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Because we just talk too much for one thread! XD

8/13/2010 #1

That we do. XD

And reply to Rora's post... "Oh Mother Irony, why do you mock me?" (from Strong Bad email)

8/13/2010 #2

hey speedy!! *glomp attack*

unfortunately, i might have to disappear for now. but i'll try to come back when i can if i do leave.


8/13/2010 #3

Haha, hey there Sapph. I missed yah! And I'm sorry that you have go now. :(

I know, I saw the previous post and chuckled to myself. Won't those two be surprised with the results?

8/13/2010 #4

i missed you too. it sucks, i still don't have acccess to my laptop.....

8/13/2010 #5

Why is that? Is your Dad restricting your Internet hours?

8/13/2010 #6
Celtic Aurora

Oh, Sapph, I had a thought as to another possible model for the Van Helsing twin boys-Ewan McGregor. He looks like a pretty fair mix of Gabe and Adair, if you ask me. Plus, I kind of love that boy (especially in Moulin Rouge!). I don't think anyone's used him for a model yet, either...

8/13/2010 #7
Trinity Le Faye

Uhmmm hi guys

8/13/2010 #8
Celtic Aurora

Hey girl.

8/13/2010 #9
Trinity Le Faye

hey rora how are you?

8/13/2010 #10
Celtic Aurora

I'm pretty good. Just been doing some packing.

8/13/2010 #11
Trinity Le Faye

okay cool hey can I join your underworld roleplay

8/13/2010 #12
Celtic Aurora

Of course you can, although it's mostly dead. There hasn't been a post in it since late July, and I haven't posted in it since...God, it was probably January. But if you want to join, you're more than welcome. You might even revive the forum.

8/13/2010 #13
Trinity Le Faye

revival come to Celtic Aurora's Underworld role-play and make it stick and stay

anyways cool I have loads of UW characters one being Rory she is Lucian's creation if that okay

8/13/2010 #14
Celtic Aurora

Yeah, that's totally fine.

8/13/2010 #15
Trinity Le Faye

YAY!! I love you... Hey since Kraven you can't stand might I make him have less of an douche-bag brother? well not related in fimilia way but you know what I mean.

8/13/2010 #16
Celtic Aurora

So brothers not in blood, but in bond? Well, I don't see why not...

8/13/2010 #17
Trinity Le Faye

okay thanks b/c having more than one Kraven would be horrific

8/13/2010 #18
Celtic Aurora

God, that's like cruel and unusual punishment, having two Kravens.

8/13/2010 #19
Trinity Le Faye

yeah oh god i hate to think... poor selene

8/13/2010 #20
Trinity Le Faye

Oh and irony is such a wench I'm naming Kraven's brother Trinsin

8/13/2010 #21

hey guys.

and yeah, i like Ewan! he could definitely work, but my one concern is that he looks a little older than some of the other Van Helsing kids' models... but hey, that may not be a big deal.

8/14/2010 #22

Hiya Sapph!

8/14/2010 #23
Celtic Aurora

Hmm, this is true. Well, we also never really talked about his species, so perhaps he ages differently than his brothers and sisters. After all, I don't know about Catriona, but Gabriella and William are, technically, immortal...

8/14/2010 #24

yeah, Triona is immortal too. or at least has long life. and yeah, that may not be a problem.

p.s. HI GUYS!! i'm actually on for a while tonight

8/14/2010 #25

Hey, Sapph! Good to see you again.

8/14/2010 #26

heyyyy!!! i've missed you guys.

8/14/2010 #27

Same here, the forum has been rather quiet today.

8/14/2010 #28

c'est triste! i'm so sad that i haven't been able to get on a lot.

8/14/2010 #29

It's all right, things happen. Is your Internet access being restricted or something?

And trust me, you're not the only one who hasn't been away. Rora and I are know wondering about vamp's location. Hmm...I'm sensing more super glue and temporary kidnapping are in order.

8/14/2010 #30
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