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Submit Character Profiles for Blood Legacy here!

Here is the format to use:



Ethnicity/Species/Origin: [ex. Human/ Russian/ Moscow, Russia]


Physical Description:





Song: basically a song that you would use to describe your character, you are free to list however many you want.



Interesting Facts About My Character: self explanatory, simply include random things that make your character colorful from hobbies to what their present was for their 12th birthday to an explanation of why they hate naked mole rats. . basically anything. . .

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: pretty simple ex. March 23 1913, Aries

Physical Description: If you'd rather submit physical description as specific features, i.e:

Hair Color:

Eye Color:

You may choose to do so, just make sure to list enough physical traits to make your character distinguishable from others.

Heritage: You may choose to submit the names of your character's parents here, this would be used more for people who are introducing the children of their characters in sequels as in SS II and Dawn Revolution.

Sample Post: If you want to give an example of how your character would act and think within the RPG, you are free to do so, but its not required!


If you want to submit any other information, you can, it doesn't have to be exactly what's listed in the optional, if you've got a creative idea for an optional information category, by all means submit it!

For writing in Physical Description, Backstory, Personality and etc., there is no length requirement. If you write concisely and are able to get your character across in few sentences--that's great, if you write longer sentences, that's also great. As someone once said concerning the length of an essay, it should be like the length of a woman's skirt, long enough to cover the topic but short enough to keep it interesting; but most of all it should be what you want. If any of the moderators feel like your character needs some expansion, they won't hesitate to tell you--so have fun with your character and don't worry about it!

6/25/2009 #1
Trinity Le Faye

Name: Lilith Prudence Tere (pro. Trey)

Age: 19 *26*

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: ½ Succubus Demon ½ Fallen Angel/ Vietnamese/ Paris, France]

Gender: Female

Physical Description: She is very slender and seductive gaze in bothforms. Her wings are torn looking with indigo streaks like the night sky. Her skin is golden in demonic form and is a golden pallor in human.She has perfect eyesight yet she has a certain forlorn look about her. She has poutylips. Glossy but yet bloody as well. Through the eyes of a normal non-supernatural she looks normal. Her hair is extremely curly/contorted and very long (down to her hips) and has whispers of her demonic side if you stare at it for a bit. Her eyebrows are very skinny but full enough to still look existent. Her eyelashes; be wary b/c she can bat them oh man that bodes ill for you if she’s in a lustful mood. She can make herself look older/younger with a snap of her fingers.

Personality:) She has loads of self-confidence, courage beyond compare. Her leadership is legendary. But she is very opinionated perhaps too much so and acts impulsivity. She is also silver-tongued, blunt for the good of others. She is more that she is moreover Cautious & Purposeful usually Wise and a hopeless romantic. She’s interested in humans. She can feel others’ emotions. Has a soft place for all animals. She’ll make people feel at ease. She will sympathize/empathize with others’ feelings. She will take time out for others

Backstory: Born to Amadeus and Contessa-Marie. Her mother even though a fallen angel died in child birth. Her father had nothing to do withher. She was raised as a regular child until she became 12 when her adoptive parents were slaughtered by the Nazis and their supernatural/occult leader Rasputin. Rasputin noticed two quivering girls in the corner which happened to be Lilith and her adoptive sister Cassandra. Cassandra was taken as a slave to serve the appetites of the Minons since she was human. Rasputin however took pity on Lilith for he knew she was an offspring of a demon and a fallen angel and raised her.

Weapons: small battle axes, bow and arrows and lastly a

Strengths/Weaknesses: She has friends in high & low places, she is gifted in the martial arts, and she can call upon her ancestors for aid in battle it’s called her Battle Meditation She can’t speak English real well though she is learning


Hollow by Submersed

Model: Keiko Kitagawa


Interesting Facts About My Character:She wares a particular amulet that displays the viewer of the amulet their possible death.

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: Pieces; February 21st

Physical Description:

Eye Color: In human Form- honey or amber In Demon form- same but pupil-less

Hair Color: In Human form-Black

In demon form- Glowing blood-like red &

Height: In human Form: 5’ 11 ¾” In Demon form: 7’ 1 ½“

You may choose to do so, just make sure to list enough physical traits to make your character distinguishable from others.f

Likes: The outdoors has to be her favorite thing in the world. She walks around barefoot everywhere. Unless there is something like no sock/shoes no service then she’ll ware them. She is obsessed with stories of the old days (i.e. Crusade Era). She writes in a diary under her favorite tree. She also loves the sea. She sails constantly on her ship; Courtesan

Dislikes: she hates socks & shoes, studying, and most of all she doesn’t dislike she hatesthe

Anything Else: She is also bisexual. Favorite colors include red, black, blue violet, silver, snowy white, green, and more than any color than ones already listed is sky blue.

