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Its a ink rp!We're back in ink world, choose any of the strolling players jobs,have fun!
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Name: kit (short for something else but i dont want to put...yet:) Age:17 apperance: he has black hair though a blueish redish tinge to it. he has one eye blue the other red and is not to tall but not short. he usualy wears glasses but sometimes he doesnt. he is usualy clean and not very dirty. he dislikes being dirty though he hates to dress up. clothes: he'll wear anything realy as long as its not dressy but casual. Job: half-blood/knife thrower Bio: when he was young his father had vanished when he was reading to him. he never new his mother so he grew up on his own. he later found out that he had fairy blood in him and it soon started to show. once the blue and red tinge started to show in his appearence some were frightened others interested. he started to learn how to control his other half by age ten. after a while when he was thirteen he lost his human form and became a fairy. he hated it so he now uses magic to make himself look as if he is human. though he hasnt gotten the kinks out just yet. he now is just a wander. other: he usualy doesnt talk to people makeing him not very social. in a way he's shy but in another way he's a snob though once he gets used to you he is very kind and will try and help with any problem you have. he is also proficent in fire and water magic and knows a little forest. (that ok?)
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Lupiniun Star
you must have just read inkheart,not inkspell,you seem to know about it but...Anyway the jobs are the strolling players jobs.We live in inkworld,for a list of jobs go to rules,once you have a job you are approved....but I'm not sure how a human and a fariy could have a child...
1/3/2008 #62
(i never said they had a child i just said that he had fairy blood in him...i mean the fairys are like little would that work??? and no i havent read inkspell....though i realy want to.)
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Dalia N'Shard
that adorable little boy in bynd's avater
1/3/2008 #64
Bynd Theodore Way
Honey is cute! Huni: Dalia-chan! Wanna eat some cake with me and Usa-chan? *cute eyes*
1/3/2008 #65
Lupiniun Star
(BYND!Cuteness melts him!)
1/3/2008 #66
who is honey???what anime is he in I mean???
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Dalia N'Shard
1/3/2008 #68
Dalia N'Shard
Honey's from Ouran High Host Club and yes Honey I would love to join you^^
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Name: Ayden Age: 16 Apperance: A slender golden-skinned girl with short, dark brown hair in ringlets and bright, lively green-gold eyes. Clothes: She wears soft leather calf-hight boots, tight blue leggings, a green tunic (shirt that comes down to her mid-thigh) and a gold rope belt. Usually she has a gold headband in her curling hair. Job: Animal Trainer - horses and wolves. Bio: Ayden's mother died when she was born... or at least disappeared. She went into the mountains a few days after Ayden's birth, and never came back. No one ever found her body. Ayden's father was wild with grief, he even went insane for part of his life. In one of his fits, he beat Ayden until she couldn't even crawl away, and slit his own throat. Ayden was ten at the time. Her horse, Blackjack, found her lying where her father left her, and stayed by her side, keeping her warm with his bodyheat and feeding her with slobbered-on grasses and other greens he found. No one knows why he cared for her... She recovered and, with Blackjack at her side (or underneath her, when she was riding), set off on a life-long quest to find abandoned or abused horses. She found she was able to calm them, and they were easier for her to train than for many others. Raised in part by Blackjack, Ayden grew to have a fear of wolves. She and Blackjack stumbled across one lying near-dead in the road, and her first instinct was to run. But, something held her back. The she-wolf was obviously in pain, and in need of help. Despite Blackjack's terror, Ayden approached the wolf. It could barely even whine at her. Just to reassure Blackjack, Ayden tied the wolf's muzzle closed, then carried it off the road to her camp for the night. She nursed it back to health, and, in doing so, became attached to it, as sort of a younger sibling or a child. She named it April, after the month she found it. After April joined Ayden and Blackjack, Ayden developed quite a following of horses and wolves - ones that either she rescued and that decided to stay with her, or ones that simply appeared one day and didn't leave. She often trains the horses, if they will allow her, and sells them to other horse-minded humans. She still follows them for a while, just to make sure their okay. The wolves give her some of their pups, which she trains as guard dogs and family pets. Ayden is careful, though, to make sure (through a horse's/wolf's body language) that the animal in question wishes to leave her, and that they like their new masters. Since then, Ayden has developed almost a treaty between horse and wolf. The horses don't attack the wolves, and the wolves don't try to hunt the horses. Other: Ayden trains and sells horses and wolves, but, as of yet, does not have much experience in dealing with humans, particularly boys her age.
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Lupiniun Star
Cool char!and greeat Bio,your approved.
1/5/2008 #72
YAY! I'm glad you like Ayden... and Blackjack and April. I always liked the name Blackjack for a horse... Blackjack is black, by the way, if you hadn't figured it out. April is... grey and white.
1/5/2008 #73
Avrel the Teller
[b]Yay! I never knew that the Inkheart book and Inkspell book were on fanfic! Those are some of my favorite books![/b] name: Zeki age:12 apperance: eyes as blue as the sea. long blond hair that is never up. very tall for her age. pale skin. clothes: wears blue mage robes. job:mage bio: when Zeki was 8 she was captured by dark mages. she escaped, but had learned some secrets of magic and learned how to use it. now Zeki wants to fight the dark side of the mages and destroy those who captured her. other: Zeki was royalty but now enjoys her wild life with magic.
1/27/2008 #74
Lupiniun Star
Mine too!Anyway...your approved,you can go rp!
1/28/2008 #75
(I love inkheart so I'm going to give this a try...) Full Name (the name she was given at birth): Aislin Keahi Aliaces: Star Singer/Fire dancer/Shadow blade... age: 19 Apperance: tall and thin with long sable hair. Deep blue eyes. pale complexion clothes: her cloths differ for the different things she does. Job: she is a fire eater along with other talents... Bio: Aislin was picked up by the motly group at a very young age. She grew up with Dustfinger and the Black prince, and only they know her true name. Most everyone else calls her by her alliaces, which were given her by the minstrels because of her wonderous talents. Some of the bards even sing of her in thier preformances. Dustfinger taught her how to play with fire when they were still children, and she picked it up right away. while not as good as him, she is one of the best fire eaters in all of the inkworld. Her voice is coveted by royalty, but she will not sing for the kings unless they come to see her in the streets, for royalty was never kind to her. She is very free spirited. She is also amazing with swords, and is a deadly shot with a knife. She has no consistant job, and her missions vary, but the laughing prince sometimes hires her uses as a spy, and she travels to argenta to spy on the adder head. She is kind of like a Robin Hood figure to the dejected people of the inkworld...
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Lupiniun Star
So sorta like the bluejay on the last part...and she cant be the second best sadly.Dustfinger is first,Alina second,and Shana third,though you could tie with Shana,only because she wasnt taught by Dustfinger,but you defintaly cant tie with Alina,she was Dustfingers daughter and was trained by him,so shes almost as good as him.
2/7/2008 #77
You can come play with me and Ayden though... and her menagerie of horses and wolves... if your charrie likes animals!
2/7/2008 #78
ok, not second best then... sry! I'll fix that. And no, not [i]exactly[/i] like the bluejay, but similar...
2/11/2008 #79
one thing I forgot! I just read the rules and strolling players can't have weapons, but just to make one thing clear, Aislin travels with the strolling players, but isn't really part of the motly folk herself... even though she [i]does[/i] preform sometimes for money...
2/11/2008 #80
Name: Sakura Black Age:15 Apperance:Long black hair.Pretty purple eyes. Clothes:Red dress with black lining and ninja like shoes,has a black backpack. Job: Fire-eater Bio: Mom died giving birth, Dad died in battle, Adopted dad is Dustfinger, Freternal sister named Temari, has a demon inside her. Other:Her demon is a black and pink striped tiger named Saiki. Very funny and sarcastic. Loves Dustfinger to death. Is the Black Prince's girlfriend. Loves fire while her sister loves air.
3/4/2008 #81
ok...we have to stop this being like dustfinger stuff.... theres at least alot of people like that. His daughter his niece(who never actually grew up with him but is still related) people growing up with him and now his adopted daughter....
3/6/2008 #82
Lupiniun Star
Yes,I know,NO MORE YOU GUYS!We have enough related to him!So,in short,not approved.
3/10/2008 #83
Star I want to start off with something simple from the book. Can I make like a marten,I'm up to Chapt 6. My little cousin is around so i never get alot of tme to read.
3/22/2008 #84
Lupiniun Star
*Nods*Sure,I'll let you
3/23/2008 #85
hey terra! my character has a martin....your character and my characters martin can be buddies :)
3/23/2008 #86
Propapanda Ganda

