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Submit TNG Characters Here!

Here is the format to use:



Ethnicity/Species/Origin: [ex. Human/ Russian/ Moscow, Russia]


Physical Description:





Song: basically a song that you would use to describe your character, you are free to list however many you want.



Interesting Facts About My Character: self explanatory, simply include random things that make your character colorful from hobbies to what their present was for their 12th birthday to an explanation of why they hate naked mole rats. . basically anything. . .

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: pretty simple ex. March 23 1913, Aries

Physical Description: If you'd rather submit physical description as specific features, i.e:

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

You may choose to do so, just make sure to list enough physical traits to make your character distinguishable from others.

Heritage: You may choose to submit the names of your character's parents here, this would be used more for people who are introducing the children of their characters in sequels as in SS II and Dawn Revolution.

Sample Post: If you want to give an example of how your character would act and think within the RPG, you are free to do so, but its not required!


If you want to submit any other information, you can, it doesn't have to be exactly what's listed in the optional, if you've got a creative idea for an optional information category, by all means submit it!

For writing in Physical Description, Backstory, Personality and etc., there is no length requirement. If you write concisely and are able to get your character across in few sentences--that's great, if you write longer sentences, that's also great. As someone once said concerning the length of an essay, it should be like the length of a woman's skirt, long enough to cover the topic but short enough to keep it interesting; but most of all it should be what you want. If any of the moderators feel like your character needs some expansion, they won't hesitate to tell you--so have fun with your character and don't worry about it!

4/12/2009 . Edited 4/14/2009 #1
Celtic Aurora

Name: Marika Taika Nylund

Age: 23

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Drow/Finnish/The Drow Kingdom of Finland

Gender: Female

Physical Description: One trait of Marika that stands out the most is her eyes, a beautiful shade of jade-green with a bit of brown mixed in, staring out of a delicate, sculptured face. She has the same finely sculptured features as all other drows, including the same pointed ears, which, in public, she hides behind her hair. Her hair is thick and brown, falling past her shoulders in waves. In sunlight, her hair looks blonde-brown. Marika is of medium height and is built delicately, like an elf, but in the athletic way that marks her as a drow at the same time.

Marika’s outfit of choice is a dark-green blouse, which is very loose but tight at the wrists, a black, leathery vest, black leggings, and boots. She also wears a delicate, elf-crafted choker of silver metal and tiny chips of jade, which, in addition to looking beautiful, serve to protect her neck in case of attack. Last but not least, she also always wears a brace around her left wrist.

Personality: Marika is notoriously curious, and if she has a question, she is not afraid to ask it, no matter how awkward a question it is. The rest of the time, she’s known for making polite conversation but not much for simply chatting mindlessly-she believes in the drow way of standing back and observing those around her. Marika also is often perceived as a touch melancholy and reserved. She’s got a mild temper, but nothing too over-the-top, and it takes a lot to incite her. However, when it comes down to battle, she proves herself to be a skillful warrior, not to be messed with. Last but not least, Marika’s playful side tends to come out when she is drinking or in pleasant company.

Backstory: The Finnish drow clan was once a part of the Germanic drow clan; the two clans split in the early 1300’s, some travelling to the Russian principality of Finland to join a small group of nomadic drows. Amongst those who travelled to Finland was Marika’s paternal grandfather, along with his wife and infant son, Tebaonar. Despite being German in origin, Tebaonar grew up as though he were Finnish, along with all the other young drows who had travelled to Finland with their parents. When he was roughly two hundred years old, he met a young, pure-Finnish drow named Taldra. He quickly fell in love with her, though Taldra, a warrior at heart who had shunned the notion of love, was not so quick to return his affections. It took well over a hundred years for him to completely warm her heart, and eventually, he managed to propose to and wed the warrior woman.

Marika is the youngest of eight siblings; her siblings range in age from over 200 years old to mid-thirties. She came as a rather unexpected surprise, particularly because she was a girl and there was only one other female child. For the first few years of her life, things were peaceful, but tragedy struck when she was very young, only six years old. A troupe of light elves raided the small kingdom of drows, and her mother, one of the battlefield warriors, was struck down in battle. Enraged and distraught over his wife’s death, her father went out hunting the light elves, craving their blood, only to be struck down himself. Marika was now an orphan at six years old; she and her siblings closest in age to her were raised by her older brothers and sister. As she grew, Marika trained to be a warrior, just as her mother had been, despite the risks she knew came with such a job. At age eighteen, she began wandering Europe, as not only a warrior but as a free-lance monster hunter as well.