6/25/2009 #2

Hooray! Here's new character #1:

Name: Andromeda Hansen Hale

Age: 19 (145)

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Austrian-English / vampire / Vienna, Austria and London, England

Gender: female

Physical Description: average height (about 5'3"), long dark-brown hair, dark blue eyes, straight white teeth, slender build, lithe, pretty, has a sincere smile. For clothes, she wears dark colored pants and simple corset tops - scarlet, blue, and black

Personality: calm, demure, rational, occasionally prim and proper, intelligent, highly observant, kind, trustworthy, opinionated, honest to the point of seeming a little brutal, clever, personable. She also has to get to know people before totally trusting them.

Backstory: Andromeda was born in 1691 to astronomer Nicolai Hansen and his English wife Evangeline Hale. She is the oldest of two children. Following the birth of her brother Orion in 1692, the family moved to Britain to claim Evangeline's family home. Andromeda attended the Bell School for Girls in London, a prestigious finishing school, until she was seventeen. At eighteen, she was offered into an arranged marriage, with the wedding set for a month after her nineteenth birthday. A few days following that birthday, though, a vampire named Julian Braydon kidnapped her and Turned her to claim as his own. He gave her four months' worth of training before going missing. Forced to live on her own as a Rogue, Andromeda discovered a unique ability to control her vampiric tendencies. After two years on her own, she received word that her father had been murdered by another Rogue named Isaac Carruthers. Knowing that her family believed her to be dead, she had no choice but to find her mother and brother to spare them from her father's fate. She arrived a moment too late. Following a tip she received from a family friend, she found her mother dead and Carruthers poised to kill her brother. He stabbed Orion before Andromeda could act. In a blind fit of rage, she slaughtered Carruthers and then held her dying brother's hand as she Turned him into a vampire. Unable to train her brother because of her lack of training, the pair roamed with no place to go. She began a search for Julian in order to finish her training and help her struggling brother, but as of yet has not found him. However, she has become a sort of magnet for Rogue fledglings (vampires without any or proper training), and fosters a sort of mini-coven of her own.

Weapons: vampiric abilities, quick wit

Strengths: intuition, leadership, courage, determination, ability to control the bloodlust

Weaknesses: lack of training, can be judgmental, hesitant to act

Song: "Live This Life" by big & rich

"Born to Fly" by sara evans

Model: Jill Flint

Interesting Facts:

-her brother, though born a year after Andromeda, is a year older than her because he was Turned later.

-was at first reluctant to foster a coven

-loves the name Christian

-has the ability to bear children.

6/25/2009 #3
Trinity Le Faye

Name: Atrum Esther (her name means Dark Star)

Nickname: Knife

Age:24 and 2/3rd

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Vampire Demon Hybrid/ ½ Russian ½ Romanian/ St Petersburg, Russia

Job: assassin

Gender: Female

Physical Description:

Personality: Seductive, sometimes bloodthirsty, calm when others are crazy, intimidating to other women, very intelligent, humorous, competitive, intrusive, night-owl, and she can be bittersweet

Back-story: She was the offspring of a demon and a woman that when 32 and ½ weeks pregnant she was bitten by a vampire changing the fetus into a part demon vampire baby. She was born earlier than expected and ended up nearly killing her mother in childbirth. The midwife took care of her because at 9 weeks old the baby craved blood and her mother soon died of heartache finding her child to be a vampiric demon and she became a lover the dark arts of necromancy and illusions and she was soon discovered at a bar brawl where she killed a man that was hitting on her. She was soon sent to be in the Assassins Guild. And at the moment she is the most wanted woman in Europe.

Weapons: Hand-to-hand combat, katar, butterfly sword, poison darts, fangs

Strengths/Weaknesses: agility, super-strength, flying, and fast reflexes, tactical thinker

Acts before thinks, anger, thinks of herself to do the things that no one can help her


Let Me Be Myself by 3 Doors Down

Miss Independent by Kelly Clarkson

Getting Away with Murder by Papa Roach

Scars by Papa Roach

Model: Olivia Wilde


Interesting Facts About My Character: She is sick of not being treated right

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: Scorpio; October 28th

Physical Description: If you'd rather submit physical description as specific features, i.e:

Hair Color: Ebony usually worn down and is rather curly.

Eye Color: Light blue-green

Medium lip pout and oval heart shaped face.

Heritage: She’s is for dawn and legacy

Sample Post:


“I’m sick of all this pretending Van Helsing. I am technically saying we are one in the same most wanted and most feared now why don’t you just send me back to where we were last time we met. Me gorging myself on blood and you back with her.” My eyes turned violet as I thought of the blood.

