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I don't know if I'm looking in the wrong place or if the author took it down, but I remember this AMAZING fanfic about an OC that comes into the FFVII universe. Unfortunately, I can't remember the title, author or summary. Nor can I remember the main (OC) character's name. All I remember is that she's pregnant (due to Hojo's interference) with Sephiroth's child; that she, Nanaki and (I think) Aeris are broken out of ShinRa headquarters; this hilarious scene where some random person mistakes her for the Virgin Mary (leaving her wondering how different the two dimensions/universes actually are), and the fact that the birth of her daughter was really dire and Aeris had to deliver the kid...and something surrounding that involving a knife...I duno. Any and all help would be appreciated! I really want to find this fic's a good fic! I'd recommend it to anyone if I actually remembered the freakin' name of it.

7/31/2012 #1

So! Update!! I remember a bit about the OC characters. The main OC's name is Linne (I believe). I know for a fact that her daughter's name turns out to be Evangeline.

8/3/2012 #2
Trisana Kara

I know this fic! Unfortunately, I've also lost it. -_-;;;

More details for anyone else who might remember anything:

The OC was Lynnie, Lyn, Linnie, or something like that. She was a Real World Fan who went on a field trip or Bring Your Kid to Work Day at a factory/research company that I believe her father worked at - the company had found an extraordinary stream of Stuff that happened to be the Lifestream. The Main Character (MC) fell into the Lifestream along with a strange white rock that turned out to be a materia that predicted future events that Nomura et al had used to create the Final Fantasy games.

The MC was crystallized in mako for thousands of years, until she washed up poisoned just in time for Sephiroth to wake up from his dip into the Lifestream pre-game. Sephiroth sensed that she was 'like him' and r*** her, impregnating her. She was shortly thereafter picked up by Shinra, who proceeded to take her as a specimen. She struck up a friendship with a few Turks (Reno being the Love Interest), and another OC named Dan (or something) who worked in the cafeteria. He was killed when Sephiroth raided Shinra Tower, and the MC escaped with AVALANCHE.

Further revelations were that JENOVA was in fact MC's mother Jennifer. Eons ago Calamity came waged war on the Planet, before the Planet sealed their power away and forced them to become mortals. The MC and her mother were descendants of Calamity - and her mother, who knew more about everything than her daughter, went insane with grief and threw herself into the Lifestream after the MC disappeared. The Lifestream crystallized the both of them as a defense mechanism when their Calamity powers started awakening. Jennifer got dug up by the Cetra, ended up revered as a wise leader, and then went insane and killed everyone and was sealed away by the remaining Cetra. Batshit from the Mako, she psychically egged Hojo on and allowed Sephiroth to be made from her body.

(Gross conclusion: Sephiroth was the MC's half brother, and she got pregnant with his kid. At least the r*** was non graphic.)

Pairing was Reno/OC, and last I heard of the story (I can't fiiiiiiiind iiiiit), the OC was about to make her first serious go at changing something from the game by trying to find a way to save Aerith.

...I hope my verbal diarrhea helps.

11/10/2012 #3

Oh wow. Thank you so much!!! I know the title is elusive, but damn that was a lot of information!!! Hopefully it'll all be helpful and someone could find the title.

11/10/2012 #4
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