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Submit Character Profiles for Dawn Revolution here!

Here is the format to use:



Ethnicity/Species/Origin: [ex. Human/ Russian/ Moscow, Russia]


Physical Description:





Song: basically a song that you would use to describe your character, you are free to list however many you want.



Interesting Facts About My Character: self explanatory, simply include random things that make your character colorful from hobbies to what their present was for their 12th birthday to an explanation of why they hate naked mole rats. . basically anything. . .

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: pretty simple ex. March 23 1913, Aries

Physical Description: If you'd rather submit physical description as specific features, i.e:

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

You may choose to do so, just make sure to list enough physical traits to make your character distinguishable from others.

Heritage: You may choose to submit the names of your character's parents here, this would be used more for people who are introducing the children of their characters in sequels as in SS II and Dawn Revolution.

Sample Post: If you want to give an example of how your character would act and think within the RPG, you are free to do so, but its not required!


If you want to submit any other information, you can, it doesn't have to be exactly what's listed in the optional, if you've got a creative idea for an optional information category, by all means submit it!

For writing in Physical Description, Backstory, Personality and etc., there is no length requirement. If you write concisely and are able to get your character across in few sentences--that's great, if you write longer sentences, that's also great. As someone once said concerning the length of an essay, it should be like the length of a woman's skirt, long enough to cover the topic but short enough to keep it interesting; but most of all it should be what you want. If any of the moderators feel like your character needs some expansion, they won't hesitate to tell you--so have fun with your character and don't worry about it!

4/14/2009 . Edited 4/14/2009 #1

Name: Sasha Dyakov

Age: 19

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Half Vampire, Half Telepathic / Russian-English / Andreapol, Russia

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Sasha is slender and of medium height (about 5'5"). She has long, dark brown hair that falls just past her shoulders. She usually wears her hair in either a braid or tied up in a messy bun. Her honey-colored eyes are striking and seem to catch the eye of any bachelor. She has a full set of startlingly white teeth and a strange, almost seductive smile. Sasha is lithe and nimble, and is always on her toes. For clothing, she prefers nonrestrictive clothing, but tolerates it for missions. She has pale skin and a milky complexion.

Personality: brave, quick to judge, loyal as hell, a deadly enemy, the best friend you could ever have, and honest

Backstory: Sasha and her twin brother, Taras, were born to a Russian vampire named Sergei Dyakov and his telepathic English mate, Olivia Allen. Sasha's father was one of the deadliest vampires since the great Dracula himself. He served the Romanovs but was put to death by staking after the king uncovered his tawdry past. He was staked to death in front of his two young children and his body burned at the stake - along with their mother. At age five, the Dyakov twins were orphans and unwanted for what they were. A coven of vampires in Moscow adopted them, but this coven was of the Dark Order, and trained Sasha and Taras to be ruthless killers. They set off into the world as trained hunters. But when Sasha met Pavel Berdnikov and fell in love, Sasha abandoned the life she had been trained to live and tried to settle down. However, one night, Sasha woke up to find Pavel dead - drained of blood. This unconscious lack of control over her vampiric nature scared Sasha. She left home, but shortly after found out that she was pregnant with Pavel's child. Seven months into the pregnancy, she miscarried and decided to live a more reclusive lifestyle. Taras often drops in to visit with her, but she is severely hurt and reluctant to love again.

Weapons: Sasha uses her natural vampiric abilities, and also carries a rapier.

Strengths/Weaknesses: strengths - telepathy, physically strong, courageous. Weaknesses - quick to judge people, pretty easily persuaded.

Song: "Never Let Go" by josh groban

Model: Kat Dennings

Interesting Facts: born under a full moon, hates cheese and things that smell like cheese, has a strange affection and fascination for people with blue eyes.

Date of Birth / Zodiac: November 23rd, Sagittarius

4/16/2009 . Edited 4/16/2009 #2

I really like it Sapph!! She's really cool!

My only issue is that the story line takes place during the Bolshevik Revolution when the Romanov's are still in power and follow them as Russia become Soviet and Sasha's past deals with the Romanov's already being disposed--do you think you would mind too much if you could just tweak a little bit so that maybe her father still works for the Romanov's or something similiar??

Other than that, she's super awesome and I like her. . .unfortunately Rora does all the approving for the characters since she's head Mod, otherwise I'd definately okay you^^

Oh, and for future reference, I would say that the beginning of Dawn: Revolution is August 1917--are we all okay with that??

