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Keith: I've always liked them feisty. *slips a hand underneath her skirt*

Are we sure that our eyes are virgins anymore? *yanks curtain over them*

6/6/2010 #121
Celtic Aurora

Probably not. Doesn't mean I want to see it, though.

*chuckles come from behind curtain*

Yeah, just going to leave those two alone...

6/6/2010 #122

Yes, let's go before our eyes are severely damaged as well. *zips out of the room*

6/6/2010 #123
Celtic Aurora

Right behind you! *zips out after you*

6/6/2010 #124
Trinity Le Faye

Here she is the Infamous

Name:Moira Hecate Bloodworthy M-Star of the sea H-the distant one

Age: Immortal

Ethnicity/Species/Origin:½ Demoness ½ Drow Elf / Athens, Greece

Gender: Female

Physical Description:

Strawberry blonde hair with bright green eyes of icy seduction 5'7" and though slender she can still fight with an edge (a demonic one) that gives her the strength of 100 men. Her attire includes a golden gown for formal days of execution. A white lab coat w/ black pants and a black shirt and golden cufflinks her eyes give a demonic hue to each and every mood.


Sadistic, witty, silver tongued, pure unadulterated evil, and a hell of opinionated (pardon the pun), egotist, sarcastic manipulative.


Daughter of the king of demons and a drow elf. Born in the purest of places and bred in the darkest of evil. She always hated and resented her mother and she embraced her demonic side. She killed her whole clan of elves and saved her mother for last and she drained her mother's magic. She traveled to Rome and seduced Jinetteand made him agree to give every name of known supernaturals w/o Gabriel's knowledge. Then she hunted down young ones and gave subtle hints. She made one mistake and that was Kal-El's escape.


Just her and her magic


Inhuman strength, uncanny reflexes and senses, telepathic and telekinetic magic beyond any normal wizard future and past telling and transfigure magic as well.

Weaknesses:Blood lust and anger

Song: any ideas?!?

Model:Sienna Guillory


Heritage:Asmodeus and Medea

7/26/2010 #125
Trinity Le Faye

rora what do you think?

7/26/2010 #126
Trinity Le Faye


7/29/2010 #127
Celtic Aurora

Sorry, I must have missed that somehow ^^; I do approve of her, by the way.

7/29/2010 #128
Trinity Le Faye

thank yee rora

7/30/2010 #129
Celtic Aurora

(Even though she's already got two bios up online, I figured a third wouldn't hurt XD)

Name: Alana Isabelle Tremarie

Age: 305 (circa 1925)

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Vampire/Romanian/ Mica, Romania

Physical Appearance: Alana has a thick mane of black hair that is borderline curly and usually very tousled in the back. She'll sometimes tame it back by confining half of it in a ponytail, or wearing a ribbon in her hair, but usually, she'll let it flow wild and free; occasionally, she'll slip a streak of purple into her bangs, which frame her pale, oval-shaped face. She possesses cold, calculating brown eyes that observe the world, often with cool detachment, from underneath a pair of dark, finely arched eyebrows. Alana also has high, slightly Slavic cheekbones, a very straight nose, and full, plump lips that are usually a pale red in color.

At roughly five and a half feet tall, Alana is of average height for a woman, and blessed with plenty of curves in all the right places. She's well aware of her sensual body, and takes full advantage of it, whether using it to lure in prey for dinner or for recruitment. Typically, she is decked out in a strapless, sleeveless, dark purple gown with a black-trimmed neckline and waistline, as well as a corset-like, lace-up back. Along with the dress is a matching pair of detachable sleeves of the same dark-purple color, which wrap snugly around her biceps, and flow loosely all the way to her wrists. She completes her outfit with a pair of knee-high, lace up leather boots that have a two-inch heal, a necklace consisting of a purple stone on a black cord, and, occasionally, a black, floor-length hooded cloak.

Being a vampire, she has a vampire form, complete with inch-long fangs, ice-blue eyes, sickly gray-white skin, and massive, bat-like wings. Fully extended, her wings measure sixteen feet tip to tip, and are crowned with wicked demonic pinions. Her nails are talons, two inches long and wicked sharp, and the same talons are on her feet as well.

