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Do you like Calvin and Hobbes? Well come on in and talk about Calvin and Hobbles, roleplay, and just have fun!
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Mel Gibh

Can you think of one? I can't.

10/9/2008 #1
Starii Nite

i think Madison Pettis should do the voice of Susie

12/7/2008 #2

Me for the voice of Calvin! *talks in 6-year-old-voice* DARN IT! HOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOBBES!!!!!!!

12/19/2008 #3

I actully almost look like calvin exept a bit taller.

1/25/2009 #4

Have unknown kid actors play Calvin, Susie, and Moe. Eugene Levy or Steve Carell for his Dad; Amanda Peet for his Mom. Peggy Rhea (the mother-in-law from "Grace Under Fire"), Edie McClurg (Mrs. Poole from "The Hogan Family"), or Lainie Kazan for Ms. Wormwood. Hobbes' form the way Calvin sees him would be CGI and voiced by Jim Carrey...he'd be perfect!

9/11/2010 #5
Prince Tanabi

I think Sally Field or Miley Cyrus should voice Susie.

12/31/2010 #6
the electric phantom

Moe could be Gerard Butler!

2/5/2011 #7

I always imagined Hobbes as having an older-than-Calvin-but-not-quite-adult voice, as if he were an older-brother figure. Zac Efron as the voice of Hobbes for sure.

1/18/2015 #8

I imagine it's one of those real life CGI movies, where Hobbes is CGI.

3/1/2015 #9

I imagine it's one of those real life CGI movies, where Hobbes is CGI.

3/1/2015 #10

Yes, Enligh. I think Paddington is the closest thing so far.

3/1/2015 #11

I mean those types of movies. LIKE, those new Smurfs movies, and HOP.

3/1/2015 #12

What is HOP?

3/1/2015 #13

Easter themed movie. Look it up as 'HOP movie'.

3/1/2015 #14

Oh yeah. I thought it was an abbreviation. ;)

3/1/2015 #15

Yup. That was a good movie.

3/1/2015 #16
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