4/16/2009 . Edited 4/16/2009 #3

yep, she's edited! and thanks - i'm looking forward to playing her and her twin brother Taras. actually, if you like, you or someone else could adopt Taras after I post his profile, because i haven't decided who out of all my charries are going to be in The Dawn: Revolution.

4/16/2009 #4

Looks good to me! Now we'll just wait for Rora to give her stamp of approval. .

Well if you're having a hard time deciding, you can simply submit all the character you were considering and decide to who you'd rather include. . thats one way to look at it. . .

4/16/2009 #5

okay, that makes sense. alrighty - on to Taras Dyakov!

4/16/2009 #6

Yay! Hopefully I'll finish with my bio and submit my first character..

4/16/2009 #7

hooray!! i'm almost done with Taras.

4/16/2009 #8

cool, lets see how he comes out^^

4/16/2009 #9

Name: Taras Dyakov (T= rebellious)

Age: 19

Race: Half Vampire, Half Telepathic / Russian-English / Andreapol, Russia

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Taras is slender and a little taller than his twin sister, Sasha (about 5'7"). He has messy dark brown hair that falls loosely around his angelic face. He usually wears his hair down and loose, but will occasionally tie it up out of his face. He has remarkable honey-colored eyes that can make almost any woman faint. He has a full set of startlingly white teeth and a strange, crooked but endearing smile. Taras is subtlely muscular and lithe. For clothing, he usually wears plain pants and a sailor's canvas shirt with a faded great coat. He has pale skin and a milky complexion.

Personality: intelligent, a fast learner, wise beyond his years, indecisive, quick to fight, and rather rebellious

Backstory: Taras and his twin sister, Sasha, were born to a Russian vampire named Sergei Dyakov and his telepathic English mate, Olivia Allen. Taras's father was one of the deadliest vampires since the great Dracula himself. He served the Romanovs but was put to death by staking after the king uncovered his tawdry past. He was staked to death in front of his two young children and his body burned at the stake - along with their mother. At age five, the Dyakov twins were orphans and unwanted for what they were. A coven of vampires in Moscow adopted them, but this coven was of the Dark Order, and trained Sasha and Taras to be ruthless killers. They set off into the world as trained hunters. Taras lived frugally for a year or so, traveling around Russia, Siberia, and even as far as Romania searching for the coven he truly belonged in. Living as a Rogue vampire was not easy, though. Most covens would not accept a Rogue into their coven for fear that the rogue would betray them. He settled into one coven, but deserted after only a few months. He got back in contact with Sasha shortly after her incident with Pavel, and made it his sworn duty to protect his sister and her fragile emotions.

Weapons: natural vampiric abilities, telepathy, and a Colt pistol.

Strengths/Weaknesses: strengths - intelligence, calm, forward-thinking; weaknesses: rebellious, easily persuaded

Song: "Simple Man" by lynyrd skynyrd

Model: Cam Gigandet (with dark hair)

Interesting Facts: born under a full moon, obsessed with English history, hates having to do mathematics, has a strong liking for English girls.

Date of Birth / Zodiac: November 23, Sagittarius

4/16/2009 #10

definately cool! nice job ^^

4/16/2009 #11

Yay, Cam Gigandet!

4/17/2009 #12

I know! Yay for Cam!

4/17/2009 #13

hahah i know he and Kat Dennings are exactly twins, but it's ok if they're not perfectly identical. :) and yes, i love cammie too. :D

4/17/2009 #14
Celtic Aurora

Yay! Cam Gigandet! I have a bookmarker with him on it ^^ I don't care if James is evil, he's HOT.

Oh, and I totally approve of Sasha and Taras. Sorry, didn't realize my services were needed...

4/18/2009 #15

great!! thank you! :)

4/18/2009 #16
Celtic Aurora

No problem!

4/18/2009 #17

Name: Isolade Usha Dunkirk (I—“beautiful” in Welsh, U—“dawn” in Sanskirt)

Nickname: Iso


Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Romania/Werewolf-Succubus Hybrid

Gender: Female

Job/Occupation: Doctor Apprentice

Physical Description:Isolade usually keeps her burnet hair down, allowing the tresses flow down like curtains of silk and settle near her rear. She posses luscious, sensual lips and a heart-shaped face and while Isolade inherited the same facial features of her mother, Clarissa, she has her father’s wolfish hazel eyes that stand out from her sun-kissed visage. Her skin has a light olive hue from being in the sun so much and appears soft and inviting to the opposite sex.