Name: Rika

Age: 16

Apperance: A girl with black hair to a little over shoulder, blue eyes.

clothes: A blue tunic, along with matching shorts that aren't seen, black belt, and sandals ?

Job: Knife-thrower

Bio: Rika was born an orphan, so she did everything herself. One day, she gets into trouble and has to become one of the maids for the Adderhead. She later escapes, and runs into the Black Prince. The prince hides/helps her, and in exchange she joined the Moletry Folk(is that the right name? i forgot...) and helps him in return.

i hope it isn't too late to enter for the RP, i loved reading Inkheart & inkspell

4/15/2008 #87

is it too late to join

4/22/2008 #88
Lupiniun Star

No,its not to late ^^

Its Moltey Folk,anyway,approved!

4/23/2008 #89

You probably won't see me much on here since my computers down but i'll go ahead and submitt my character.

Name: Beth

Age: 14

Height: 4'11

Apearance: Short, dark blonde hair that is slightly wavy and goes down to the middle of her back. Blue eyes and pale skin. Wears a bright blue skirt and bright green shirt. Also wears a pair of trousers and shirt when needed. Has a small pack and always keeps a knife in it's side pocket.( She's kind of a part time roobber so she carries a knife)

Job: plays the lute and sings, helps the black prince's roobbers on occasion.

Bio: Beth was born to a motley women who sang and dance and her father is a knife thrower but is also one the robbers who works for the black prince. She traveled with her mom and father from town to town and stayed at the robber's hideouts sometimes. Unfortunetly though when she was with a different group of strolling players while her mom was at the secret camp when it was attacked. Her mother was unfortunetly killed. After discovering this she went to the badger's earth where her father was at the time. He was both sad and furious when he found out. He holds sootbird responsible for his wifes death and swears to kill him. Beth traveled with everyone else to the hide out under adder mountain. When the freed prisoners were attacked she helped defend them by dressing up in a set of man's clothes. After the fight her father found out what she did and was furious, he's kept a close watch on her ever since. While everyone travels back to Ombra she becomes good friends with Meggie and Farid, Meggie even teaches her how to read. One night Beth hears them discussing with Orpheus how to bring back Dustfinger. When she aska what in god's name they're talking about they decide to tell her everything despite Orpheus's dissapproval. Beth is unbelieving when Meggie and Farid tell her their story and even laughs in their face, but is convinced when Meggie reads aloud from one of the books she took from elinor's house. Beth says that she'll help in any way she can even though she can't read or write very well.

Pets: Has a flying squirell named Chatter, she saved him from a hungry bird when he was just a baby and he's stayed with her ever since.

Other skills: When she was eleven her dad taught her how to fight with her hands and a knife. She still practices fighting almost every day so she is very fit.

5/6/2008 #90
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