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Here is the format you should use to profile characters for The Dawn of War - the sequel to The Dawn: Revolution. Please be concise, but make sure you give enough information to have a clear picture of your character.





Physical Appearance:







Other Information?:

7/26/2010 #1

Whoo-hoo! It has arrived!

7/26/2010 #2

Name: Anjali Manasvita (A = offering, M = desiring intelligence)

Age: 23 (true age - 180.)

Gender: Female

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Indian, Shapeshifter, Maharashtra, India.

Occupation: musician, writer, and spiritual

Physical Appearance: Anjali is slender, lithe, and of medium height. She has an athlete's build, despite her general dislike of intense physical activity. Her face is slim and pretty, and her black eyes are framed by long lashes. Her long black hair falls to her shoulder blades, and is most often worn down or in a twist knot. For clothing, Anjali prefers simple pants and a close-fitting shirt for when she travels, but always packs her turquoise sari and cranberry-and-gold salwar kameez for formal and natural wear.

Personality: Anjali is playful and has a great sense of humor. She loves playing harmless practical jokes and laughing with her friends. Calm and sweet, the root of Anjali's personality is her deep spirituality. She believes that everyone deserves honor, respect, and fair treatment, and that those who commit crimes against life should be punished based upon the severity of their crimes. She has a great love of all life, and honors the true beings within everything around her. She has a pleasant outlook on life and knows that though her lifestyle can be dangerous, it is what she is meant to do. She loves horses above most other things, and tries to always travel with her stallion, Mohan. Though she has gone through difficult times in her life and seen many horrible things, she rarely dwells on the past and tries to live fully in the moment.

Backstory: Anjali was born on September 29th in 1757 to Hindu parents. She was the youngest of four children, with sisters Rohana and Ahilya and brother Mohinder. Her father was a servant in the home of British official Robert Proster, and her mother attended to Proster's wife and children. Anjali grew up with the two Proster children, though she disliked them for their rudeness and disrespect for her mother. She learned English quickly and could read and write by the time she was eight years old. As the Proster children grew and no longer needed a nurse, Anjali's mother was out of work, leaving her father to be the breadwinner. Soon, Anjali discovered that she was not like the other children, and as she began to go through strange changes, her mother explained to her that she was from a long line of shapeshifters - one of the few that remained in India. Fifteen-year-old Anjali had to come to terms with her ability, and practiced for hours during the night. It was also around this time that Anjali discovered Buddhism as a religion and embraced it, believing that it was more suited to her needs than her original Hinduism. Anjali became a practicing Buddhist and an eager yoga student.

The years passed and Anjali soon became proficient at shifting as well as yoga, and she studied music with a local Buddhist teacher. When she turned 100 in human years, in the year 1857, the powder keg that was British India exploded in mutiny. Her father and brother became fighters against the British empire and were captured, tortured, and killed. The British officials found Anjali's family and murdered her mother and siblings, while Anjali took the form of a mouse and watched before escaping. She mourned for a week while in hiding, and finally used her Buddhist practice and yoga to calm herself and carry on. She left India with her horse Mohan and headed west, where she had heard the great Van Helsing lived. She gradually made her way further west until she came to Paris, which is where she lived for several years before heading to find Van Helsing.

Weapons: ornamental knife with an elephant-shaped hilt, small revolver

Strengths/Weaknesses: great spiritual strength, skilled shifter, can easily shift into a form once she sees it for the first time / most vulnerable between forms, has a little too much faith in humankind, very calm and gentle - dislikes violence, though she knows it's a fact of life.

Model: Parminder Nagra

Song: "Love Is a Battlefield" - pat benatar, "Stand in the Rain" - superchick

Other Information: grew up with her horse, Mohan, who was blessed with immortality so that he could remain with her as long as she lives; has a love of music and enjoys attending and leading kirtans. Her favorite chant is "Om Namah Shivaya."

7/26/2010 . Edited 7/26/2010 #3

Nicely done, Sapph! She's quite the gal. :)

7/26/2010 #4

thank you!

