Hat Guy! "I can't believe I was dumb enough to actually believe you were my friend!" Good luck guessing who said this! ♥ Nausi
1/9/2008 #5
That would be Lewis! "That and someone took my bike." &heart; Robin (Did I do the hearts right?)
1/9/2008 #6
No, I did not. ~Robi
1/9/2008 #7
Nausicaa of the Spirits
It's Carl! LOL! "Lewis! Let's just talk about this, Lewis! Come on! I know you're around here somewhere!"
1/9/2008 #8
That would be Wilbur. XD "I am now under your control." ~Robi
1/9/2008 #9
Nausicaa of the Spirits
Frankie! LOL! And before I put down another quote, here's how you do the hearts. First you press shift and 7, then you write down hearts, then a semicolon, and then press the space bar and write in your screen name or your real name. "I have a big head...and little arms. I'm just not well this plan was thought through. Master?" ♥ Nausi
1/10/2008 #10
Tiny! "Ooh, it's shiny!" ~Robi
1/10/2008 #11
Lucile, also said later by a nameless worker at Inventco. "But, he doesn't give up!"
1/11/2008 #12
Correct! And that would be Wilbur. " are grounded...til you die." ~Robi
1/11/2008 #13
Franny. "I... don't know who they're related to."
1/11/2008 #14
Lewis! "Let's not anger her or make her jumpy in any way." ~Robi
1/11/2008 #15
Nausicaa of the Spirits
Willerstein! "Oh, no way, man. You have really done it this time! Thanks to you leaving the garage door open, the time stream was altered and, when your dad gets back tomorrow, I'm going to get blamed for it! But, not this time! Cuz look who's hiding in a closet!" ♥ Nausi
1/13/2008 #16
That would be correct! And that would be Carl! "Mm hm." ~Robi
1/13/2008 #17
Fantastic Flying Ferret
That would be Cornelius! i crack up at this one every time.. "Get on your skateboard and fly little monkey, Fly!"
1/14/2008 #18
Carl! XD Hm...let's see if I can't make this one hard... "You look gorgeous!" ~Robin
1/14/2008 #19
Atarah Derek
One of Lucille's bridesmaids. We need a spoiler box for the answers. ""
1/30/2008 #20
Atarah Derek
[q]here's how you do the hearts. First you press shift and 7, then you write down hearts, then a semicolon, and then press the space bar and write in your screen name or your real name.[/q] Double posting, but I wanna try this. Now, let's see... ♥ Atarah
1/30/2008 . Edited 1/30/2008 #21
Frankie! "Sign the contract!" ~Robi
1/30/2008 #22
Krystal Kerro Sky
Doris. her little, cue card thingy. "You have two minutes, please begin."
2/3/2008 #23
CEO! "Ah, that's good joe!" ~Robni
2/3/2008 #24
Nausicaa of the Spirits
Goob! Let's see if I can stump you with this one! Bowler Hat Guy?
2/4/2008 #25
Well, with that little question mark, I'm guessing Lewis, since if Wilbur said it it would most likely be with an exclamation point. "Rib-it." ~Robi
2/4/2008 #26
Atarah Derek
The original Frankie of 2007 (and his cohorts). Let me see... "Don't forget the mashed potatoes!" This is a bit of a trick question, so I'll accept one of a couple answers.
2/4/2008 #27
Yes! That, and future Frankie's license plate. Lucille! "Hm. Take responsibility for my own life or blame you. Ding ding ding ding! Blame you wins hands down!" ~Robin
2/4/2008 #28
Nausicaa of the Spirits
We need a spoiler box for the answers. I think I am gonna take Atarah Derek's suggestion. Now, then, back to business. That was Bowler Hat Guy! Spoilers: Lewis tells Goob that he should've let go of what happened and to KMF (Keep Moving Forward). But he only responded with blaming "winning hands down." Now then, my own quotes. Oh yes, Doris. It [i]is[/i] a shame. All he wants to do is go back in time to meet the mother he never knew. But they won't let him. We'd let him though. Too bad we don't have a Time Machine. Oh wait, we do. ♥ Nausi
2/5/2008 #29
BHG! Yeah, that's a good idea... "Yikes..." ~Robi
2/5/2008 #30
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