Evangelion Crossover Stories
Since everyone seems to love my EvaFMA crossover story, and I am coming out with a new one soon, here's a form to discuss any crossovers with Eva. Ones that are here, and ones that you would like to see.
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Invincible Shinji

I think a NGE/FMP xover would be good. Or better yet, Super Alpha Robot Wars!!!! Oh, the possibilities with that kind of massive crossover!!!

7/26/2008 #1
The Canadian Empire

Here's an idea:

During inside the 12th Angel, unit 01 finds the angels S2 Orgin and eats it, however this has the side effect of lauching poor Shinji and unit 01 into the wonderful universe of Full Metal Panic!! When Shinji wakes up, he finds his eva has full power and is actually cloaked (AKA invisible, thanks to Leliels unique nature), and even more shocking is that Yui Ikari, Shinjis 'dead' mother is suddenly talking to him from inside the eva, thanks to the S2 Orgin. Shinji has no idea what to do, one moment he's inside an angel slowly dying, the next he's alive with his also very alive mother inside an invisible eva in the middle of a desert. Lucky after Yui calms down from her joy and glee, she spills her guts to Shinji and tells him everything. How she got in the eva, SEELE and Gendos involment with second impact, basically the truth about everything. Shinji is enraged at everyone at NERV and also his mother for perposely letting herself get absoered by eva, this isn't helped by the fact that Yui is feeling extremely guilty and blames herself for everything thats happened to her son. Unfortunately, they also arrived too close to a battle between 2 nations, one good, one bad. The good one being aidded by Mithril. Unit 01gets targeted (the eva being no longer cloaked) by the 'bad' army. Shinji still enraged by what he has learned, goes into a beserker rage and unloads all his anger, hate, angst, saddness, (and all other bad feeling he had collected all his life), onto his attackers. The 'good' army and the Mithril forces (Sousuke and friends) watch in shock and fear as this purple monster single handly destroys an entire army without getting a scratch. After the 'battle' Shinji realizes what he's done and screams, also causing unit 01 to roar, scaring everyone. He passes out from shock and exhaustion. Yui teleports unit 01 away. Nearby, news cameras filmed the whole thing, the battle quikly become the worlds number one news story. Since Evangelion was painted on the arms, the news adops this name.

Later on Shinji comes to terms with what he's done. After looking on the internet, Shinji and Yui realize they're actually in an alternete universe, both see this as a way to start over and (hopefully) live normal lives. Excluding the fact that Yui is in a 40 meter tall bio-mech. Shinji uses unit 01 to teleport to Tokyo to start a new life. Guess which school Shinji goes to.

The story would go on from here, How would the FMP world react to the eva? How would it change everything? And so on...

9/14/2010 #2
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