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Bad Mum

Courtesy of the genius that is Miss Sara Winters.

I quote:

After what I just posted in the bad summaries thread, I have an awesome/insane idea. (One I may rethink when it's not almost 5AM). Who would like to post a short story with an identical description (rating, summary, pairing, title)? I'm thinking an idea from this thread ( will work. Or be funny, at least. Sort of a forum challenge. Bonus points for a summary that has very little to do with the actual story.

Sign up below, if you're in. We need to agree on a summary and some characters, rating, title etc. Ideally, we should post it as near simultaneously as we can, though that might take some co ordination with different time zones.

(Edited for forum title formatting consistency.) - TML

8/19/2010 . Edited by ToManyLetters, 2/4/2011 #1

Totally in. Like 110% or something. Also,

8/19/2010 #2
Sara Winters

I'm not sure if I'm awake yet, but this really made me laugh.

The easiest time for me (when I'm sure to be awake) would be 9:30EST on a Sunday morning. Not this Sunday, of course. But that way, it'll be early afternoon in England. Any other time when I'm sure to be awake (and it won't be too late in Europe) would be close to (after) the same time during the week.

8/19/2010 . Edited 8/19/2010 #3

I'm in. Sounds cool.

8/17/2011 #4
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