6/25/2009 #4
Trinity Le Faye

Second to last character

Name: Godric Tyr G=Powerful T=Justice

Age: 22

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Fallen Angel/ Greek/ Olympia, Greece

Gender: Male

Physical Description:

Personality: He has rather unusual one. He’s subtle and quiet around women like he’s almost afraid to talk to one. Not one for mushy love. He has a temper about him an aura of a warrior and he'd rather write and read than socialize. He's very hellbent and can be very rebellious

Back-story: His father was a General in the Greek Army and met his mother on his way to Rome and they fell madly in love thus he conceived. As they reached Rome he was born. Ironically enough that is how his family came to know Van Helsing. He grew up and found a love of writing poetry and since he was there he learned many a talents sword fighting and horseback riding, many other things as well to cause his mother to worry about him quite bit each day. His father was slain in battle, his mother married another on his 14th birthday.(2 years later) He ran away with Van Helsing on one his adventures. He was nearly killed in a battle with some werewolves. one clawed him across the chest and he was bleeding literally to death and an angel came down and offered him to live a life of which he could live forever and give people the second chance or die now. His choice was obvious. The angel granted him the life of a fallen angel. As he awoke the next day he found that his life was now changed went back to Rome to find his mother but she had died in childbirth giving life to a new half sister Mercedes (whom I shall make later.) Though saddened by his mother's death he raised his 1/2 baby sister with his step-father.

Weapons:Twin one handed Katana blades

Strengths/Weaknesses: Strong-willed and rather silver-tounged and he has 2 very big weaknesses easily angry and women


Trees by Marty Casey

My Immortal by Evanescence

See who I am by Within Temptation

Models: Brendon Urie

Father-Costas Mandylor

Mother-Claudia Karvan


Interesting Facts About My Character: He lives off the money earns while play the newly crafted instrument called a guitar and singing.

Fav colors- red, green, and silvery white

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: July 18th; Cancer

Physical Description:

Hair Color: Dark brown

Eye Color: Chocolate hazel eyes that seem forlorn or lost

Build: Tall with some muscle

He has stubble and a smirky smile

Hertiage: SS II

Sample Post:


" The last lover with the fire in her eyes was Juliet. Life was too bitterly sweet." I sang in the corner scrounging up some change. Before the guards came to take their women up with their drunk love making. Oh good lord how I hated the sound.

6/25/2009 #5

Here's #2. Andromeda and this character are going to be used both in Blood Legacy and in Dawn: Revolution, just so ya know. :)

Name: Azaera Termina Bayall

Age: 22 (202)

Gender: female

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: English / vampire / Devonshire, England

Physical Description: Azaera is the picture of feminine grace and beauty; she has long dark brown hair, piercing hazel eyes, a fair complexion, and a slender form. She isn't petite, but she has lovely curves and a smooth jawline. Her aquiline nose and high cheekbones only add to her deceptively delicate appearance. For clothes, she usually wears long dresses of black, gold, and dark green, as well as ankle boots and slimming corsets. Her long tresses are most often worn down or in a braid.

Personality: Azaera is supercilious, judgmental, and severe at heart. She is a proud and vengeful person who has a heart of stone. Her outward demeanor, though, is often calm and proper. She hides her cruelty behind a curtain of sickening sweetness, but all below her know that she will turn on someone in the blink of a eye. Living above allegiances (she considers them a weakness), Azaera never backs down.

Backstory: The firstborn daughter of a wealthy Englishman, Azaera never knew her mother. She lived a proper childhood, though she could act like a spoiled brat behind closed doors. When she was eighteen, she was given to a viscount of high birth. They married and lived together for three years until Azaera found out that because she had not yet conceived, her husband was cheating on her. She stabbed him to death and fled the manor. Tithe Bayall, a prominent and powerful vampire lord, heard of her and decided to make her his own. He hunted her and finally Turned her when she was 22. During her rebirth, she killed Tithe and took over his coven. She is known for this act and her power is unquestionable.

A while after this, Andromeda Hale became a vampire in territory close to Azaera's. When Rogue fledglings began flocking to Andromeda, Azaera grew furious. She wanted the Rogues for her own to add to her deadly coven, and hated to see Andromeda training them for good. Azaera has been plotting Andromeda's downfall since then.

Weapons: strong vampiric abilities.

Strengths: physical strength, strategy, and determination

Weaknesses: her power consumes her from time to time, and it is at these moments that she is at her physical weakest.

