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Its a ink rp!We're back in ink world, choose any of the strolling players jobs,have fun!
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ok. um, man this is hard! i usually just make it up as i go as you can see from the Twilight RP. and watching Blood+ at the same time really doesn't help! Wren was born to a poor family, but her parents were killed when she was very young. no one wanted to take care of her, so she lived out on the streets with dogs and was raised by them. when people discovered her, they put her in a freak show as a "wolf girl". she gradually became more human and became obsessed with knives, so she learned on her own. she ran away and now she's wherever the RP takes place.
1/2/2008 #31
Lupiniun Star
ok,since you typed like our chars knew eachother,lets say they met about 3 months ago,ok?
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1/2/2008 #33
Name:Kisne Age:18 apperance:White spikey hair, crimson eyes, and plae skin clothes:A black and red skin-tight body suit covered with skulls. Job:Contortionist Bio:Kisne has traveled around the world since he was a very young boy, and has learned that the good guys do not always win. He has accepted darkness as a form of escaping reality and sometimes speaks in wierd metaphors. Kisne as a contortionist can twist his body in nearly extreme ways and enjoys this as a hobby as well as his profession. He talks to all travelers, who cross his path as he is very knowlegeable. (Es this okies?)
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Lupiniun Star
Nice char,go and rp,make sure to follow the rules and have fun!
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One question, does it matter of what race you become?
1/2/2008 #36
Lupiniun Star
you can be a human,mage(Still sorta human)werewolf(I will only allow 2 of these,and they shall be strictly graded/acepted)and vampire,those can only be evil,please ask the rest of your questions in the question topic.
1/2/2008 . Edited 1/2/2008 #37
Just so you know, I have no idea what I am doing: Name:Kaly Age:17 Appearance:long straight brunnete hair, fair skin, hazel eyes clothes:she'll either dress casually or fancy, depending on her mood Job:Do I put a circus job here or something? Bio:I don't know what to put here um...She is a were-hyena. Um, let's see, easily bothered by others. Not very controling on the hyena side of herself, loses control easily.
1/2/2008 #38
Lupiniun Star
Sorry,no were-animal 'cept werewolfs,and for jobs look at the rules,it lists them.
1/2/2008 #39
(Alright, I'm taking a chance at the werewolf section and do you mind) Name: Starlin Age: 17 Appearance: Okay, Starlin looks like in human form a beauty that any human male could fall for (sorry to all of you boys out there). Her brown hair waves to her shoulder length and her slender body makes her fit to any male searching (not trying to be sexual but pointing out that she is very pretty). She holds fair skin and her eyes are a deep orange (sometimes glows when excited or anger). But her werewolf form, she is a brown and red werewolf, vicious and merciless. She stands as tall as a full grown man, and her muscles are strong are well toned. Clothes: (no clothes in werewolf form) She wears a dress that goes all the way down to her feet. The color of the dress is a silvery orange that catches the sun with a glistening light. Job: (yeesh, help me out here, I don't know what to put cause she is... well... a bad guy) Bio: A fair lady during the day, but a vicious animal at night. She captures human male's heart in no time, only a few immune to her beauty. She lived in the forest most of life, weaving her story around others. Only at times during the year does she come to a village and kidnap a human male to be her husband until she finds him not sutible anymore and kills him (or puts him in her pack?). Seems calm on the outside, but a cruel person on the inside. Other: Eh, can Starlin have like a werwolf pack that stands protecting her or doing her service? Anyway, she is a bad guy and willing to step in and give any conflict. (also, help me on the job thing, if you except her, what job should she have?)
1/2/2008 #40
Lupiniun Star
Great char!your aceptted,yes she can have a pack but dont make them important.hmmm,lets about a actor!
1/2/2008 #41
Great! That suits her! She is an actor! Plus, her pack isn't really important cause they just obey her, question her, and sleep all day. :)
1/2/2008 #42
Lupiniun Star
thats nice:)anyway,I KNEW it would suit her,start rping anytime you want:D
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1/2/2008 #44
Lupiniun Star
MAGIC!!!!GUESS WHAT!!*giggle*at one of the rps im on in the chat room this girl wanted to join but didnt know what it was and was confused,I told her to ignore everyones post but yours,darks,and mine becuase we're the only ones who have read the book!!!