Weapons: A drow-crafted crossbow, lightweight and easy to use, which also has two bow arms, allowing her to fire two bolts at one, is her prized possession. She also carries several daggers and a drow-crafted saber that belonged to her mother. She uses her drow magic as a weapon as well.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Being a drow, she is immortal, and is blessed with speed, grace, and keen eyesight and hearing. She is also a skilled warrior, having trained ever since her parents died. However, she can be killed in battle, and has been known to be blinded by her want for justice for the slaughter of her parents. This blindness leads her to be rash and to ignore the consequences. Marika also has a weak left wrist, a genetic defect since she was born.

Song: “Fragments of Faith”-Lacuna Coil, “Fields of Innocence”-Evanescence, "All of This Past"-Sarah Bettens

Model: Emily Deschanel


Interesting Facts About My Character: Despite her bad wrist, Marika is quite adept at gymnastics and likes to perform flips and tricks to keep herself in shape and training. She only likes wine and champagne, as far as alcoholic beverages go, and she is fluent in Finnish, German, English, Norwegian, and Swedish (she travelled a lot between Norway, Finland, and Sweden growing up)

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: February 15-Aquarius

Hair Color: Brown (with hints of blonde)

Eye Color: Green

Heritage: Tebaonar Nylund and Taldra Hun’ana

5/16/2009 . Edited 10/7/2009 #2

oooh, nice character--when are you bringing her in to TNG??

5/16/2009 #3
Celtic Aurora

Probably during the masque-she'll turn up at the front gates, as my characters often do. I decided to bring her in since Sapph mentioned Noah didn't really have a girlfriend (I mean, he's got a little something with Sonya, but I think she's got a boyfriend...)

5/16/2009 #4

Yeah--Sonya and Noah might've had something if she had never met Emile--but she's utterly in love with him and her relationship with Noah now is more of a commrade, friend thing. . .she sounds like an interesting match for Noah though. . .I'm psyched to see her in action!

5/16/2009 #5
Celtic Aurora

I'm going to have a lot of fun with her, that's for certain :D

5/16/2009 #6

sweet! and we're really close to the time skip, so . . its almost your cue!

5/17/2009 #7

Yep, I agree. She's a cool cat all right (sorry that I didn't see this earlier).

5/28/2009 #8
Trinity Le Faye

Name: Addison Van Helsing

Age: 21

Gender: Female

Race: (read back story)

Appearance: shaggy-ishdark chocolate brown hair like her father's, has and eyes like her mother. Her hair however much the chagrin of her mother she has a few neon blue streaks in her hair. Then much to the madness of her father. She is bohemian she loves wearing her father's old hat and duster and as destiny would have it she will become a monster hunter. she is quite tall(6'1 and 3/4" to be exact) it shows mainly in her legs.

Back-story. Her Father and mother were/are Van Helsing and Amelia. She is the first-born to Van Helsing and Amelia. She lost her best friends in a fire and has major fear of it and cannot stand racsit ppl and sterotypes.

Weapons: The Blood of thousand virgins, holy water, tears of angels, and a scimitar

Strengths: Martial arts and so much more

Weaknesses: she can a bit of and mean if you do her wrong

Personality: Emotional unstable and majority of the time she's reliable.

Song: Breathe No More by Evanscence

Model: Christina Ricci

6/15/2009 . Edited 6/15/2009 #9

Is she still underconstruction 'cause even though I don't think I have the power to approve them, I know you'll have to add some more to her bio... I do recall where her old one is, if I'm not mistaken.

6/15/2009 #10
Celtic Aurora

I just have one question-who's Amelia? Because for TNG, I actually ended up using Gabriel's children with Carmen, and he's going to hook up with Adair, so I'm not sure how this Amelia would fit in...

6/15/2009 #11
Trinity Le Faye

well i couldn't find who gabe was hooking up since we left damper so I put in a random name for time's sake.

6/22/2009 #12
Celtic Aurora

Well, in Dawn, he's hooking up with Adair, and in S.S., he's hooking up with a girl named Akyra, so...Amelia's kinda close XD

6/22/2009 #13
Trinity Le Faye

I'm so sorry for that hey could you check my DawnII/SSII charry

6/22/2009 #14

By the way, Trin, who is your model for Anya?

6/22/2009 #15
Trinity Le Faye

I can't remember Piper Perabo could be her

6/22/2009 #16

Thank you for very much!

6/22/2009 #17
Trinity Le Faye

No problem speedy :D

6/22/2009 #18

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Name: Dean Anderson

Age: 29

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Human – Caucasian

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Standing at 6 feet 2 inches tall, Dean is of a lean build. Brown eyes, Black hair and wears standard issue military attire.

Personality: Dean lives by a simple rule : Get the job done. He has noted to be philosophical on many occasions. Dean follows orders to the letter. He is hasty and often jumps to conclusions. He is a good judge of character and often makes decisions about a person simply by staring at them.