Song: (unknown yet)

Model: Kathleen Robertson

6/27/2009 #6
Celtic Aurora

Seems I've gotten behind in approving! I approve of all of them, but Trin, I'd like if you could fill me in on how Atrum knowns Van Helsing (in your sample post, you made it seem like they know each other).

6/28/2009 #7

yay! thanks rora!

i can't wait to bring Andromeda and Azaera in!

6/28/2009 #8
Celtic Aurora

(And here she is, Erik's new bride :D Hope you like her, Speedy!)

Name: Shaelyn Carson Destler (S-Combination of “Shae”{Anglicized form of Séaghdna, “hawk-like” or “admirable”, Gaelic} and “Lynn” {“lake”, Welsh}; C-Unknown Gaelic name)

Age: 28

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Human/British-Irish/Bristol, England

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Shaelyn is of average height for a woman, around 5’6”, with a slender frame containing gentle curves, keeping with the favorable body-type of women in society. She has dark brunette hair with a gentle strawberry-blonde tint to it, a little past her shoulders, which she will pin back in a bun when going out in public, but when not needed in public, will leave it down and sometimes un-brushed. Her eyes are brown, with flecks of light grey, a unique trait that often is the first thing to attract a man’s eye. She has a very light dusting of freckles across her shoulders, and, if she spends long periods in the sun without a parasol, those freckles darken, and a sprinkle of freckles appears across her nose and cheeks, courtesy of her Irish heritage. She usually wears a beautiful yet simple dress of green cotton, with a modest neckline, three-quarter-length sleeves, and a floor-length skirt. If expecting a lot of action, she’ll don pants and a white blouse with bell sleeves. She always wears black boots and a simple silver wedding ring.

Hair Color: Brown

Eye Color: Grey-flecked brown

Personality: Since birth, she’s had a strong, untamable will. Generally, what she wants, she will eventually get, and she doesn’t take kindly to people trying to break or warp that will. She doesn’t much care for people telling her what to do, and is well aware she has some problems with authority. Despite her strong will, she’s an overall gentle and kind-hearted person, and extremely sensitive towards the emotions of others, almost empathic. Shaelyn has a clever mind and a good, cheerful wit. However, she has an Irishman’s fiery temper, and generally comes across on first impressions as feisty, a trait that’s not always as endearing as she thinks it is.

Backstory: Shaelyn was the second daughter of a wealthy British merchant, Fallon Ayton, and a beautiful Irish debutante, Keelan Cavanaugh, born into the upper middle-class society of Bristol, England. During her childhood, she and her family (which consisted of her parents, an older sister, Bailey, a younger brother, Cadence, and the baby of the family, Trinity) spent the fall, winter, and spring in Bristol, but travelled out to the Cavanaugh family estate in Belfast, Ireland, every summer. Shaelyn cherished those times in Ireland, where she was allowed to run free and occasionally play harmless pranks on her parents and grandparents.

When she was twelve, as was expected of her, she was shipped off to a dreary London boarding school along with Bailey, to prepare for her debut. She despised the cold, superficial environment and most of the people in it-the teachers who didn’t care and the girls who would be a friend one day and then an enemy the next. For a while, her closest friends were her books-particularly after her sister made her debut and left the school when she was thirteen. At the age of fourteen, she made friends with a latecomer, a girl named Elizabeth, who also loathed the school. Many nights, they’d whisper late into the night their dreams of an exciting life far from a boarding school or society in general. She made her debut at the age of seventeen, and her parents prepared to have her married off, which they had failed to do with her sister.

Shortly after she made her debut, tragedy struck the family. Bailey, her wayward older sister (who had refused to marry and instead become a prostitute in London) was found brutally murdered, presumably by Jack the Ripper. Shaelyn now became the oldest, most desirable daughter, prime for an arranged marriage. At the age of twenty-three, a man two decades her senior called upon her father to inquire about a betrothal to the feisty young girl. But, just as a betrothal had been set, her father took ill and died, leaving his estate and wealth to his wife and three remaining children. Shaelyn took her inheritance and left England, intending to travel the world, see everything there was to see, and find a lifestyle that better suited her.

Her first stop was Paris, to see one of her favorite childhood intrigues-the Opera Popularie. She found a charred husk of a building, condemned to the public, but, as she was never one to follow orders, Shaelyn went inside anyways. While wandering the abandoned opera house, she ran into none other than Erik Destler, the famed-and feared-Phantom of the Opera. Unlike most others, she was not terrified of him, nor repulsed by his marred face. Rather, she took a bit of a liking to him. She became acquainted with Erik over time, learning about the man behind the mask-the man heartbroken by the death of his wife, Cynara (who had died giving birth to his twin daughters, Fleur and Yvonne) and trying to raise his daughters on his own. Over time, she fell in love with him, and soon confessed her feelings-and, to her surprise, found out he loved her back. Six months after they met, they married, and she took in little Fleur and Yvonne as her own daughters. A month later, she got pregnant, and eight and a half months later, she welcomed twins Ethan Henri and Renee Juliette to the family. They moved to a nice house just outside of Paris to raise their family in peace.

