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Nope. My Spring break is next week! You're SO LUCKY you get it early! Gr..=P And I heard it's going to rain too...
4/12/2006 #31
*sobs* i'm going to have my summer class, so i wont have any holiday to the next 8 months! *wails* *wheeps* *wails some more* *wheezes* oh well, anyways, hello guys. nice meeting u all :)
4/30/2006 #32
BReathe in...Brethe out....Breathe in....and out.... haha hi Kudu! =] Nice to meet you too! wow sports is so confusing, they decieded to have 6 months of nothing then all of a sudden in two weeks there's a meeting and try outs for everything -__- I'm currently doing a colorguard clinic to try out (yes! danceguard/colorguard whatever u call it,it's not as stupid as it looks) and it's SO HARD! So I"m not so sure, I was suposed to do volleyball, but try outs aren't for another two weeks same with Tennis and I need to practice more for tennis...ek. So idea which sport to pick. whee so what's new with you guys?
5/2/2006 #33
Nothing much, except I now have the forum with the most posts. It's not much though, just fangirls chatting about the awesomeness of FFVII. 'Tis very fun though. We exchange links to cool sites or talk about doujinshi and good fic we read. Other than that, nothing.
5/2/2006 #34
Really?I'm going to go and chaeck it out! yay for fangirlism!!!
5/2/2006 #35
hum? not much. study diligently (yeah, right *snorts*), am going to hav final tests a week from now. doing tons of homeworks, geh. u guys seem to hav a tad better time than my current painful daily doldrums *laughs* oooo aspirin... i need aspirin...
5/4/2006 #36
well, my courage is up right now. just a few months ago and I would have been too scared and timid to even think of putting 'pen-to-paper',and writing my own version of what happened after Sephiroth was defeated. Watching the amazing Advent Children changed all that though, and for the last couple of days I have been writing non-stop. The story is almost finished, and I can't wait to post it and see what everyone thinks of it,although...... I've never written a fan-fiction before, so it'll be interesting to know what people make of it!
6/5/2006 #37
Nando the RPS King
Well, congragulations on stepping up to the plate. So, you have any more plot details for us other than it's set post-game? What characters will you focus on?
6/5/2006 #38
well, I'm being very brave, and I'm taking the bull by the horns, (as the saying goes)by including most of the main characters, namely Cloud, Tifa, Vincent etc,etc,etc. And yes, Sephiroth is in there too, (would be criminal NOT to include him,lol) but...... I've introduced a new enemy, and Sephiroths help is needed if there is to be any hope of defeating it! DA DA DA!!!!
6/6/2006 #39
Nando the RPS King
Sounds ambitious. Good luck.
6/6/2006 #40
would you be interested to hear when it's finished and posted? I'm really tempted to submit it now, but I hate when you start getting in to a story, only for it to end abrubly, leaving you with no ending! So, I'm pushing myself hard to get mine done, that way I feel it can be reviewed properly.
6/6/2006 #41
Nando the RPS King
Actually, I'd reccomend you go ahead and post the chapters you have, then post the rest as you write them. That's how most authors on this site handle multi-chap fics, probably because your fic gets more exposure that way by being on the fandom's front page more than once. Also, getting feedback can help with decideing what to do with later chapters and can also point out things you can improve before you get too far along.
6/6/2006 #42
ooops, never thought of that! Thank-you. Will finish putting final touches to the chapter I'm working on, and then....... I think I might just take your advice. Fingers crossed, lol.
6/7/2006 #43
ooops, never thought of that! Thank-you. Will finish putting final touches to the chapter I'm working on, and then....... I think I might just take your advice. Fingers crossed, lol.
6/7/2006 #44
Ooooo, id like to read it once you post it! hurry up and post it already! XD XD
6/7/2006 #45
Okay, (deep breath!) It's posted, but I should warn you that it's not finished yet? Hope you like it!!!
6/7/2006 #46
Nando the RPS King
Well, just read and reviewed. Not bad for your first fic. I'd reccomend changing the summary, though. The one you have makes it look like yet another Sephiroth ressurection fic, with nothing to make it stand out from the dozens of others. Maybe if you mention that Sephiroth wasn't the only spawn of Jonova or something, you'd pull in readers easier.