Anjali: you're too kind, speed. thank you very much.

7/26/2010 #5

No problemo--I speakth zee truth!

7/26/2010 #6
Celtic Aurora

Oooh, very, very nice! Me likey!

7/26/2010 #7

thank you rora!

Anjali: Oh, you're all so nice! I truly appreciate it.

7/26/2010 #8
Celtic Aurora

It's no problem, Anjali. We're glad to have you on board!

7/26/2010 #9

Here is the first "new" WoL!

Name: Desdemona "Mona" Justine Royce

Age: 24

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Caucasian, werewolf, London, England

Occupation: socialite by day, murderess by night

Physical Appearance: Mona is a true beauty. Her voluptuous curves and finely shaped face give her a goddess-like appearance, and her auburn hair cascades around her light complexion. She has brown eyes with a bit of a sparkle in them, and men seem to lose themselves in those eyes. She is of medium height and lean but curvy build, and her muscles are toned but not bulky. She usually wears her hair down, but occasionally pins it up, particularly when feeding. She wears elegant fashions, and never wears common clothing such as pants or blouses. She prefers revealing outfits in purple, green, and light yellow, and uses the low cuts to her advantage while hunting.

Personality: To put it simply, Mona is nasty. She can hold a grudge forever, but usually settles such matters with violent retaliation. She will kill on sight if an enemy comes too close, but has an elegant and natural air about her. She is never vulgar (except in bed) and cuts an outwardly ladylike and high-brow nature. Her clever wit is often used to lure men in before she kills them, and always does so with a calm but cold air. She kills both slowly and quickly, depending on the victim's personality. She can also seem kind to her victims, when really she is giving them a false sense of security. When it comes to men, she only settles for the best, and will not couple with a man unless she knows he is the right one. She is charming and witty, and likes to deceive people into thinking that she has good intentions. She is a passionate and often wild lover, just as she is when she makes a kill.

Backstory: Born Desdemona Justine Royce in London, Mona was raised by a proud and vain mother. Her father was rarely present, as his high office often took him out of the country. An only child, Mona was once a good child, but her mother's vanity rubbed off on young Mona, turning her into a brat. At age eleven, she was sent to a boarding school because her mother no longer wished to care for her. There, she quickly became a bully and the top cat in the school. At eighteen, she finished school and returned to London, where she learned that her mother had died of consumption. Mona was on her own, and she had become the image of her mother. She had plenty of wealth to provide for herself, but it wasn't enough. She soon became a frequent flyer at the local taverns, but not for drink. She would get men drunk and bring them home, only to bed them and murder them afterwards, stealing their possessions. She was extremely careful to make sure she only killed those who were alone or that she knew had no relations, and delighted in stabbing them once they had finished with her.

At 22, Mona was never suspected of her crimes, and did a fine job of covering her tracks. She caught the eye of Rasmus Stoddard, one of the Werewolves of London, and he decided he wanted to make her a true killer. He reversed her game, luring her back to his room, where he bit her - turning her into a werewolf. She has since followed Rasmus, and joined the Werewolves of London at his request.

Weapons: very strong werewolf abilities, knives.

Strengths/Weaknesses: physical strength, cunning, clever, intelligent. Has a short fuse and an explosive temper.

Model: Isla Fisher (

Song: "Bad Girls" by donna summer, "Miss Murderess" by macbeth

7/29/2010 #10

Nasty and badass--just the way Rasmus likes them. I approve! ^^

Rasmus: Oh yeah. *smirks* That's my woman.

7/29/2010 #11

thank you!! :)

Mona: Oh Ras, you have no idea.

7/29/2010 #12

Rasmus: *grins wickedly at her as he pulls her close to him* That's my Mona.

Anytime, Sapph. ^^

7/29/2010 #13

Mona: Come on, handsome. Let's go out on the town tonight.

