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Trinity Le Faye

Name: Tristan Quatermaine St. Gerard (II)

Age: 36

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Telepathic Sorcerer / French / Marseille, France

Gender: Male

Physical Description: His jet black is side swept with some bangs put the focus on his piercingly pale cobalt eyes and sharp cheekbones. He is bit lanky not so muscular. He appears weak, even malnourished with broad shoulders. His stubble is minimal (still noticeable) and well-kept. He limps on his left leg after a carriage accident.

Personality: He is usually a very quiet & reserved person when around strangers. When around friends and/or family he is livelier than when surrounded by unknown peers. He is a natural nurturer; patient, devoted and protective but on the flipside of that coin he can appear overly confident nonviable to new ideas save for a few things. He seems troubled and he has tendency to overthink and be overprotective

Backstory: The second born child to Lord Tristan and Lady Anastasia however he was the first born son. He too like his sisters was cursed plagued by a demon from a deal Lady Anastasia made with her demon lover (before she was wed to his father). You see arrange marriages where the norm and Lady Anastasia did not want to be married least of all to Lord Tristan. She wanted love not an arrangement. In going through with the marriage each child of Tristan St. Gerard would covertly have demon within them as a reminder that Tristan would truly never have a child of his own. Anastasia grew fond and in love with her Lord and forgot about her pact. As their first child Henriyetta was put to death for crimes against the Church Anastasia regretted making the deal.

She then bore Tristan in fear that he'd be commended to death as well but as time passed by the young Tristan was extremely resilient to the evil that plagued him. He was in a carriage accident at two years old with his heavily pregnant mother. They were on their way to see Anastasia's mother. Luckily, his mother wasn't badly hurt or so they thought. The midwife who was with them hailed another carriage as Anastasia was about to give birth. They finally reached her mother's home and about two or so hours later Satine was born. As baby Satine cried Tristan soothed her but another cry came from Anastasia's mother. Anastasia was dead. Their father was cabled and in a fit of emotion he blamed Tristan and Satine for it. Many years passed since that day and Tristan was forgiven. Months passed season going by and the day came for Satine to be wed and she was happy and in love. Things turned for the worst. Satine's betrothed had bed another (her best friend might I mention) and she caught them. Her Demon who had fought so hard to keep inside came to her in full throttle and in her broken-heartedness and hate she killed them. After which she realized what she had done and fled. He tried everything to make amends even saying she wasn't herself.

Weapons: A walking staff

Strengths: He possess a great and vast knowledge of magics

Weaknesses: His Demon and he is not immortal

Song: Story of the Year- Until the Day I Die

Model: Cillian Murphy


Date of Birth & Zodiac Sign: December 21st; Sagittarius

Heritage: Tristan and Anastasia St. Gerard

8/18/2011 #211
Celtic Aurora

Er...are you submitting his bio for my approval, or are you submitting it for the point and purpose of him having a bio?

8/18/2011 #212
Trinity Le Faye

Kinda hoping he'd be a bigger character in the role-play but I just want people to understand Tristan as well.

8/18/2011 #213
Celtic Aurora

I see.

8/18/2011 #214
Wolf Passion

Name: Lily Dynasty

Age: 23

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Puerto Rican/Dominican, Werewolf, Spain (Spanish Werewolves!? Awww yeeeauh)

Gender: Female

Physical Description: Lily stands at 5'3 and weighs 115 pounds. Her skin is darkly tanned, like caramel from a Snickers bar, her lips are dark and pouting, and her body is slim with a small frame despite her wide hips that give her a curvy appearance. Lily's brown doe-eyes will always give her an air of innocence and her flashing white teeth a brilliant smile. With long, straight, dark brown hair that flows down her back and stops mid-way there she can twist or braid her hair into almost any style. Her lengthy bangs only apply more to her cuteness factor. By all means, Lily is not strikingly beautiful or smoking hot. Instead, she has a simple kind of pretty face that enjoys smiling nearly all the time while her body itself is on the average scale of curves and womanly swells. Lily tends to wear red corset-like shirts that are long sleeved and black pants with boots and her woodsy hair down. Lily doesn't wear makeup, preferring a natural look that she thought would make women glow.

Personality: The young Werewolf yearns for company among people and so is a fabulously sweet and friendly girl. Lily never invites malevolence into her thoughts, even when faced with her enemies. This makes her seem pure-spirited but she merely chooses the more peaceful route of life. Though her credulity has her taken advantage of, Lily sustains an open mind and a convivial attitude. Lily is easily pleased and amazed, her complacency becoming her except she prefers to be very responsive or expressive. It is quite impossible for her to hide her feelings - this leaves her vulnerable and she becomes haughty with herself. The level of her loyalty and obedience can be seen as either impressive or her immediate downfall. Grudgingly, she is a people pleaser and modest in her own way. On another outlook, Lily is clumsy and sheepish when thrust into an awkward atmosphere. Also playful, she loves to chase and be chased or to just plain run around and hide your things.

