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This is the forum to discuss materials relating to the Sober Universe SU. The Sober Universe is the canon material excluding interviews, documentaries, and additional material from JKR.
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Neville Longbottom

Pet Peeve: Snakes on planes

Biggest Phobia: Snakes not on planes

Future Career: Snake charmer

Most Likely to Marry: Nagini

12/10/2011 #91


Pet Peeve: Gryffindors

Biggest Phobia: Sharp blades

Future Career: Contortionist

Favorite Food: Muggles

Most Likely to Marry: the Python Bred in Captivity that Harry released from the zoo

12/11/2011 . Edited 12/11/2011 #92

I'd be afraid of "Gryphendors", too. Sounds like some nasty disease.

The Python

Pet Peeve: Glass windows.

Biggest Phobia: Mice.

Future Career: Neural Surgeon.

Favourite Food: Eggs.

Most Likely to Marry: Dobby

12/11/2011 #93
i'd sink us to swim
Dobby // Pet Peeve: Matching socks // Biggest Phobia: Harry Potter dying, being treated like vermin // Future career: Sock model // Favorite food: Dumblydoor's lemony drops // Most Likely To Marry: Kreacher
12/11/2011 #94


Pet Peeve: blood-traitors

Biggest Phobia: inferi

Future Career: life coach

Favourite Food: blue cheese

Most Likely to Marry: Walburga Black

12/12/2011 . Edited 12/12/2011 #95
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