Weapons: A rapier, a whip (a birthday present from a suitor when she was eighteen), and her wits.

Strengths: Her clever mind, which she uses often to outsmart opponents, her indomitable will, and her skills with a rapier, which are quite peerless.

Weaknesses: As she is only human, she’s susceptible to all mortal weaknesses, and is only as powerful as any other human. Her temper can sometimes get the better of her, and occasionally, she will be manipulative to get done what she wants done.

Song: “Second Chance”-Shinedown, “Black Horse and the Cherry Tree”-K.T. Tunstall, “Lose Control”-Evanescence

Model: Natalie Portman


Interesting Facts About My Character: Shaelyn has been trained in historical fencing since she was a young girl, mastering the discipline of the rapier; it’s the only sport she really cares for. She is fascinated with tales of the unusual, especially of unusual events happening in even the most ordinary of places. She is, like her mother, Irish Catholic, though nowhere near as devout. Last but not least, she has an incredible imagination, loving to make up tales to tell her children and step-children, and occasionally write down. She frequently toys with the notion of perhaps publishing a tale or two, but isn’t quite sure yet.

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: August 31-Virgo

Heritage: Daughter of Fallon Taylor Ayton and Keelan Enya Cavanaugh

7/5/2009 #9

She's awesome, Rora! I love her and so does Erik!

Erik: Yes...I do. *blushes slightly*

7/6/2009 #10
Celtic Aurora

Huzzah! I'm glad you like her :D Both of you.

7/6/2009 #11

Erik: Wei. *hands both Shaelyn and you a single red rose*

Aw, Erik. Are you getting all romantic on us?

Erik: Speed, you're killing the mood.

7/6/2009 #12
Celtic Aurora

Oooh, I love it!

Shaelyn: Aren't you a gentleman? *kisses Erik*

7/6/2009 #13

rora, do you mind if i play Daciana? i have some good ideas for her character, and i've already narrowed down the characters i'll be using.

7/15/2009 #14
Celtic Aurora

No, I don't mind, though I thought she was only a baby in Next Generation...

7/15/2009 #15

well, i know she's a baby in TNG, but does BL start right where TNG leaves off? or could i use her for Dawn:Revolution? i'm just really excited about her. sorry! :P

7/15/2009 #16
Celtic Aurora

BL starts fifteen years before TNG-Lukas and Aliria would only be, like, five...but you could bring her into Dawn: Revolution, she just might have to have different parents, since Nikki's married to Rolf and Rad wasn't in Dawn.

7/15/2009 #17

ok, that's fine! thanks rora! :D i take it nikki and rolf have their own kids?

7/15/2009 #18
Celtic Aurora

Two daughters-Ruxandra and Valeska

7/15/2009 #19

ok, that's fine. :) i'll set to work on her profile when i get back from the pool with the girls. g2g for now, but i'll be back in a couple of hours. :D

7/15/2009 #20
Celtic Aurora

Cool ^^ Although, if it's cool with Speedy, she could be, say, an adopted daughter or something like that. Hell, she could even be an actual daughter, since, like Nikki and Valeska, she's a hybrid...

7/15/2009 #21

that's ok. ill have her be Rad's daughter from a previous marriage (though in actuality, Nikki's the only one he's ever been married to....)

7/15/2009 #22
Celtic Aurora

Okay, if you're sure ^^

7/15/2009 #23

yeah, that's fine. i don't want to cause you and speed any trouble. :)

7/15/2009 #24
Celtic Aurora

Tis no trouble, really, I'm sure Speed would be fine with it if you wanted her to be Rolf and Nikki's daughter :D

7/15/2009 #25

no, that's ok. thank you for offering, though. ^__^

7/15/2009 #26
Celtic Aurora

Anytime, my freaky darling :D By the way, was Daciana's middle name Nicolette or Nicoletta?

7/15/2009 #27

Nicoleta. Daciana Nicoleta Fidotov. ^___^

Daciana: And you'd better not call me 'Daci.' I knew a Daci once....annoying as hell.

7/15/2009 #28
Celtic Aurora

I solemnly swear I won't call you Daci!

7/15/2009 #29

Daciana: That's good. I can tell we're going to be great friends. ^w^

7/15/2009 #30
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