7/29/2010 #14

Rasmus: Splendid idea, pet. *kisses her passionately*

7/29/2010 #15
Celtic Aurora

Wow. She's pretty beast. I approve :D

7/29/2010 #16

thanks! i think she'll make an explosive addition to the Werewolves of London! :D

7/30/2010 #17

Here's my new girl - i think she's going to be my favorite good character of mine!!

Name: Roslea Annora Farrell

Age: 23

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: human / telepath / County Kerry, Ireland

Occupation: former government agent, currently unemployed

Physical Appearance: Roslea has very fair Irish skin, and a few light brown freckles dotting her face. Her river-blue eyes sparkle with intelligence, but bear an air of mystery and sadness. She has shoulder-length light brown hair with gentle waves in it. She is of medium height and slender build, with a sort of willowy figure. She has a set of straight white teeth and a calm and gentle smile, which she wears almost all the time. For clothing, Roslea commonly wears a white or light-blue shirt or blouse, sometimes with a black or off-white corset, a pair of brown or black breech-like pants, and either boots or damask shoes. She also has a beige-brown duster coat which she wears for travel, as well as a brown hat similar to a bucket hat.

Personality: Roslea has a multi-faceted personality that makes her almost a complex character. She is intelligent and sweet, and though she is outwardly softspoken, she is very passionate about things and can make educated and determined arguments on issues she believes in. She is caring and gentle towards anything good, but a fierce fighter against evil, injustice, and baddies. Roslea is a noble person, as well as proud but not vain. She is kind and determined, but is more go-with-the-flow; basically, she lets things come to her rather than seeking them out in most situations. She lives a relaxed, laid-back life, but does work hard when she has to.

Roslea is also plagued by her memory and her powers. She disagrees with the idea of telepathy, though she does acknowledge that in some cases it can be very handy. She believes that a person has a right to their privacy, and that only when they break her trust do they deserve to be punished or that privacy invaded. She is also resentful towards some people in her life, but definitely looks for the good in others.

Backstory: Born Roslea Annora Farrell on October 15th, 1914, Roslea grew up in a small town in County Kerry. Her mother was very sickly, and died after giving birth to her youngest child - a boy who lived to the age of three. Roslea's other siblings, an older sister named Darina and an older brother named Colin, were kind and loving as children. Colin died of cholera at age ten, when Roslea was five. Her father, Seamus, was the only other telepath in the family, and as Roslea grew up, she remained very close to her father. Darina, six years older than Roslea, resented her because of her power and comradeship with their father, but acted sisterly and gentle with little Roslea.

When Roslea was twelve, Darina was being courted by a young British man who was enlisted in the British army. Roslea wasn't a fan of this young man, but she tried to be civil towards him. One night, Darina told the man about Roslea and Seamus' telepathic ability, and the man went to his superiors the following day. He recommended that the British government do something about this - he was a very suspicious and superstitious man who feared anything occult or even different from the norm. Several weeks later, an officer appeared at the Farrell home, arresting Seamus and Roslea. They were imprisoned and told that they would work for the government as interrogators or else be tortured and kept in prison for life. They refused at first, and were tortured. Seamus became very ill with an infection, and a month into their imprisonment, died. Roslea, unable to defend herself, agreed to work on the condition that she be released from service after five years. This happened, and Roslea was released at age 17 with a hefty stipend from the British government. She returned to Ireland for a short time, where she met Lucan O'Donnell, whom she fell in love with. Lucan told her of a woman named Lexa Goering - another telepath whom he had heard of - who traveled with the infamous Gabriel Van Helsing. Roslea was intrigued and decided to try to find the group known as the Brotherhood in the hopes that she would be able to learn more about her power and how to use and control it. She and Lucan traveled until they reached London, where they set up a comfortable life and knew there was an outpost of the Brotherhood.

Weapons: Though Roslea is not a fighter by trade, she does carry a revolver, a small knife, and possesses a rifle that rarely sees action. Her telepathy also can be used as a weapon, as she has discovered that she can use it to create stress and pain within a subject - a result of her years in interrogation.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Roslea's strengths include determination, agility, and self-control. Her weaknesses are her reluctance to use her power, her sensitivity to her past, and fears of failure, betrayal, and being a captive.

