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Read an interesting article, thanks to the always interesting "fanthropology" blog on the LJ. It was an article in The Atlantic that mused on the idea of what an 8th, 9th and/or 10th book would contain. Where does Jo go with her canon? Does she actually canonize the stuff she went on about in her interviews (or does it handcuff her somehow...?) Or does she take an entirely different tack, say, a series about the Marauders (that sound you heard was the squealing of a couple thousand James/Lily fans), or maybe even the Founders?

So, two questions for discussion: 1) What would you like to see in a HP8, 9 or 10, and 2) Where do you think she's going to go with it?

Oh, here's the article:

10/12/2010 . Edited by ToManyLetters, 2/4/2011 #1

Rowling: Yeah, I do. I couldn't stop. I don't think you can when you've been that involved with the characters for that long. It's still all in there. They're all in my head still. I mean I could write – I could – I could definitely write an eighth, ninth, tenth – I could – easily.

Winfrey: Will you?

Rowling: I'm not going to say I won't. I don't think I will. I loved writing those books. I love writing it. So, I feel I am

The rest of that quote. (See the full transcript here.)

The "I don't think I will" part is the part that really annoys me.

If she were to write an eight, ninth, tenth, I'd definitely want a next-gen series. I can't say I really care all that much about the Marauders in comparison. That in mind, if she does write more, I have a feeling that's where it'll come from.

10/12/2010 #2

Harry Potter and the Teething Crisis could be a start, I suppose. I hope she doesn't. Remember "Police Academy"? Remember "Police Academy 6"? Me neither.

If she is going to write "marauder" stories I so hope she isn't influenced by this site. At least we might get a Lily who isn't a Hermione clone.

10/14/2010 #3

The only thing that gets me is the word easily. Easily? WTF, I struggle writing original fiction. Of course, with the world she has already set up perhaps it would be easier...but easily?

She would have to come up with a protagonist, and unless she revives Volde, or follows most fan fic ideas and makes Malfoy one of the new bad guys she may actually switch the main point of view off of Potter and the Weasleys, and change the setting from Hogwarts to one of the magical cities, or one of the other schools. She does not have to follow the trio and their children. I agree that the way she talked she is so in love with her characters she may not take that approach, but it would work better then dragging out the family life to the kids... IMO anyway.

Unless, of course, it would interfere with all the marketing on the series. She may be forced to keep Potter going if she writes another in the series.

10/19/2010 #4

Does anyone know what became of that ruddy encyclopaedia she was writing/was going to write? It seems like the whole thing just went kaput after the lawsuit with Mr Steve.

1/30/2011 #5

I'd love to read a next gen series with a completely different but totally awesome plot. Not the 'first year', 'second year' stuff, but something set during it with another threat of some sort to the wizarding world. But not with Harry's kids as the most important.

6/12/2011 #6
Bureau 13

I agree. That`d be great to see. The question is, will she even bother? That encyclopaedia she is `writing` is taking quite a while to come to fruition.

6/12/2011 #7

I suppose because she doesn't need to, she'd only do it if she desperately wanted to. If there's not plot bunny, there's no story. It's not like she's got to make a living. u_u

6/12/2011 #8
Bureau 13

That`s just it, too. She was rushed to get the septology out, anything new she does may be under the same pressure from Warner Bros. You know they`ll be all over a second Harry Potter film franchise. If she does anything, she`ll complete the whole series before even talking about it.

6/12/2011 #9

Yeah, so I guess we've got a long time to wait, depending how long and how many of the books were going to be written. And yeah, we can only speculate because we won't really know until it's done. :p

6/12/2011 #10
Bureau 13

I have this sinking suspicion she doesn't intend to do anything past the encyclopaedia, if she still even intends to do that.

6/12/2011 #11

Same. We''l have to make do with fanfiction...

6/19/2011 #12
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