Isolade has two main attires, one for battle and the other for everyday wear. For her everyday wear, she adorns a custom dress that the skirt and bell sleeves are imperial violet and the bodice is indigo. The skit is two-tiered and lace-trimmed and the sleeves are also trimmed with delicate lace. Her fighting attire consists of black or brown leather pants, plain grey cotton top that she will sometimes wear a short, ebony sleeveless vest over it.

Personality:Outgoing, vivacious, and witty, Isolade is quite a charming but rebellious girl with a good head on her shoulders. She’s a social butterfly and loves engaging in conversations with strangers or people she knows. All her doctor lessons with her father has sharpened her level of awareness and she can be empathetic towards others’ plights. She can also be described as seductive or sensational, always knowing what boys what in most cases.

Backstory: Isolade was born from the bewitched tryst of Clarissa, a succubus under the necromancer Thanatos’s rule, and Alexsei Dunkirk, who, at the time, was under her spell thanks to some aphrodisiac venom she injected into his system. When Magna, Thanatos’s seer/witch sensed her soul into the world, both her parents were shocked and dumbfounded by this startling news. Needless to say, after when she was born, she did bring her parents together somewhat but it was more out of tolerance and friendliness than attraction or love. During the final battle with Alana, Clarissa saved Alexsei’s life by taking the death blow herself, forsaking her life for Alexsei’s. With her dying breath, she told Alexsei where Isolade was and the young werewolf doctor took Isolade away from Drakebane Manor and raised Isolade as his daughter along with Chelsea—Matthias and Vivian’s daughter.

Growing up with a sister and single father as been better than one would have expected, despite having no mother figure in the household. Isolade has always been considered to be Daddy’s Girl and he teaches her the ways of medicine when she was very little, sparking her dreams to become a physician just like her father. However, because of her uncanny and unearthly beauty, Alexsei had to beat an abundance of suitors away with a stick, which sometimes amuses and aggravates Isolade and her younger sister.

She is also very good friends with Michael and Cordelia Van Helsing, children of the famous Catherine Van Helsing and her husband, Edward Tariq Orenstein. She learned how to shoot and bow-and-arrow properly with help of her aunt and how to deal with her novel hybrid heritage with her uncle, who is rumored to be the first demon/vampire hybrid alive.

Weapons: Bow and arrows, seduction skills, her werewolf and succubus powers, and some vials containing poison in them.

Strengths: She can seduce any man she wants with no or very little hassle, is very keen and quick with a bow and arrow, is getting better in patching people up and healing them, and her hybrid prowess has progressed greatly.

Weaknesses: Since Isolade is a werewolf/succubus hybrid, she can get aroused very easily, poor girl. So any attractive man who knows how to flirt properly and strut his stuff can ensnare her attention. Silver is not quite as fatal to her but it can still weaken her greatly, the same can be said if she was ever rejected or had her heart broken (these are mortal to regular succubi and incubi). She also has weak ankles.

Song: “Princess of the Dawn” by Accept

“Out Tonight” by RENT soundtrack

Model:Jessica Biel

Interesting Facts About My Character: When she grows up, she hopes to finish up her apprenticeship with her father and gain a license to practice medicine wherever she goes. Like her mother, she has a certain control over demonic spiders that go back to Clarissa’s sire, Xavier.

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: Taurus, May 18.

Hair Color: Burnet

Eye Color: Hazel

Height: 5’’5

Heritage: Daughter of Clarissa Maddox and Alexsei Dunkirk

4/18/2009 . Edited 6/13/2009 #18
Celtic Aurora

Awww, I love her! :D Definately approved-I'll need to do Chelsea's bio (someone's gotta play her) to go along with Iso's...

4/18/2009 #19

Aw, thanks! Next up, Grigori Rasputin!

4/18/2009 #20
Celtic Aurora

Awesome! I remember watching a video about him last year in History...screwed up but fascinating individual...