Hair Color: Black

Eye Color: Brown

Personality: Cold, calculating, and venomous as a snake, Alana isn't afraid to be nasty when she needs to be. From the way she dishes out harsh, often graphic fates to those who anger her, and the way she refuses to crack, even under the worst pressure, lead most to believe she has no emotions, or, more commonly, no heart. This has led to her earning such titles as "ice queen" and "frigid bitch", though no one dares to say these to her face. She rules her coven with an iron fist, mostly using intimidation to keep the members of the coven in line. A good head for business, acquired after a few years of earning her own living back in the days when she was human, has kept her coven afloat for over two centuries now, and has actually brought a time of relative prosperity about, not only for her coven, but for the surrounding village as well. She is a dead-set realist at heart, sometimes borderline pessimistic (though that is mostly when it comes to her foes and their outcome).

Like everyone, Alana has both lighter and darker sides. Her lighter side includes a sinisterly playful, jaunty nature that usually only comes out when things are going her way, or when she is plotting the downfall of someone she can't stand. This side also includes her lusty, seductive streak; this trait is present in all vampires, but with Alana, her method of flirting is so skilled and smooth that her victims simply can't resist it. Meanwhile, her darker side includes a volatile temper that, when set off, incurs her very violent, rather frightening wrath. Her infamous rages have been known to scare men out of their wits before, and will only continue to do so.

Backstory: Alana's life began in a small commune in Mica, Romania, as the second surviving daughter of a poor farmer and his pious, well-loved wife. While birthing Alana, her mother succumbed to hemorrhaging, and lived long enough only to name her newborn daughter. The village waited with bated breath to see if Alana would live, or join her mother in the afterlife, and when it became clear the new baby would survive, the village instantly marked her as a demon child. Her father's love was the only thing that saved her from the villagers murdering her, but as she grew up, she became the object of scorn, of hateful stares and savagely-hissed comments. All the children in the village bullied her, with her sister, Brianna (seven years her senior) as the ringleader. The teasing and hatred only escalated when Alana began to show latent magical abilities at the age of six.

When she was eight years old, however, her life took a small turn for the better. After a session of bullying that left her covered in mud and her spirits once more broken, a kindly hermit of a woman who lived on the outskirts of the village invited her in with an offer to help. The woman, Anika, understood Alana's plight-she was a Gypsy witch who had also been scorned and hated by the community as a young woman. Alana soon became her apprentice, and by the age of thirteen, she was an accomplished white witch.

Tragedy struck when she was fifteen. Her beloved father passed away from an incurable illness (later to be called consumption, or tuberculosis), and Anika, who was well advanced in her years, died peacefully, in her sleep. With her only two protectors gone, plots to kill Alana ran rampant. She fled before anyone could attempt to kill her, coming to settle in the town of Coplean. There, she had no name, no history; it was, essentially, a fresh slate for her. For a decade, she lived peacefully in the village, offering her skills as a healer, and, occasionally, a fortune-reader.

A life-changing event occurred when she was twenty-five. While at the market one day, she ran into a handsome young man, none other than the legendary Gabriel Van Helsing. The two were infatuated with each other from the first moment they laid eyes on each other, and they began courting. After almost a year, Gabriel asked for her hand in marriage. That very night, she informed him that she was expecting his child, and together, the two began to plan for their life ahead, and for the family they would have together. Gabriel's sister, Catherine, was less than excited about the union, and Alana, in addition to preparing for a baby, and planning for a wedding, began working to win Catherine over.

When she was six months pregnant, a few vampires from the Drakebane Coven in Simeria were sent out with the purpose of kidnapping Alana and returning her to their leader, Lilith. She found herself torn from Gabriel and brought to Lilith, who offered her a choice: be turned and join the coven, or have Gabriel, her unborn child, and herself killed. She opted to join, hoping that Gabriel would come to her rescue. Three months later, he still hadn't come for her. Finally, she gave birth to her and Gabriel's child-but the child, a little girl, was stillborn. Heartbroken over both the death of her infant daughter and Gabriel's abandonment, Alana turned away from white magic, taking solace in black magic instead. Under Lilith's guidance, not only did she become an accomplished dark witch, but she also grew into a ruthless killing machine. Her coup de grâce came when she returned to her old hometown, found her sister, and killed her in cold blood. However, perhaps as an act of mercy, she spared the lives of her husband and young niece.

Thus began Alana's life as what she called a "true vampire". When Lilith was killed in a raid against the Drakebane Coven in 1697, Alana assumed her position as the leader of the coven. For over two hundred years, she held that title. However, when the Vatican began its crusade to recruit the supernaturals they captured as slayers, she found her coven under fire once more. She was apprehended a while after the "crusade" started, and found herself imprisoned in a Vatican jail cell, where she's presently biding her time, waiting for either her release or her death.