6/7/2006 #47
Ok, it's posted! Please review it kindly, it is my first one!!!! Thank-you.
6/7/2006 #48
Nice job on your fic! sorry I havn't been on a lot lately, I've been caught up with sports and stuff And it's my birthday on the 28th =D
7/26/2006 #49
Hey what's up? I haven't posted on anything in forever.......^.^; Anyways, I'm having a lot of trouble posting chapters and creating stories, because of my retarded acount. Dammnit......I had this idea for one about Aeris in the Lifestream too..... 'gloom.' Ahhh well, can't really help it. Summer vacation's fixing to end over here, and I'll get to see all of my insane friends. XD Hope all of you are doing fine!
8/10/2006 #50
Yay! I miss all of my insane friends too... And whoo hoo! You're back! =D I'm having on and off writers block on my fics as least I managed to finish one, but now with school...I'm going ot have lots and lots of issues with updating them and such myself. do you think we should add a RP in the fourm?
8/10/2006 . Edited 8/10/2006 #51
I'm glad to be back! I've missed you guys...Anyways, we're going back to school tommorow, and I probably won't be able to update my stories for quite while. .; But on the plus side I will be posting regularly, heh heh. An RP Forum??! Heck yes!!!The only people I've really RPed with are my friends on instant messenger, so yes.
8/13/2006 #52
O you have school already? I get another two weeks, they changed the sechudule this year, otherwis eI'd be in school right now too... I can't RP, but I'm sure there are other people who can...haha you can make a thread or something if you like =]
8/14/2006 #53
Yeah, I wish we didn't, though all we got was supply lists today.=D The only thing I hated was waiting for my bus, it took forever to come! Where do you go to school? I may just make an RP thread, assuming people will join in. :p
8/14/2006 #54
Digital Demon
Hello...I am Digital Demon (share an account with 54681). I like making Naruto and (possibly) Final Fantasy 7 fics, but only Naruto at the moment.
12/10/2006 #55
the sixth turk
yay someone like me...everyone looks at me and automatically thinks i'm anorexic cuz i'm skinny and really which i say "heck no, i eat like a logger." (no offense to any loggers present)
1/10/2007 #56
The Bloody Masquerade
Hi I'm Emma but you can call me Emz. What's up you ask, well not a lot. I'm on half-term at the moment so I've been off school all this week and I get tomarrow off aswell :-) but I go back on Tuesday :-(. I hate GCSE coursework it's soo boring and takes up too much of my time. Well at least I leave school in May, for study leave but have to come in to school for my final exams. Anyway before I bore you with my school life. How's everyone doing?
2/18/2007 #57
The Bloody Masquerade
[q]A lot of girls dress like s***. It p*** me off. [/q] That is so true. Like when we have non-uniform days at school, most of the girls hardly wear anything *shudders* I dress quite modesy (sp) and don't wear stuff that shows a lot of skin. But some ware far to much make-up, how much do you need on? I only ware eyeshadow (as long as it's a dark shade) and that's about it. Man I got given too much make-up at X-mas, I got two make-up kits and I only wear eye shadow. Honesty as soon as I wear eye shadow they give me loads of it that would last the rest of my life. I hope I just get CDs for my birthday.
2/18/2007 #58
Nostalgic Siren
Hello people how are you? I LOVE FINAL FANTASY VII please please please say Aerith, Cloud, Yuffie, Cid, and Tifa are in Kingdom Hearts 3. I'm also a huge KH fan if you couldn't guess. Currently I have two fanfic's Our Salvation and Sleeps within the dark my sequel ^^ Suffering a lil writters block DX anyone know any cures?
10/1/2007 #59
Hi people! I'm Cammy! Oooooo!!!!!!! I'm a big KH fan too...duh, look at my totally awesome pen name!'m hyper, random, exciteable, and girly! YAY! As for writer's books and stuff I guess, that's what I do.
10/26/2007 #60
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