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sure, I'll be Zira. Sweet, now I have a good and bad guy

6/1/2008 #31

Hmmm...I've been poking around for a while, so I think I'll go with Taka/Scar to get started. That good with you?

6/24/2008 #32

Sounds good to me. See you in the Pridelands thread soon, I hope!

6/30/2008 #33

Sarafina and Mohatu.

10/13/2008 #34

hi Ive never been on a RP so i might not git it at first, but i could give it a try. can i be two lions that are my own characters. they are actually linked spiritually so that's why i thought it might be okay, but if not it would be okay with me. I'd like to be the male one if not plz.

male = Ravas

female = Gouya

12/14/2008 #35


Thanks for stopping by! I would prefer that people don't go crazy with OCs quite yet, since we have so few people. So I'll tell you what: how would you like Ravas and Nuka as your two characters? Nuka's our last major lion character that needs a player. (If you don't like Nuka, tell me and I'll let you choose someone else.)


12/14/2008 #36

yes thats okay with me thanks :)

12/16/2008 #37

Awesome! See you in the Outlands!

12/16/2008 #38

I'd like to RP a female character, but have only ever seen the movies, and the recognizable female leads seem to have been taken... could I maybe RP Dotty please? Am I right in thinknig she's the Outlander lioness with um... dotty cheeks? =P Thank you!

3/21/2009 #39

Dotty sounds like a great plan! Would you like to give her a name?

And about the leads being taken... since I'm the admin, I'm plenty willing to let you take Nala's position if you'd like, since I only had it because we needed people in one of our earlier RPs. So, let me know if you would like Nala.

3/21/2009 #40

Oh, I wouldn't want to take Nala away from you... Um yeah I can think of a name for Dotty no problem. =)

3/21/2009 #41

Awesome! Once you've got a name, feel free to jump in on the Outlands thread or Scar's reign thread. See you there!

3/21/2009 #42

Right, i think I'll jump into the Outsiders reign... could I call Dotty Kasoro please? It means blemish or imperfection in Swahili, so I thoguht it quite appropriate for her =P

Want to RP?

3/21/2009 #43

Sure thing ^^

3/21/2009 #44

Ahadi and kula please XD

3/21/2009 #45

Hello again xD Long time no chat =P

3/21/2009 #46

lol yah XD

3/21/2009 #47

Got it. Welcome!

3/22/2009 #48
Angsty Anime Star

Um, I'm not really sure if this is still going on and if it's not to late to join but if I can I'd love to be Timon.

5/4/2009 #49
Mean Faol Banrigh

Name: Bast )As in the egyptian goddess with a cat head(

Age: 4

Gender: female

Eye color: green

Body fur: dark brown

Tail tuft: black

Any notable marks: has a nick on her ear and a black streak of fur down her back

Appearance: looks like a slightly smaller, female Scar.

Personality: lazy, very smart and egotistical

History: the daughter of Scar and an unknown lioness.

5/4/2009 #50

Angsty Anime Scar: Welcome to the group! I've got you down for Timon.

Chibi Ookami-sama: Whoa there, slow down a little! How'd you like to get started with a conon character as well? I'd like to see how you handle canon before suddenly jumping in with an OC.

5/5/2009 #51
Mean Faol Banrigh

*sigh* I really don't like Rp-ing as Canon's because I'm usually afraid of getting them OOC and then everyone yells at me and then I get mad and then NO ONE is happy....

I would really only trust myself with Scar but you already have someone playing him....


Imma platypus ^.^'

5/5/2009 #52
Angsty Anime Star

Awesome, awesome. Um, should I go ahead and post somewhere? it seems like a few of the threads died down a bit? Also any specific way I should enter a started story?

5/5/2009 #53

Chibi Ookami-sama: Actually, most of these characters are ones on which there's barely any official material. Taking one of these little-known characters, such as a cubhood friend of Simba or a "special" Outsider, sounds to me like a fun opportunity to take that character and really explore it, shape it, make it your own. Have fun with it! We won't get mad at you for exploring a character. We're nice people. (Of course, I'm perfectly willing to let you keep your character; she sounds like she could bring some nice dramatics to the RP.)

Angsty Anime Scar: Yeah, this isn't the most commonly frequented place. As long as the way you introduce Timon into the scene makes sense, i.e. you talk for a little bit about what he's doing/why he's there before he joins the action, then feel free to jump in on...hmm...the Outlands thread seems to make the most sense for him. Maybe I should have Shenzi run into you. :) I could also get a jungle/Simba's Pridelands thread going if you wanted.

5/5/2009 #54
Mean Faol Banrigh

Ummm... Okay.... I dont really care which of the Semi-canon's I get... So... Just give me a female one... o.O?

5/5/2009 #55

I think you'll like Tama, a cubhood buddy of Simba and Nala. She first appeared in a German comic and comes across as a playful blend between girly and tough. She's also quite cute. I can't post links here in the forum, but you should do a search for "lion king tama comic" or something along those lines to learn more.

5/5/2009 #56
Angsty Anime Star

Okay, okay cool. xD And I personally think smalled RPGs turn out better in the end. most anyways. I like your idea. Shenzi and Timon in any scene cracks me up. Hopefully I'll do alright with him, first time I'm RPing Timon!!!! But I'm pretty literal and sarcastic so meh it should end up amusing enough. Feel free to start up in the Outlands and I'll work in.

By the way, it's Angsty Anime Star lol. Sorry for being nit picky on that.

5/5/2009 #57
Mean Faol Banrigh

I just read the comic... And Tama's cute... I can totaly imagine her falling in a river or something and making that wide eyed look cats make when they get wet xDD

5/5/2009 #58

Angsty Anime Star: That's what I get for being obsessed. XD See you in the Outlands!

5/6/2009 #59

I would like to submit an OC...for Pridelands, but not part of the pride...because she's not a lioness...not actually sure where she would go, but she's been racing around in my head for awhile, so...yeah. Sorry for the ramble.

Name: Masika

Age: 3

Gender: female

Breed: cheetah

Coat: golden-brown with the black spots and 'tear-tracks' on her face

Eye Color: gold

History: Audra was born just within the Pridelands, on accident, to a mother who was recently evicted from her own cheetah family, in the rain (thus her name, which means 'born in the rain'). She was the only cub to surivive the initial first month and her mother became extrememly protective of her. When she grew up, and was old enough to hut, she began to hunt for herself. As a juvinialle, her hunts didn't always go off without a hitch, and she even gained a scar from a hunt gone wrong right behind her ear from being kicked by a gazelle. Now, while her hunting isn't always spectacular, it keeps her alive. She sort-of remains in the Pridelands, but tries to keep out of trouble and keeps to herself. She focuses on staying out of the pride's way, but has been caught a few more times and goes off into the Outlands for a time, before sneaking back into the Pridelands, and to better hunting grounds.

7/28/2009 #60
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