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who would you prefer to see Charlie Crews with romantically
1 Connie:the lawyer
2 Dani:the patner
View Poll Result. Please vote for one of the choices.

Merry Christmas to you too!!!!!


I can't wait to see some new faces around here!!!

I hope to post the first chapter of my fic soon!

12/25/2008 #31

Well RedRose and Starjelly You two are awesome and throughly enjoy our chats and discusion on here.

I really appreciate your active use of this forum.

As a result I would love it if you two would be moderators of the forum.

as a moderator you have power to pin topics edit stuff and what-not

If you would like to do it here are the invite codes:

Redrose yours is: 4f58c

Starjelly yours is: 45234

You have to log on to your page go to forums and enter the code to activate it!!

Thanks so much for your help!!!!!!

12/26/2008 #32
star jelly

Thank you so much for letting us be the moderators!!

12/27/2008 #33

aww, thanks so much, avidmind! that's so cool!

12/27/2008 #34

Hey, just popping in to say that I just posted the first chapter of my new "life" fanfic called "Life without Home", which is about Rachel after she leaves Charlie. Just wanted to let u guys know! :D

12/27/2008 #35

I also posted my fic today!!

It's called "This our Beautiful lie"

12/30/2008 #36
star jelly

Ok so back to the original point of the Forum.

Personally I think it's a good sign that Dani got drunk in the last episode because it means that she's not happy with Tidwell. (does a little celebratory dance!)

I really liked the line where Dani goes over to Charlie's house and he asks her how long she's been drinking and she says "since I was twelve" I thought the expression on Charlie's face was priceless!!

12/30/2008 #37

I agree Starjelly

I was kind of glad that she got drunk at Tidwellls!!!

I'm dancing right along with you!!!!*throws confeti*

1/2/2009 #38
star jelly

I'm glad you agree!!

Oh I posted a new story (with Tidwell bashing) and I posted a new chapter to my other story!

I must say, Tidwell bashing is fun

1/2/2009 #39

Ohh, Tidwell bashing dance! Can I join in? *dances happily*

1/3/2009 #40
star jelly

Avidmind! I LOVE your new avatar!! It's wonderful!!

1/3/2009 #41

Aww Thanks!!!

I have more posted on my LJ if you want to have a look-see !! :)

1/5/2009 #42
star jelly

Thanks I think I will.

So a day ago I was really bored and I was watching funniest commercials, and one of the was a Mastercard commercial. I thought that a "Life" mastercard commercial would be really funny so I wrote this:

Buying a Zen book: 11 dollars

Staying up all night reading it: 5 dollars worth of coffee

Seeing Crews' face when you recite Zen: Priceless

There are somethings money can't buy

For everything else there's mastercard

1/5/2009 #43

haha, lol, that's great! I could see Dani doing that! Well done!

1/5/2009 #44

Hahaha !!!!!

That would leave me in stiches!!!

1/6/2009 #45
star jelly

did you guys see the latest Life??

It was AWESOME!!!! Crews cracks me up!

And there were fewer Tidwell scences so that made me happy!!

2/5/2009 #46

I laughed so hard when Tidwell told Charlie to stay back, and he was all, "Uhh, you and Dani usually make out when you call HER back, so....." Charlie is HILARIOUS! I hated how Tidwell is being SUCH a j*** about the whole shooting. I mean, lay off already! Dani should have punched him.

Yay for Ted getting out of prison!! Now all they have to do is get rid of Tidwell and bring Rachel back already!

I thought it was interesting who the shooter was. I'd say his name, but I don't remember it, so....

2/5/2009 #47
star jelly

I LOVED it when Charlie had the guy "make the call" to get Ted out of jail and the guy sends a text message.

Poor Charlie was like "I will never catch up will I?"

I laughed so hard at that!

2/6/2009 #48

HI folks!!!!!

When i saw the begining of the eppy I *sqee-ed* cause I was super excited!!

my fave part was when charlie asked Dani if she thought about him when he got shot! He was like" Reese without crews" and Dani tried to act as thought it wasn't a big deal!

I aslo enjoyed the fact the they kept the Tidwell action to a minimum! It looks to me that the ridwell fling will be over soon cause Danis loyalties obviously lie with her partner Crews!!

2/9/2009 #49
star jelly

I think that was the best Reese scene all season, that and the very beginning with the "We are no where" scene.

That made me laugh so hard!!

2/9/2009 #50
star jelly

Has anyone here seen the movie Sneakers?

I'm just wondering cause there's some stuff in there that is kinda connect to Life in a funny way

2/24/2009 #51

I haven't seen Sneakers, tho i might have heard of clue.

