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Apathetic Rhapsody
In my honest opinion, this pairing simply doesn't work for me. I just think sometimes people say, "Hey! Here's a pretty boy, there's a pretty boy, let's put them together!" Feel free to challenge my opinion, but yeeah. Just doesn't make much sense to me.
12/23/2005 #1
The Grey Warrior
That's how I feel, too. But that may just be the Rude/Reno fan in me talking. Anyway, it's somewhat plausible, as they know each other and such (this is especially obvious in Advent Children), but I just can't see it happening for some reason. Rude and Reno are much closer to each other than Rufus and Reno are.
12/29/2005 #2
Saki Inazuma
I think that RufusxReno makes a lot of sense. Reno is a Turk, therefore assigned to work closely with and sometimes protect the President. That leaves so many openings for pairings. And I just think it's a lot more possible than CloudxSephiroth, which makes no sense to me whatsoever.
1/4/2006 #3
Mr. Peachfuzz
It's yaoi, it's not supposed to make sense. ;)
1/8/2006 #4
I can understand what you're saying. It seems when the duo has something distinct about them, it makes the couple more interesting. And due to the fact the both are bishies, doesn't mean they belong together. -_-'
1/10/2006 #5
hm...well, reno and rufus are both pretty boys...that's probably it. i have no opinion one or the other as i haven't read a fic with either the rude and reno pairing or rufus and reno pairing...hm...i have to check some out. but rude probably has alot more alone time with reno ha ha they always seem to be around each other.
2/15/2006 #6
I know I'm totally late on commenting on this, but I feel like I should. I do personally enjoy the Reno/Rufus pairing, and I will admit that there are flaws in it. But when you think about it, most if not all yaoi have inconsistancies and don't necessarily make sense. In this case, i think that Reno/Rufus fics are good when they explore the characters more, their personalities, backgrounds, etc--if this doesn't happen then the fic is very pwp (which can be fine, I guess), and less satisfing. I hope it can be seen as not just 'hey, two bishies, they should totally get it on'. It may seem odd on the surface, but there are ways to make it work. There have been quite a few very good fics on the pairing, and with a read or two it might make it make a little more sense as to why people pair them, even if it doesn't change your opinion.
12/1/2006 #7
i agree with Bobolac. though i am still trying to figure out who would be the uke ^_^ ~pocky
12/26/2006 #8
Kindest Of Lies
Just because Rufus and Reno are smexy bishies doesn't mean that they are supposed to be paired up. I agree with whoever mentioned that! (gives person/people COOKIE) ~Fran
4/23/2007 #9
Lord 0f Storms
They're nothing alike, and that may work for some, but i don't see how they'd have any sort of relationship.
7/19/2007 #10

It doesn't have to make sense. Fanfiction is exactly that fanfiction. Even if you're following canon, it would be easy to put these two together because what do you really know about them? Not very much.

I could see it, but that's just me.

3/8/2009 #11
Red 9

fair enough.

hell, there are plenty of non-canon pairings that i adore, just not this one i'm afraid~

3/11/2009 #12

I didn't mean it like that :).

I think it was one of the beginning posts I was ranting about. About how it didn't make sense for them to be together, I was just saying in fanfiction that it doesn't really have to make sense.

Anyway, I don't mind that you don't support it. Everyone's different.

3/11/2009 #13

This topic is pretty old, but after having it pop up on google, I'm going to go ahead and share my opinion.

The pairing works on several levels. First of all, Rufus Shinra is not in a position where he can let people get close to him, because he has to constantly think about their motives. Why do they want to be with him, or rather why should he believe that they aren't more interested in his money and power than him. I don't think Rufus would let himself be used, so he wouldn't let anyone into his heart or bed lightly. Furthermore, he doesn't seem like the sort of person who would let his guard down enough to have a relationship. Rufus Shinra walls through the word in a white suit as if to say, I do not get dirty. He's cultivated a persona of being unshakable, someone who doesn't flinch. Someone who isn't going to show a soft side to just anyone. He's also busy, before the fall of Shin-Ra he had a lot to deal with, and after he had a lot to deal with and next to no one knew he was alive. He doesn't have time for a relationship and pre-fall of Shin-Ra any relationship would be public while afterwards no one really knew he was alive.

Because of all this, Reno works well with Rufus. Reno is a Turk, he's seen Rufus cry and bleed if it ever happened. He was there for him while Rufus was dying of geo stigma. Reno knows Rufus, and Rufus doesn't have to worry about the Turk judging him, or saying anything about him being soft. Reno knows better. He also wouldn't be out to use Rufus, because he'd understand the relationship couldn't really go anywhere other than being a liaison. However, Reno is the kind of person who'd be ok with that sort of no strings attached set up. Reno is shown to be a live in the moment type of guy, after all. Because Reno is his Turk, he has a reason to be around him, so they could have a relationship without it being public knowledge. Also, because Reno is his Turk, Rufus knows Reno isn't going to try to use the relationship to black mail him, or use him. Rufus can trust Reno, and does trust him with his life because he's a Turk. It's also shown that Rufus cares about Turks, they stuck with him through everything, after all.

So Rufus having a relationship with a Turk fits. Reno works because he'd be up for it, because it's believable that Reno is up for anything. Reno's also the same age as Rufus. So while a relationship with Tseng is equally plausible, Rufus is much younger than him, so it's likely Tseng is dominant. With Reno, Rufus could be dominant, because Reno would let him. Elena is younger and pretty emotional, and probably wouldn't get into the relationship. Rude doesn't seem the type to either. Reno seems the type who could be in bed with the boss and think nothing of it.

They also have some things in common. They are driven, willing to do whatever it takes. They are fierce, and willing to be cold when needed. Yes, they are different people, but I think a wild card like Reno could prove exciting for Rufus, and Reno might like challenge of pursuing someone who doesn't let people close, and who should be patently off limits.

So the pairing is feasible.

9/6/2010 #14

Well said...I like your theories ^^ Yeah, I'm probably like super late, but hey...

8/17/2011 #15
Sentiel Malfoy

I think that they work completely and I love them quite shamelessly. The turks and Rufus have a strong bond with each other which is evident in the game and Reno is included with this. So that means that they would be working close together (During AC they would be living together). I think that there is a chance for a relationship in there.

Whether it was just Rufus rebeling against his father or mutual lust that brought them together I have no doubt in my mind that they are perfect for each other. Opposites attract right?

About the pretty boy thing that works perfectly for one shots XD

12/10/2011 #16

I agree with Sentiel Malfoy. With everything that happened from BC to AC, there's plenty of room to explore.

12/10/2011 #17
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