Backstory: He was recruited and commissioned for an espionage mission into nazi germany. His aircraft crashed and he crawled out of the wreckage and moved into hiding after disposing of evidence that the his faction was involved in the affair.i u

Weapons: Thompson M1 and a Colt M1911


Song: I Stand Alone - Godsmack

10/27/2009 #19

Okay, I'm not the one who approves of profiles (Celtic Aurora does that, she'll come in later) but can I offer some suggestions? You might want to add something to the strengths and weaknesses section and more to the back-story, personality, and such. You don't have to write a whole story but we definitely going to need more so we can better idea of your character.

But when you get your character approve, I did notice you had in the post he's going to be shipped to Great Britain. I have one character who's a British general (Hector) who's break will be ending and he'll be heading back to command his troops once more and Ethan, my skirt-chasing French soldier will probably join his brigade so if you want, your guy and Hector and Ethan can always meet up.

10/27/2009 #20

I don't really create a character knowing what hes pros and cons will be. Usually its a character like life itself is working progress, usually i keep updating the character profile , I didn't include a proper backstory because i wanted to keep it real with history and the time line, i cant have operation airborne start off in 1939 when britain and france were trying to appease hitler, i cant start off american intereference before the uboat incident.

So i left the back story a little vacant because i want that your characters interacting with mine and then discovering his past his mindset and his personality.

Also I skipped the british part in my story because if there were any characters in britian i didn't want to skip over them and elude them completely, i wanted Dean' story to start off in nazi germany surviving by living in the outskirts and relaying back infromation and getting day to day orders and missions.

Ofcourse your french and british characters will meet mine in the nera future, but right now i wanted to explore deans alone side. I am hoping to connect him through a radio so if hector happens to be on the other side of the line that would make thing interesting.

Also , i believe there is a US spy who just assasinated so jew-killer in hiding in a forest somewhere, so i can manage to intergrate dean into your storyline pretty easily while staying in contact with HQ, which your character could head up

10/27/2009 #21

Basically Speed--he wants to try and do what we've done with our independent characters--develop them on the way--like how I've done with Ciaran, Cordelia, Mariah and Elsie and you're doing with Yakim and all of Thanatos' cronies.

Yeah--and I'm sending in Jack and Kaja's grand-daughter (she's the spy), Jesse, into the story by having her in the thick of Nazi Germany, she just killed a prominent member of the SS, so she's trying to wait for things to cool down by hiding out in the forest...and of course, chaos can ensue from there the good ole' fashion way ^^

10/27/2009 #22

Name: Jessebelle “Jesse” Anne Holcomb--goes by Jesse

Age: 25

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: British, Irish// Human// Carson City, Nevada & Santa Fe, New Mexico

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Jesse stands 5’6, what she lacks in height she makes up in speed and strength--which tends to surprise people whom would see her as demur. She’s slender and muscular--fit from constant training and activity since she was a young girl. In her earlier years the only that would’ve distinguished her from a boy (considering her stick thinness, short hair and rough n’ tumble ways) was an apparent growth spurt endowing her well enough into her adult years.

Her face is oval, set with a pair of arresting blue eyes which she is said to have inherited from her grandfather. Her features are round and soft, her hair is a deep chocolate and is long--slightly curly, when not flattened up into a pony tail, it is usually unkempt and wild--though she keeps it short for the sake of her job. Altogether she is considered handsome enough, though not as much of a beauty as other women, it has never quite concerned her--she’s focused on her job.

Her clothes are quite functional and bland--its only slightly shocking that she only wears pants, most would find her wearing a pair of roughened brown or black pants--or a pair chords, perhaps--work boots--combat boots (when she’s out doing field work), a stiff collared white or black shirt and a jet black leather jacket. On assignment she’ll often wear a pair of black leather gloves to conceal fingerprints. She wears no jewelry to speak of save a cheap brass cross,she wears underneath her clothes, and a turquoise and cedar bead bracelet of protection that an old navajo woman fashioned for her.

Personality: Jesse can’t remember the last time she had a good laugh--her life used to be all laughing and all games and fun--she’s quite a happy, outgoing sort of individual with a great humor for practical jokes--but as she grew older, things began to change and her job became her life--it tapped a sort of serious, methodical person within her she had never known. She makes friends easily but keeping them is another thing--this has remained constant--she doesn’t have the patience and steadfast devotion to settle down with any group of people no matter how much she cares (and continues) to care for them--its proved a useful trait when your job commands you to leave at any time with out notice or explanation. Her work is primary to her, she works very hard and is very steady, patient and methodical when approaching how she tackles problem-solving. She’s very reasonable--and only sometimes will her temper get the best of her. She’s been trained well and she doesn’t give up on an assignment. Her issues with obedience and authority have been the only thing to really get in the way of her goals.