Whichever comes first.

Weapons: Psionic spheres, energy pulses and blasts, a switchblade (stored in her boot as what she calls "insurance"), and a serpentine dagger with an amethyst-inlaid onyx hilt, appropriately called the Alanian Dagger.

Strengths: Almost three centuries of vampirism have given Alana exquisitely heightened senses, as well as impressive strength, speed, and healing time. In addition, her magic makes her harder to kill, as it makes her a bit more impervious to silver than most of her vampiric comrades.

Weaknesses: A silver athame straight through her heart is the ultimate, absolute way to kill her; silver and athames, separately, don't necessarily kill, but they do take her down quite hard, and take a lot of recovery time. Fire and decapitation would also kill her. Finally, she is repulsed by the scent of garlic (though not all that allergic), while religious items such as holy water and crucifixes have been known to leave burns and scars.

Song(s): "Coming Undone"-KoRn

"Getting Away With Murder"-Papa Roach

"Opheliac"-Emilie Autumn



"Miss Murder"-AFI

"Crazy Bitch"-Buckcherry

Model: Anette Olzon

~Additional Information~

Interesting Facts: Despite her cold, callous attitude, Alana has a soft spot for children, especially babies; she refuses to drink the blood of infants, even though it is said to have rather rejuvenating powers. Since childhood, she has harbored a love for reading, and to this day has a collection of Romanian fairy-tales that had been passed down her mother's side of the family. She also is rather avid about writing in her diary at least once a day, something she has also done since childhood. She was taught to read at age six by her father, and to write at age eight by Anika.

D.O.B./Zodiac: June 6-Gemini

Heritage: Daughter of Traian Decebal Tremarie and Isabel Luminetia Tremarie

8/26/2010 #130

No, a third one wouldn't be so terrible at all. Thanatos doesn't mind. :D

Thanatos: *grins*

8/26/2010 #131
Celtic Aurora

Does more Alana make Thanatos a happy boy?

8/26/2010 #132

Thanatos: It does. *continues to smirk*

8/27/2010 #133

Name: Astrea Chiara Rochford

Age: 20

Gender: female

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: English-Greek / demi-god / London, England

Appearance: Astrea is about six feet tall with almost-shoulder-length blonde hair. She has chocolate brown eyes and a light complexion. She has a medium build, weighing about 130 pounds, but is light-footed. She is pretty but not beautiful, and seems to have a light about her. She has the ability to change her appearance to a small extent, but this is her preferred state. For clothing she wears simple period outfits, including simple pants, shirts, and occasional suspenders. She prefers more manly clothing (for comfort's sake), but does like to get dressed up, usually in blue or scarlet gowns.

Personality: Astrea is lighthearted and cheerful, though she does have a darker side. She loves to be around people and enjoys playing tricks and jokes on her friends. She is fun-loving and has a great sense of humor. She is also very passionate about things, especially issues involving people's rights. She is opinionated and stubborn, and gets herself into all kinds of scrapes, sometimes even resorting to fights if provoked enough. Astrea is a tough cookie, but really likes being so.

Her darker side is that she suffers from depression. She is subject to occasional mood swings, and sometimes goes far enough to put herself in harm's way if she gets sad enough. She knows that it's wrong but feels that sometimes it is the best she can do. Her friends help her out of these moods, and she relies heavily on the support of her comrades.

Backstory: Astrea was born to Daniel and Serena Rochford of London, England. Serena was Greek, and married Daniel when she was nineteen, moving with him to London. Serena was a firm believer in the Greek pantheon, and devoted much of her youth to praying to and worshipping the goddess Artemis. At birth, Serena's parents were told that she would never be able to have children, but through her devotion and adoration of the goddess, found herself pregnant with Daniel's baby. This was a shock to her, and she was overjoyed. However, when Artemis appeared to her in a dream, Serena was told that she would have a baby girl but live only to name her. Serena was saddened by this, but accepted. After all, having a child was what she always wanted, and if she had to die for that child, she would. Her daughter was born and given the name Astrea. Serena died a few hours later, leaving Daniel to raise Astrea on his own.

Astrea grew up in a quiet but loving household, and her father doted upon her. He would never spoil her, but just gave her the best care and most love he possibly could. When Astrea was thirteen, her father contracted cholera and died. It was then that Astrea discovered her demi-god status. Artemis visited her in a dream to tell her that she must now live on her own, using her powers for good. Of course, being young and alone, Astrea sometimes broke that rule, but eventually she came to find a tiny flat in London, where she spent about half her time. The rest was spent wandering and listening to tales of the great Van Helsing - she decided to follow him and perhaps join him on his journeys.