Backstory: Coming from a lineage of conquistadors, Lily Dynasty was born in a proud and spanish family of noble status and wealth. Her mother, Carmen Estevez, died whilst giving birth to her which left what would be a time of great celebration a moment of tragedy instead. Anthony Dynasty, Lily's father, only allowed a day of mourning before continuing his duties to his House, his family, and his King. As the King's guard, Anthony protected the King for high amounts of money while hiding his secret from every one who wasn't part of the Spaniard pack. Anthony was a natural-born Werewolf and his genes were surely passed onto his children.

As Lily grew up, she dealt with her tempermental older brother, Vincent Dynasty, and the grueling instincts boiling inside her at small things that happened. For example, when a rabbit sprang from a bush Lily caught it with abnormal ease and squeezed its throat instinctively though she dropped the creature with a gasp before running back inside. The petite brunette accepted her species as part of who she was but she could never accept the killer instinct the beast inside her growls.

One fateful night, a herald came to her castle's front door announcing her father's death from an infamous pair of Vampires known as Ruthfard and Harille. Vincent was beyond furious, plotting their deaths in the most gruesome way possible. Lily agreed to accompany her brother to, Sovata, Romania where the brawny Werewolf had currently tracked the offenders, if only to look after her only brother.

Weapons: Werewolf abilities, pistol and hidden knife in her boot.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Lily's strengths includes her abnormal power, jumps and speed, heightened senses, night-vision, teeth/claws and her weapons. Her weakness includes the full moon where she is forced to revert to her mindless, bloodlusting beast state. Lily becomes another person through this creature and hunts for flesh and blood. Her too-trusting personality could also be considered as another weakness as well as the metal silver.


Interesting Facts About My Character: Does her absolute best to fight her wild instinct and become more "human", she is uncomfortable when thunder strikes and believes in true love. Also has a thick, spanish accent.

Date of Birth/Zodiac Sign: October 5th/Libra

10/23/2011 . Edited 10/24/2011 #215
Celtic Aurora

So far, she's good and I like her. The only problem is--and this is something we may have forgotten to mention--that this roleplay is set...well, it says at the beginning 1896, but it's actually about 1920-1921 according to our adjusted timeline. So pop music and jean shorts kind of wouldn't exist...Sorry if we forgot to mention that earlier.

10/23/2011 #216
Wolf Passion

Edited! :D

10/23/2011 #217
Celtic Aurora

Excellent! She is approved.

10/23/2011 #218
Wolf Passion

Name: Vincent Dynasty

Age: 30

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Puerto Rican/Dominican, Werewolf, Spain (Need I say more? ;D)

Gender: Male

Physical Description: Vincent is a brunt man, standing at 6'3 and weighing 220 pounds. Thick and hard of muscular strength, his bronze-colored skin tone and lengthy black hair that falls down just past the base of his neck covers the side of his face, including his ears (that are slightly tipped), and sometimes his dark and menacing eyes (which constantly phase into the golden black orbs of the beast within). Vincent has a small amount of hair on his arms, legs and chest as well as a dark beard that covers his mouth and chin. His appearance may seem gothic in the sense of a dark aura that his scowl only signifies. Calloused hands prove that he has touched swords nearly all his life. All in all, an intimidating man of rage with a broad shoulder frame and a face of strong planes with a hint of a cleft on his stubborn chin. Vincent also has a number of scars scoring his back and well-developed torso, none too deep like the slash right across his chest. It was obvious he had gotten himself in violent situations many times over. The Lycan tends to wear the traditional white long-sleeve button-down shirt with black pants and boots.

Personality: Vincent Dynasty is a brutal man of strategy and undeniable rage. His hotheaded temper may as well have been the death of many who crossed him as offensive or arrogant. Even so, his experience as a warrior has brought him great respect and well-known reputation as a figure to fear in the Spaniard pack. Moreover, his status with women as the rugged and solid male who could lead a female into his bed with a crook of his finger beseeches him. A lusty and battle-hardened devil, Vincent somehow manages the compassion of human morales. He is unmerciful but if one deserved aid he would give it. Loyalty, pride and family are three factors held high for this man's ethical perspective. Though he fails to show his feelings, and perhaps has the innate ability to pour oil onto a fire, Vincent is not barren of the passions of love and other sorts of kindness. Living as a highborn, it was only natural that he would develop a superiority complex among his peers. Showing true Alpha qualities.

Backstory: Coming from a lineage of conquistadors, Vincent Dynasty was born in a proud and spanish family. As a boy, his father, Anthony Dynasty, taught him everything that was neccessary for him to come out victorious in fist and sword fights alike to understanding the world around him. There was much to learn, including the hungry beast inside him. The Lycan was one with the beast and often allowed it freedom with his body, channeling its power with his rage. Though despite his hotheaded temper, women flocked to him so easily and he could only answer the call with a smirk. As the years passed, Vincent soon gained a younger sister, Lily Dynasty, and fell in love with her. Immediately protecting her like any brother should. However, their mother, Carmen Estevez, died in the process which caused for some grief in their family.