4/18/2009 #21

Great Bio Speed--she sounds super cool^^

Now, here is my first submission, you know I have to write practically a novel--I don't expect you to read it all, I just got carried away a bit. . .sorry


Name: Mila Sigrid Swenhaugen (M--peoples favor [slavic])

Age: 22

Species/Ethnicity/Origin: Shapeshifter/Norwegian, Hungarian/ Kristiansand, Norway

Gender: Female

Heritage: Egil Swenhaugen & Illenka Tibor

Physical Description: Mila has a round face, but the definition in her jaw seem to make her features nearly angular when coupled with her father’s strong, thin ridged nose and her mothers sharp and plaintive, dark eyebrows. Her skin, like both of her parents, is fair toned—though being Norwegian and Hungarian, it is tough and can take the cold winters of Norway and the blistering heat of Hungarian summers.

Mila adopted her father’s eyes, they’re strong and storm gray, though in certain lights, they can seem eaten away on the edges with a slight cerulean. Her lips are bowed and like her mother, have a pale mulberry quality to them. Mila’s hair is a strange combination of her parent’s, like her mother’s hair it is thick and curls wryly down to mid back, and like her father’s blonde hair, her’s is a flaxen brown, with hues of gold and amber and deep brown mixed into it. Mila usually goes through phases of wearing her hair extremely short to leaving it mid back.

Mila stands 5’6, she is naturally lithe, and not quite as curvaceous as her mother, but lean and muscular, like her father. Depending on the climate, Mila usually wears the worn, tan, mid thigh, leather jacket that was passed down to her from her Uncle David, a white, black, or coal blouse underneath with a dark brown leather corset and a black or coal gray skirt that sweeps just above her ankles, with black work boots—she wears a pair of tight fitted pants underneath just in case she has to shift into a fight.

The only flare that Mila is known to carry around is the mute red sash she wears around her neck, a silver ring given to her by her maternal grandmother and a silver necklace with a rough opal pendant—no one knows who gave it to her or where she got it and she’ll tell no one, but she treasures it and never goes anywhere without wearing it.


Many would claim that Mila was cold, like her father and mother, she hardly shows her emotions—her expressions are emotionless if not sometimes, blasé. But what most would be wrong about is that Mila is not cold at all, in fact her passion and will is so tremulous and expansive that to feel some semblance of normalcy, she keeps it balled up within her. She is very thoughtful and enjoys being by herself and to her own thoughts, like her mother she doesn’t waste too much time with words except when she really needs to. She’s got a sharp mind and quick wit about her, though she doesn’t often say much to reveal it, like her mother and father, she’s known to trade dry quips during battle or when people thoroughly vex her.

Like her father, she’s also able to see through people’s games and doesn’t often let people manipulate her. Mila is very strong, though sometimes her confidence may falter, she’s never unsure of her ability to take care of herself. Despite her quiet nature, she isn’t afraid of standing up for what she believes in—she’s a staunch feminist though it may not appear that way at first. Like her mother, Mila is stubborn to a fault and sometimes her pigheadedness creates a tenacious will to win at any cost and the ability to only see the goal at hand—her need to be any woman or man’s equal can often lead her to take on her enemies’ traits when facing them.

This however is usually balanced by a great kindness and caring for others, who will to be powerful usually takes second to her need to protect and help those she cares about. And underneath the boasting and the quiet coldness, lies a sweet vulnerability to her—a vulnerability she is deftly afraid of showing.


Mila (named after her beloved cousin, Sigrid) was raised with her younger brother and sister outside of Kristiansand, Norway, in her parent’s large Manor. The eldest child of Egil Swenhaugen and Illenka Tibor Swenhaugen, she was raised to be a warrior. She and her siblings spent their childhood between Norway and Budapest, Hungary where they would visit their Hungarian side of the family, Germany visiting their Uncle Rolf and Aunt Nickelia and Spain, visiting Tio Alvaro and Tia Kaja. Mila was a tomboy, her parents were not as concerned about this as the elders, who frequently attempted to mold her into a debutante.

Although Mila embraced her femininity she was more concerned with learning and being off by herself—her only calling was to become a mercenary like her. The woods surrounding the manor, were her sanctuary where she would sketch, read, walk, hunt and think. As a young girl, Mila’s strong and sometimes abrasive nature often drove off people from befriending her—aside from her siblings and extended family; she spent most of her time in her mind out in the wild.

By age seven, her mother and father began teaching her the art of combat, her father mentored her shapeshifting skills so that by the time she was fourteen she could easily keep up with the eighteen and twenty year old shapeshifters on a hunt.