Model: Alexis Bledel (

Songs: "Changes" - david bowie, "Across the Universe" - the beatles

10/15/2010 #18

Nice character, Sapph! I approve of her! ^^

10/15/2010 #19

thank you!! she's going to be awesome.

10/15/2010 #20
Celtic Aurora

I approve of her, too! :D

10/15/2010 #21

Name: Lucan Finn O'Donnell

Age: 24

Ethnicity/Species/Origin: Irish / half-angel / County Kerry, Ireland

Occupation: traveler, writer, and protector

Physical Appearance: Lucan is tall, with broad shoulders and a firm build. He is quite handsome, but more in the cute, irresistible way rather than drop-dead gorgeous. He has soft brown eyes filled with concern and understanding, and an infectious smile. He has short-ish, messy brown hair, which is occasionally covered by a newsboy-style hat. He usually wears simple clothing - a white or grey shirt, pants and sometimes suspenders with either boots or regular laced shoes are enough for him.

Personality: Lucan is a pretty simple guy. He's loving, caring, and generous, especially towards his partner Roslea. Because of his former angelic state, he bears a deep-rooted love for mankind, and he sees it as his duty to protect mankind from darkness and, oftentimes, from itself. He has a good head on his shoulders, and though he can be logical and clearheaded when he has to, he doesn't let logic rule him. He is equally governed by his head and his heart, and only when the two conflict does he lose his focus. Lucan is friendly and jovial, and now that he's more or less mortal, loves to act like most mortals do - joke around, love fully, and live each day to the fullest.

Backstory: Lucan began as the angel Sephriel, a high-ranking seraph just below the archangels in God's legion. He lived well and had anything he could ever want in Heaven...except a mate. Angels are not given partners, and seldom do they find their own. Sephriel saw humans as lucky for what they had, even if they did not realize it. So shortly after WWI took place, Sephriel convinced God - in a way - to create a human persona for him. Sephriel explained how humans were in turmoil and needed a little divine intervention, and if God wasn't prepared to take it on himself, Sephriel would do it for him. So God allowed Sephriel to become human, bypassing the first stages of life in order to get right to work. Thus, Lucan Finn O'Donnell was created.

Lucan remembered little of his angelic life upon his arrival on earth, but he knew enough to appreciate what he had been given. Immediately Lucan set to work, at first taking on the role of a psychologist talking to men who had fought during WWI. Once he got tired of that, he settled down in County Kerry, where he had originated his human life from. There he met Roslea Farrell, a young woman recently returned to Kerry from England. Lucan and Roslea quickly became friends, and soon explained their respective stories to each other, knowing that only the other would understand their situation. They found themselves in love, and Lucan finally had what he had really come to earth for - a partner.

Together they decided to travel, heading across Ireland towards Britain and into eastern Europe and the Baltics, hoping to find Van Helsing and a woman he kept company with named Lexa Goering, whom Lucan and Roslea heard was also a telepath and could likely help Roslea learn to control her powers.

Weapons: very high physical strength, as well as twin knives engraved each with one half of a Bible verse.

Strengths/Weaknesses: Lucan has very great strength of mind, and therefore does not easily succumb to mental or physical torture. However, his love for Roslea is so great that he would easily comply with any demands made if she is threatened. Also, he is very vulnerable in times of any extreme emotion.

Model: Andrew-Lee Potts

Song: "Heroes" - david bowie

Other Information?: has two small tattoos of angel wings on his back near his shoulder blades to represent his former life. Each is about three inches in length.

10/21/2010 #22
Celtic Aurora

Awww ^^ Much love for Lucan. He's approved.

10/21/2010 #23

yaaay!! thank you!

Lucan: I am much obliged, Rora.

10/21/2010 #24

Ah, very nice, Sapph. Still jealous of Roslea though. XD

10/21/2010 #25

hahah awww. thanks Speed.

Lucan: And there's no need to be jealous, dear Speedy. There's enough of me to go around.

10/21/2010 #26
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