Backstory: Jesse was born in Carson City, Nevada to the well known gun-slinger Jack Holcomb and his british bride Kaja. Jesse, like her brothers--having inherited no vampiric genes, lived somewhat of a normal life in Carson City till Jesse was roughly 8 years old, when her grandfather died--leaving the old Holcomb Ranch to his favorite son, her father. They promptly moved back to his home, a cattle ranch in Santa Fe, New Mexico. Jesse spent the better part of her life going through school, working the ranch with her family. When she was fourteen, her elder brothers began a vigilante group of sorts, fighting local unpunished gangs--and after much pestering, they allowed her to join. Holcombs--legendary for being expert shots, Jesse was educated with every sort of gun and hand weapon her brothers, uncles and father had mastered--in addition to her mother and father's superior hunting/fighting skills--Jesse and her siblings were raised with the best knowledge in combat.

At the age of 18, she left home and moved to Carson City, where her brother had been working as a local sherif--she was sick of being trapped at Holcomb Ranch. Law officials were being murdered left and right, Jesse was nervous for her brother and was determined to find the source of the murders--she later found that the murders were being committed by a local organized crime group. This lead to many arrests, and Jesse stayed in Carson for some time working in law enforcement and cleaning up the streets. Despite her gender, her work was greatly recognized and considering her skill set, she was recommended to try joining the Federal Bureau of Investigation. It took her a full two years of rejection, training, discrimination and degradation for her to be accepted into the FBI; however, her abilities allowed her to climb the ranks easily and she was finally appointed the title of an agent--her first mission was given to her when she was just 21.

Weapons: Colt peacemaker, her favorite twin Enfield revolvers, and for “hits” a semi-automatic M1 Garand. If she’s in a tough fight, she’ll use a pair of brass knuckles, and she’s extremely proficient with a switch blade.

Strengths/Weaknesses: She has great focus and when focused--she’s extremely proficient, methodical, reasonable and hardworking. She doesn’t trust so easily and she has a taste for analyzing people to the point where she’ll determine to do away with them all together before even giving them a chance. She doesn’t keep friends well, which is a strength and weakness in her career. Her happy nature and easy charm (when she wants) enables her to move out of sticky situations easily, however for those who know her, it leads them to believe her as manipulative.

Song: “Assassin” by Muse

Model: Milla Jovovich (dark hair) [could change]

Interesting Facts About My Character: She always ends up singing when she gets drunk. She collects old “dime novels”. She loves native americans and is fascinated by their culture--her nanny growing up was an old Navajo woman. She’s not afraid of spiders or snakes--they in fact, fascinate her and she has a great knowledge of them.

She can ride horses in any fashion and is especially good at barrel racing.

Date of Birth & Zodiac: May 24th--Gemini

10/27/2009 . Edited 10/27/2009 #23
Celtic Aurora

Hello, Revendorus-I'm Aurora (or Rora, if you prefer), and I'm the one who gets to do the approving. The bio does seem a little short, but I can totally understand wanting to develop your character as you go along and, of course, not screwing with the whole timeline of things, so I approve-welcome to the roleplay!

By the way, your icon is awesome.

And vamp, just let me know when you're done with the bio and I'll come back by to approve it ^^

10/27/2009 #24

Okay, that makes perfect sense Revendorus. I understand what you're trying to accomplish--I only offered those tips because previous people posted up such tiny, shallow bios here and seemed like they had no intentions of working on their character and making he/she more complex as they go on so it was just an instintive impulse on my part.

All right, whenever you are ready to have Dean encounter General Hector and Ethan, let me know. And along with vamp bringing in Jack and Kaja's daughter, the US spy, Fleur (Ethan's older sister) will be teaming up with her because she too is a spy. So looks like everything is just peachy.

10/27/2009 #25

Hey--just updated my profile for Jesse--since SS/Blood Legacy takes place in 1896--I figured Jesse could be Jack and Kaja's grand daughter seeing as TNG takes place in '39.

Sweet! Ready to go when approved ;D

10/27/2009 #26

Okay, so not daughter of Jack and Kaja... But she sounds really neat, vamp! Great job with her!

10/27/2009 . Edited 10/27/2009 #27

Thanks--yeah, I originally had her their daughter but when I did the math, the dates didn't add up--so I mad her the granddaughter but Jack and Kaja practically raised her its not that different..

10/27/2009 #28

None of the math adds up with all our of characters, I just thought we ignored it after the dates for the TNG rpg were changed...

10/27/2009 #29
Celtic Aurora

Yeah, it took me until a few days ago, when I was working on the script, to realize that there was a huge time gap between Seperate Scenes/Blood Legacy and TNG. Like, forty-five years.

Gee, Calculus is really paying off, isn't it? XD

10/27/2009 #30
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