At the age of fifteen she cut her hair and adopted the dress of a boy and slipped off the Swenhaugen manor to join a cross continental hunt with some of the other older shapeshifter boys in the Swenhaugen clan. They did not know she was not a boy until she was wounded defending another shapeshifter from a vampire attack and her wounds were dressed. She was shipped back home, ashamed and berated by the boys who had once marked her as one of their own. Rumors spread throughout the Swenhaugen clan of Egil’s transgender daughter along with other malicious rumors of perverse sexuality and “typical female bi-polarity”.

The Elder’s sought to punish her disobedience and arrogance for being unapologetic about the experience by making her endure a social coming-out in an atrocious ball in Denmark, which has made her hate them all together, despite the fact that she actually does love dancing.

Humiliated and belittled, she returned home and begged her parents to be let out on her own. Although her parents had said that their children could not leave until the moon of their 18th birthday, they consented to allowing her leave a year early, on the conditions that she stay with relatives. Mila spent the following three years traveling between Spain, Germany and Hungary. At the age of twenty she moved to Petrograd (St. Petersburg) with her two cousins to attend university, studying art and languages—supplementing her and her cousins' income by selling artwork and doing mercenary jobs with her mother and father—whom she is very close to. Though she lives in Petrograd, she visits her family every other month, and during the vacations, her brother and sister go out to stay with her in her and her cousin’s flat.

Weapons: She uses her quick wit as weapons against her enemies, she’s fast and uses her shapeshifting abilities well, such as speed, sharp nails, and strength. She carries with her the crystal incrusted pistol that once belonged to her mother—its companion saber was given to her younger sister, Vigdìs.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Her intelligence, her wit, her ability to disconnect from others and to appear to be somewhat unemotional. She often will rise to the occasion when provoked and can match up to her antagonists by adopting their bad qualities or being just as cruel as they can be—which weakens her spirit. She sometimes can be naïve in that she lives in her head and can be oblivious to other people when not paying attention or when she becomes so focused on achieving a goal she develops tunnel vision. Sometimes her shyness drives others away from her making her somewhat of an outcast instead of part of a team. Her need for equality, strength and victory can lead to irrational actions.

Song: “My Blue Heaven” by Taking Back Sunday & “Burn” by the Noisettes

Model: Milla Jovovich (name is coincidental!)

Interesting Facts about my character: Mila can speak Norwegian, Hungarian, a little bit of Spanish and is learning Russian. Always proud of her Swenhaugen heritage, she tattooed the Swenhaugen Family crest on the inside of her right wrist. She is a talented artist and always carries a bound leather book full of sketches with her. Her favorite book is “The Stranger” by Albert Camus and “Mary Shelly’s Frankenstein”. She smokes cigarettes when she’s stressed out but does otherwise. She’s a bit of a pyromaniac and has an odd fascination with matches and fire—she’s always got a pack or box of matches with her wherever she goes—at age twelve this fascination nearly led her to burn down the abandoned stables on the Elder’s property (she won’t reveal whether it was on accident or on purpose).

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: November 26—Scorpio-Sagittarius Cusp (a.k.a “Cusp of Revolution”)

. . .Aaaand thats it. . .phew, got it done. . .yet again, I apologize. .

4/19/2009 . Edited 4/19/2009 #22
Celtic Aurora

Actually, I did read it all lol I like her, she sounds pretty cool, albiet misunderstood. She's approved by me!

4/19/2009 #23

THanks Rora!!!

4/19/2009 #24

Egi: *nods proudly* That's definitely my daughter.

4/19/2009 #25

Illenka: Yes, she most certainly is her daddy's girl. . .

4/19/2009 #26

My second Character. . .

Name: Katarina Julianna Tibor

Age: 21

Species/Ethnicity/Origin: Human/Hungarian/ Budapest, Hungary

Gender: Female

Heritage: Ilonka Herczeg & Krisztian Tibor

Physical Description: Katarina is petite and willowy. She stands 5’8 and is very lean with a long, delicate, slender neck. Her face is oval shaped and her eyes are wide and alert looking—a large, milky, warm brown.Her eyebrows are thin and worn round to give her the proverbial Tibor contemplative expression. She has thick, curly chocolate brown hair, under certain lights it carries a hue of ember present in her mother’s hair. Her nose is thin and slightly rounded and the end. Her lips are thick and rounded—a natural coral sheen to them. Her skin is milky white and has a pearlescent complexion to it.