Weapons: handgun, knife, demi-god powers

Model: Kristen Bell

Theme Song: "I've Got a Name" by jim croce, "I Am a Rock" by simon and garfunkel

9/20/2010 #134
Celtic Aurora

I approve of her ^^

9/20/2010 #135

yaaaaaaaay! thank you hun. :D

9/20/2010 #136

Name: Sorcha Aislin Eirgobain

Age: 20

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Gaelic/Celtic // Shapeshifter// The Aill'Ard (secret shapeshifting settlement in the Irish Highlands)

Gender: female

Physical Description: Small, tawny, lithe and fair--her impish appearance is only offset by her dark auburn/burnett hair which never seems to have a settled style, one day her waist-long tresses are bent into stubborn curls and the next into gentle waves and the next into stiff-straight sticks. Her eyes are wide apart and give her a youthful appearance, the shifting blue-green-gray eyes seem to sparkle with dark ambition underneath finely formed, curious brows. Her lips are round and gentle, having the ability to look both sweet and sadistic when pulled into sharp contours. Though thin and bird-like, often called the runt of her litter, she's quite endowed and given the right apparel, can allure most men into a destructive decision. She never has any set colors of preference, she mostly wears what will suit her at the moment, including dresses, tunics, pants, parkas (a frequent favorite during harsh highland winters)..etc. Personality: Nothing set. Her mood is ever changing and unpredictable. She can be sweet, sensible, tyrannical, violent, pigheaded, sadistic, charitable, charming, caring. Above all, she's shrewd, not particularly educated or intelligent, but she understands people and it's enough to give her the upper hand in most situations. She's vindictive and sometimes childish when she doesn't get her way, she's known for being jealous and hypocritical--but her fun loving and lively spirit attracts people nonetheless.

Backstory: [to be characterized]

Weapons: She's known for being creative in her weapon use, though she favors daggers, pistols, nothing beats a switch blade or brass knuckles where she can feel the physicality of beating someone unconscious.

Strengths/Weaknesses: All of her strengths could be considered weaknesses, her confidence serves her in battle but also blinds her, her violence impowers her but also serves to distract her in meaningless feats of vengeance.

Model: Rose McGowan


Interesting Facts About My Character: she's allergic to several foods, mostly shellfish. She hates roses. She is one of 7 children. She had complications at birth, she was a twin, however she was the only one who made it out alive. She was originally betrothed to a warhawk in another shapeshifting tribe but during the betrothal ceremony, she managed to pin him down and therefore won her choice. She can sing quite well, she earned the name "siren" during hunts.

Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: March 26: Aries

Heritage: Aodhan Eirgobain (Chief of the Mactire tribe) & Onora Sivide

9/22/2010 . Edited 9/22/2010 #137
Celtic Aurora

Ooooh! I don't just like her, I love her! :D Totally approved!

9/22/2010 #138

I concur! She's brand spankin' awesome!

9/22/2010 #139

yay! i like her too haha


9/22/2010 #140

hey vamp!! how are you??!

9/22/2010 #141

C'mere, you! *glomps* Glomp Attack!

Quick, Sapph, get the super glue!

9/22/2010 #142


I'm still a bit sick, I'm trying to defeat it!!!!!

Ahhh! The proverbial super glue *is swallowed by large flood of super glue*

How are you all doing???

9/22/2010 #143

Got it!! *puts glue on cyber seat*

we're good!! we've missed you sooo much!

Sofiya: I couldn't agree more!

9/22/2010 . Edited 9/22/2010 #144

I know!

I missed you guys too...Im so tired..this week has been really fast but strenuous. nice to come back here and relax with you guys!

9/22/2010 #145

yay! when you get a second to breathe (haha) Sorina is greatly missing her boyfriend. :D

9/22/2010 #146

ok definitely!

9/22/2010 #147

thank you!!!! i'll post as Sofiya and Sorina so you have something to go on since i have no idea where their last posts are....

9/22/2010 #148

I'm doing good but I'm sad to see you're still sick and all--hang in there, vamp! Characters with soup are on the way!


But we're so glad to have you here!

9/22/2010 #149

hey guys

im going off for tonight, took some nyquil and now i can barely keep my eyes open.

niiite! see you tomorrow!

9/22/2010 #150
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