Wanting to walk in the same footsteps as his father, the Werewolf signed up in the military and started out as a successful foot soldier when his father was murdered by the infamous vampires known as Ruthvard and Harille. A blinding rage consumed him and from the deepest part of his soul he vowed to obliterate the vampires. Tracking them down in Sovata, Romania the man brought his sister along to help avenge their father.

Weapons: A broad sword strapped to his back and a strong pair of pistols. Werewolf abilities.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Vincent's strengths includes him abnormal power, jumps and speed, heightened senses, night-vision, teeth/claws and his weapons. Although the full moon is where he is forced to revert to her mindless, bloodlusting beast state (although he loses control he doesn't consider it a weakness.) His weaknesses include his unbreakable pride and lust for women.

10/23/2011 . Edited 10/24/2011 #219
Celtic Aurora

Terribly sorry I haven't approved of him until now--I meant to do that before I went to bed last night, but I'm afraid it slipped my mind!

At any rate, he's approved and cleared for use!

10/24/2011 #220
Wolf Passion

NOW i am done with my charries :3

so.. where do I start?

10/24/2011 #221

hai wolfie! welcome to our rp! :)

Welp, you can start in BL - currently, there are a few different things going on:

1.) At Alexsei's house: the adults there are trying to get the children packed and rounded up because they're going to be moved to a safehouse while the Brotherhood fights off the villagers, Savas (a baddie played by Speedy), and Ruthvard's peeps.

2.) At/near Ruthvard's place: Lexa is being pressured by Ruthvard to take care of their unborn child, and Ruthvard's cohorts are off...doing cohort things; Catherine, Egil, and Alvaro are pretending that they were attacked in order to get through this village - they're on their way to break Lexa out of Ruthvard's place.

That's...basically it. If you need info about any of those other characters, you can skim through the profiles here or just ask us. Here's the breakdown of who plays who (as far as I can remember...and this is just MAJOR characters at the moment):

RORA: Alexsei, Nickelia, Catherine, Velkan, Gabriel, Alana

SPEEDY: Ruthvard, Egil, Alvaro, Savas, Harrille

ME: Lexa, Andreas, Radovan, Andromeda, Zenevieva

10/24/2011 #222
Wolf Passion

I'll RP tomorrow (hopefully) super busy with my buttload of homework at the moment. :/

Thank you all so much~!

10/24/2011 #223

I also play Gabriele and few other characters who have yet to show themselves. We also play vamp's characters when she's not here. Like now. XD

10/24/2011 #224
Wolf Passion

So how should I ... bring in my OCs... I can't just plop them in without any floor to stand on *sweatdrop*

Perhaps they could already be in Ruthvard's castle?

10/25/2011 #225

That could be a good way to bring them in--Ruthvard could have captured them and are keeping them prisoner for some good old fashion torture fun. XD

10/25/2011 #226
Wolf Passion

Not exactly.. *sweatdrop* Just hear me out and if my idea doesn't work then I'll go with prisoner (though I can't see Vincent getting captured, his sister sure.)

Well basically since one group of OCs are already trying to "storm the castle," I was thinking that Vincent and Lily can be already there and they sorta bump into.. them... Wow not that I type it out it makes no sense. Well, basically, I wanted my characters to run into that group of characters.

10/25/2011 #227

That could work--they could be in the village, plotting their seige and since they are werewolves, they can probably detect who is human and who isn't. And maybe, they think that can use Egil, Catherine, and Alvaro's help.

10/25/2011 #228
Wolf Passion

Egil, Catherine and Alvaro are werewolves too?

10/25/2011 #229

Actually, Egil is a shapeshifter, Catherine is a fallen angel-vampire hybrid and Alvaro is a demon hunter with some magical weapons to kill them. I just figured werewolves have a keen sense of smell and tell apart human from a supernatural "creature".

10/25/2011 #230
Wolf Passion

Yeah, they do. But isn't the village being under attack at the moment by Ruthvard's cohorts?

10/25/2011 #231

No, that village is under the rule of Savas, who is allied with Ruthvard (they have a nice deal going on). Ruthvard and his cohorts is leaving the village alone for awhile--they're busy. XD

10/25/2011 #232

Lexa: *glares* like hell, they're busy...

10/25/2011 #233
Wolf Passion

Um, okay I guess I'll plop them in the village then and Vincent can follow his nose. Any particular name this village has?

10/25/2011 #234
Celtic Aurora

It does, in fact. The village is called Vaseria.

10/25/2011 #235

Vaseria. It's Anna's old village.

10/25/2011 #236
Wolf Passion


10/26/2011 . Edited 10/26/2011 #237
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