She wears the latest fashions, usually a beautifully designed, sharply tailored skirt, waistcoat and blouson with finely made boots and gloves for winter--styles and colors range anything from a cream colored coat with a light tan fur lining with matching tan gloves and boots or a midnight violet with an orange sash and black boots. She usually wears the spanish cameo her father had given to her mother during their courtship on a black, laced ribbon around her neck as a choker.

Personality: Katarina doesn’t take herself too seriously—or much else really. Her main focus is humor and fun, she’s very outgoing and loves being around friends, though her friends are many she hardly develops steady or deep relationships with people because of a small fear of being perhaps a bit unwanted. She is a great listener and kind hearted, she likes to help people. From the time when she was a young girl she was never self focused but rather other focused—naturally generous she enjoys doing charity work and helping friends. She devoted much of herself to her brothers and sisters when she was younger. As she got older, being among friends and having attention lavished upon her by people made her feel a value she never quite experienced before. She’s a people pleaser above all, she does not stand up for her principles or opinions if it puts other people out or creates conflict. She does not like suffering or discomfort in her life or anyone else’s. She often can not make someone feel uncomfortable if they ask something of her and refuse them, she generally has a hard time telling people ‘no.’ Katarina lives only for the present, she loves games and parties, and does not like staying static for too long—she often changes friends and interests to feel renewed and alive. For this reason she has a hard time committing in relationships and does not try to understand herself in any deep context. To most people, she appears very innocent and gentle—Katarina would not say or do anything to prove otherwise, her inherently sweet nature allows her to be open to all people but not to screen out those who would take advantage of her. Although she is a good friend for those in need, she needs people far more than they need her. She is barely self sufficient and depends on those around her to take responsibility in her life and help her deal with situations. Her positive outlook on life makes her feel invincible and makes her susceptible to other people’s bad charms.

Backstory: Katarina was born in Budapest, Hungary to Krisztian Tibor a prominent Textile Factory owner from the Industrial Tibor Family and Ilonka Herczeg—heiress of Herczeg Iron Ore of Hungary. She was raised in high bourgeois Hungarian society—the second child of the posh and handsome couple. She spent most of her childhood between Hungary and Petrograd, with her many cousins.

At the age of five she saw the Russian Ballet perform for the royal family in Petrograd and ever since then, her only desire in life was to be a beautiful ballerina. She tolerated school, though besides reading, all manner of learning bored her to death. She accelerated in the arts but most especially in dance.

While her mother groomed her for an early marriage to a wealthy boy who seemed perfectly adequate (despite his boorish face and his dull personality), Katarina spent her time practicing ballet. At the age of 16 she was due to marry the boy when the Directors of the ballet troupe came to Budapest looking for new recruitments. Katarina, against her mother’s wishes went to the auditions and was recruited after four days of auditions to join the Russian Ballet in Moscow and then Petrograd.

Her mother greatly disapproved of this and demanded she stay in Budapest to marry her fiancé. Never liking bad blood between her mother, to whom she is very close, she agreed to. On the day of her wedding, unable to capitulate her dreams she left to join the Ballet. Her parents set a team of police after her and brought her back to Budapest. Her engagement was broken off. Three years and four broken engagements later, her father decided that life could never go on for Katarina unless she tried the ballet. At the age of 19, Katarina struck a bargain with her parents, if she lived in Petrograd with her cousin and her cousin’s cousin, and studied ballet—she’d have two and a half years to become part of the Russian Ballet. If two and a half years should pass and she is not be part of the Russian Ballet, she would return home without question and find a husband, putting her silly dreams behind her. She agreed and set off for Petrograd, never looking back since.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Her inability to concentrate on one aspect (aside from ballet), her impulsiveness and her blind positivity coupled with her willingness to please people at the expense of herself make her weak. Her bright nature, her charm, kindness, generosity, her easy listening skills make her easy to work with, she tempers situations well.

Her physical condition is very good, she has high endurance, and although she is not very strong, she is quick and her long career schooling in ballet makes her footwork, coordination, speed and endurance for pain on point (forgive the pun).

Weapons: Besides her physical abilities, she has no experience with weapons what so ever.

Song: “Breathe Me” by Sia and “Change (In the House of Flies)” by Deftones

Model: Felicity Jones

Interesting Facts About my character: Katarina is hysterically afraid of spiders but she loves mice—she keeps a brown mouse name “Moushka”. She plays the piano, the harp and is learning the violin. She speaks Hungarian and Russian, she knows enough French to pass among Hungarian socialites, but truth be told she butchers the pronunciation and thinks the language is too nasally. She’s had five broken engagements. She buys a new outfit once a week from the tailors. She abhors smoking.