OK, the season finale aired last week. Thoughts?

I personally thought it was kid of anticlimactic. I mean, the whole reason for Charlie being arrested just seemed REALLY lame to me. And the fact that Roman hates him b/c he was chosen OVER Roman? That was just kind of dumb. Ted going to Spain was kinda cute, tho I hope he comes back, he and charlie are cool together.

I seriously wanted Dani and Charlie to hug. Anyone else? I was silently screaming "HUG!!!!" over and over again. I also thought that when Charlie mentioned Tom Seyboldt, that was kind of an opening for Rachel to come back in. But alas, NBC didn't agree with me. Oh well. That just means more rachel fics need to be written, right?

Also, does anyone know if NBC is bringing "Life" back for a 3rd season? I've heard rumors that it's being ended, and that makes me rlly mad. Granted, they solved all the mysteries (tho Dani's dad being killed by Roman was SO stupid! He should come back!), but that doesn't mean it should end! They could dedicate a season to Ted and Olivia and I wouldn't care! Just bring"Life" back!

Anyways, I'd love to hear your thoughts on the season finale and the future of our beloved show.

4/9/2009 #52

Soo, does anybody knows if there will be a third season?? Cuz I saw the last episode a couple days a ago and I really need to know if there will be a next season T.T I really start to think that i'm the only spanish person is wacthing this serie, well me and my mother LOL

And there're still things to know about the conspiracy, is Jack Reese really dead? Who are the others cops that stole mony of the LA bank? Why if Rayborn says that Charlie didn't supose to end in prison, he went there? And other many things unsolved, but the most important i need more deep and funny Charlie's Zen things! I want Life back!

4/12/2009 #53
star jelly

I seriously hope that Life comes back for a third season! I loved the final episode and would be so mad if that were the end! I agree with Lluvia185 There are still so many mysteries that can be solved! Besides, if anyone here is a Creese lover then you have to admit that the ending for the season looked really really good for Crews and Reese. I mean first Bodner tells Crews that he met his wife, his love of his life, at work because they were partners. Then at the end with Reese saying Crews and them trying to touch and then with the final shot of Reese smiling!


ok I feel better now that I've ranted to people who understand!

4/12/2009 #54

I loved how they tried to touch. THAT was just adorable! And there needs to be a third season. I mean (forgive me for harping on this, but i like the character) WHERE IS RACHEL?

I told my parents they might be ending it and they weren't happy, lol.

4/12/2009 #55
star jelly

I want to know that too!

I mean there is so many places they can take this show now! The only problem they might have is Sarah Shahi might leave because she's pregnant. BUT I DON'T WANT IT TO END!

4/12/2009 #56

But if the only argumental problem they have, is that Sarah is pregnant, they CAN solve it soooo easy

I mean, with just scene with Crews and Reese 'knowing a little bit better' after the end of episode 'One', we just could have a zen redhead baby. LOLOLOL.

And I want Rachel back too. I liked her

4/13/2009 #57
star jelly

That would actually be a really good idea.

A Zen baby would be really funny!

oh just thought of a good line! "You would think from the amount of fruit I'm eating someone would realize that this baby is yours!" Reese to Crews! ok adding that into one of my stories somewhere!

4/14/2009 #58

Hi Folks!!

First off I'd like to Welcome Lluvia185 to the forum. Secondly I have to say that I love your new avi Starjelly!!!!!

Any as far as the show goes I agree with you guys that there has to be a third season not to mention a fourth one after that!

the Last three eppies were pure genius and I can't wait to see where they take the show. On other boards some people have said that the season finale was a good stopping point but in my opinion there is so much more that was left unexplained.

One thing I want to know is who the other members of the conspiracy were. I also want to see what happens between Reese/Crews/Tidwell now that it has been made clear that Charlie loves Dani and viceversa(I'm pretty sure that Tidwell will be super jealous that he didn't find Reese and he will beging to notice just how close the partners have become)......OOH! Plus I can't wait to see what happens between Ted and Olivia!!!!

BTW( I agree with you Redrose, I want to see Rachel and hear about where she was all this time.)

4/15/2009 #59
star jelly

I just need to clear up something I said earlier. Sarah Shahi is pregnant, and that's why the writers put her with the "FBI" so that she wasn't in every shot, and so it was easier to cover up her stomach. So the pregnancy shouldn't affect the next season!

If people are getting annoyed by the amount of stuff I post on here please tell me and I'll try to cut back!

4/15/2009 #60
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