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yeah kool....
1/2/2008 #46
Dalia N'Shard
Name:Mircea Lovel Gender:Male Age:23 Height:5'8" Apearence:Mircea is a very thin man with long straight black hair,pure black eyes/no whites,and olive skin,dressed in a black poet shirt and black pants,with a long scarlet and black harliequin vest,wears a silver hoop earing,three silver armlets, and a black velvet choker. Job:Fire Eater Bio:Origenally a member of the Roma Caumlies clan, Mircea was banished for theft. He is a compulsive kleptomaniac.I will add more to his past as his character evolves.
1/2/2008 #47
Lupiniun Star
A little confusing but excepted!Welcome shard!
1/2/2008 #48
Dalia N'Shard
what parts confusing Shoyru
1/2/2008 #49
whats Roma Caumlies....
1/2/2008 #50
Lupiniun Star
1/2/2008 #51
Dalia N'Shard
Roma is what Gypsys call themselves, Caumlies is origonally the name of an Anglo-Eygptian Roma clan, Star dragged me on this, so I'm improvising untill I can get to the library and finish InkHeart.
1/2/2008 #52
Lupiniun Star
you should be happy that i did :P
1/2/2008 #53
Dalia N'Shard
lolz,calm down Shoyru
1/2/2008 #54
1/2/2008 #55
Bynd Theodore Way
[b]Name:[/b] Sersoleces(Serci) [b]Age:[/b] 18 [b]Apperance:[/b] Naturally a dark tan, he has muddy green eyes and matted dark brown hair with wooden beads in it. [b]Clothes:[/b] He had brown pants and shoes, and a light tan shawl that wraps around his neck in folds and flows around him like a blanket so that it nearly reaches the ground. He has red fingerless gloves. Carries a weaved basket strapped to his back and a metal flute. [b]Job:[/b] Piper/Animal Tamer(he's a snake charmer) [b]Bio:[/b] Serci's parents were, almost too nice. They, since he was a small child, gave him all freedoms, and never punished him. His mother was cheery all the time, and was always there, and his father was always obsessed with something or other, but to Serci they were barely parents. Just people he lived with. Once while he was seven he met a traveling piper. Being fasinated by the melodies, Serci hung around the piper, and inquired to learn. The man carved him an instrument out of wood, and taught him a few notes before heading on his way. For the years afterward Serci practiced at the wooden instrument, until he could play songs by sound alone. His parents, ever supportive, bought his a real metal flute, and let him be. He took the flute, but kept his wooden one, and still holds it in higher value. Once while playing his flute, he managed to attract a Diamondback. Although most would be frightened, Serci always had an affinity for snakes, and they always seemed to like him. It didn't take long for him to gain a loyal new friend. Only friend really. Argentine, as Serci had begun to call her, seemed to actually see him. She would react according to what he did, and unlike his parents, she would get angry at him. It was alien to him and at first he was upset, but he gradually learned to like this new type of attention. It made him feel like his actions were worth something. At the age of twelve he told his parents he was leaving. He told them he was going to be a snake charmer and wander the country. And his parents gave their complete blessing. So he left, with Argentine, and never came back. [b]Other:[/b] He has, instead of a usual cobra, a Diamond-back Rattle Snake, named Argentine. (^_^ I made a character whose parents are alive, well, nice, and supportive, and he still 'runs away'.)
1/2/2008 . Edited 1/3/2008 #56
Dalia N'Shard
HONEY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! He's toooooooooo cute!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *melts*
1/3/2008 #57
Lupiniun Star
Your approved bynd!
1/3/2008 #58
Dalia N'Shard
:huggles Honey:
1/3/2008 #59
Lupiniun Star
errrr,whos Honey?
1/3/2008 #60
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