Date of Birth & Zodiac: June 20th—Gemini

4/19/2009 . Edited 4/20/2009 #27
Celtic Aurora

I approve of her ^^ So it's going to be her and Mila living with my character in St. Petersburg? Sweetness!

4/19/2009 #28

Nice character, vamp! Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think Katarina and Isolade are going to be fast friends--especially with parties.

4/19/2009 #29
Celtic Aurora

Name: Ruxandra Anika Dunklestein

Age: 20

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Drow/German-Romanian/The Drow Kingdom of Germany

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Ruxandra stands about 5’4”, and is extremely slender, lithe, and pale. She has long black hair, almost down to her waist, which she will either pull back into a ponytail, or wear loose and free. She inherited her father’s crimson-flecked silver eyes, which turn dark crimson when she’s enraged. Her favorite and most often worn outfit is a slightly tattered-looking dark red dress, worn under a black leather corset embellished with embroidered black roses. She also wears fingerless black gloves, black leggings that stop mid-calf, and ankle-high black boots.

Personality: Ruxandra is relatively serious, and she likes to analyze people just as her father does. Despite that, she has a cheerful disposition, and is quite good-natured and easy to get along with. She’s also very passionate and gentle when it comes to love. Her temper, however, is known to get things destroyed, and she’s not the most patient person on the face of the earth-especially if it comes to people who act rude or stupid, or people who insult her family and friends. So, as long as you don’t piss her off, she’s fine to get along with.

Backstory: Ruxandra is the oldest daughter of Rolf Dunklestein and Nickelia Contarian, both of whom were resurrected slaves of the Reaper of All Souls, Thanatos Wakahisa. Both escaped his service, and returned to the drow kingdom in the heart of Germany to be wed. Ruxandra was raised in her father’s unofficial profession, that of a monster-hunter, despite being fourth in line for the Elvin throne, after her father.

Growing up, she enjoyed horseback riding; however, an incident occurred when she was fifteen that rather changed that. A wild stallion turned up in a local stable, and out of curiosity, Ruxandra went down to the stables to see if she could help break it. At first, the horse seemed calm enough around her, even allowing her to mount it. When she took the stallion out of the stable, however, it went wild and threw her off. A quick, well-placed spell prevented her from snapping her neck completely, but she did severely injure her back. It took her a long time to recover from that, and after that incident, the only horse she ever trusted was the drow-bred stallion she’d grown up with, Stormraiser.

Much of her childhood was spent in the company of Egil Swenhaugen, her father’s best friend, his wife, Illenka Tibor, and their children, her “cousins”. When she was roughly 18, her eldest “cousin” Mila chose to move to St. Petersburg. Ruxandra had always been curious about the Russian culture, so she joined Mila and Mila’s cousin Katarina in a flat in St. Petersburg, attending the university to study music (her passion), and developing her magic on the side. She still returns home every so often to visit her parents and her younger sister, Valeska.

Weapons: Ruxandra’s usual arsenal includes a two-handed drow-wrought sword, several drow-wrought daggers, and a pistol that, surprisingly, is not crafted by drows. The pistol was one she happened to pick up while on her travels. She also employs her drow sorcery as a means of self-defense.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Ruxandra is blessed with preternatural speed and strength, as well as keen eyesight and hearing as a drow, and is quite adept at magic and at combat. She’s immortal and immune to common diseases (though she can die in battle). However, she still has back problems from her horseback accident, which are sometimes severe enough to keep her bedridden and in searing pain for a day or two.

Song: “Breathe Today”-Flyleaf; “Our Solemn Hour”-Within Temptation

Model: Amy Lee


Interesting Facts About My Character: Ruxandra designs many of her own clothes in her free time, and is known for wearing her own fashions, no matter how unorthodox. She has an avid interest in music-she adores the piano and guitar, as well as singing. Ruxandra has a rather morbid interest in methods of torture (no, she is not a sadist, she just likes to learn about how different cultures employ torture). Last but not least, she has a mild fear/distrust of horses because of her horseback accident when she was a young teenager-there’s only one horse she’ll trust, and that’s her stallion, Stormraiser.

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: Libra-September 27

Heritage: Daughter of Rolf Dunklestein and Nickelia Contarian.

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