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drip drip drip

I open my eyes when I hear the quiet dripping noise. My body hurts all over, and it's all I can do not to cry out as I sit up. Bits of shrapnel and engine pieces lay all over the ground. I turn to see the hulk of my ship buried half way into the dirt. I feel panic washing over me when I realize that my ship has crashed.

It didn't occur to me until now what happened. I close my eyes and try to remember those last few minutes just before everything went to hell. I remember hitting X2114's atmosphere, my ship spinning out of control, then full blown panic when the controls failed. The only thing that was any good from this, was that I was the only one on the ship. No one else traveled with me.

I wince as I stand up. Dark blue blood runs down me face and drips onto X2114's "Earth's" soil that was upturned when my ship hit. I quickly check for broken bones and then gingerly feel around my head. All five short, wide (suction cup free, a word I would later learn) tentacles are present, but one is cut deeply.

Only one cut runs deep enough to draw a deep shade of blue. All other cuts only bleed light blue. Dark blue blood means a deep cut or a bad injury. The light the shade, however, means the wound is minor. I start feeling light headed and look for something to stop the waterfall of blood that's gushing down the side of my face. Of course, any cloth would have been burnt to oblivion.

I shift through the burning ruble. There might be something salvageable, but there's nothing. I stagger backwards quite a few steps back and land hard on the ground. Fire reached up to the black sky, and the heat drives me back on my hands and knees. I lay down on my back and watch the dancing lights racing around in my vision. Blood slowly creeps down my face and my head throbs fiercely. I start to sit up, but I'm suddenly tired. Groaning, I roll onto my stomach and push myself up. I mutter angrily as I manage to walk in a not so straight line.

I walk into the forest that stands on the edge of the crash site and lean against a tree. Then I hear footsteps. In my head I picture myself looking up sharply, scampering up a tree, and watch cautiously for whatever I heard. However, what happens is I slowly look up with un-focusing eyes. I see a man walking with a weird contraption pointed at me, although he looks like he doesn't know how to use whatever that thing is. Or maybe he does, since he uses his thumb to pull back something on the back and puts his finger through a little loop on the bottom.

The man starts to grin. His eyes light up behind the two glass circles covering his eyes. He says something and gestures with the metal weapon, at least I think it's a weapon, for me to go in front of him. I debate on how far I can run with my wound. I know I can't run in a straight line, but I might be able to get away. He so skinny, I doubt he can run much faster than a slow walk.

Before I can put my plan into action, there's an exploding sound, and the humans weapon jerks back. Horrible pain blossoms in my left shoulder. I cry out as I fall to my knees and I clutch my hurt shoulder. I hear the man muttering, though it sounds like I have cloth stuffed in my ears. He puts his foot on my chest and shoves me so that I fall on my back. Before I pass out, I reach out and snatch his ankle. Instantly I feel a language (English) fill my mind. My arm goes limp and my head rolls to the side. Black swarms my vision, and I float off into a starless night.


Waking in a strange place is always frightening to any creature, and I'm no exception when I open my eyes to a ceiling covered in bright lights and a harsh smell that fills my nose. I reach up and my fingers brush a bandage that wraps around my wounded head. I find a similar wraping around my shoulder. Blood still stains my indigo skin and I wonder who attempted to heal me.

I slowly sit up, careful not to hurt my wounded shoulder, and looked around while trying to keep the confusion off my face. I'm in a completely white room, with the suspended piece of steel I sit on. It has a sheet on it and is very uncomfortable. That's all my cell holds. Iron bars baracade the only exit and there's no windows. I lean on the wall.

I should have never left Katora. I should've stayed in the simple village I grew up in instead of running away and high jacking a ship in the city. I hang my head in regret and bring my knees up to my chest, resting my head on them. I close my eyes and sigh. The cell is cold and to bright, and I feel a growing sense of agitation at being kept in a small cell in utter silence.

It must've been a long time since I've moved because I hear footsteps echoing in the hallway. I look up as a tall, lean man steps in front of the bars. He wears dark clothes and the same eyewear that the other man had on, but the glass is black. Dark, spiky hair sticks up from his skull and a smirk ruins his near handsome face.

Sunglasses. The word pops into my head as I look at the eye wear. I shift quickly through all the English words in my head. What a strange language, this English. The man pulls out a black box-walkie talkie, again the words appear in my mind- and starts to speak into it.

"It's fine, it was just sleeping or something. It's looking at me now, do I need to prep it for later or anything?" he asks

I feel a flash of burning anger. I don't like humans anymore. I thought that the man I encountered earlier was just scared, but calling me it? On my home planet, I was reserved, quiet, and kind, but now every angry emotion I've ever felt in the past few hours comes bubbling up, and he isn't helping by calling me an it.

"Hey! Shut up you filthy son of a-" I later find out that the word I said was a curse word, and many of the words I used were from the new language.

The man blinks, his smirk wiped off his face, and he puts his walkie talkie up to his lips.

"Did you know it talked?" he asks in a surprised voice.

Something inside me snaps. Before he can react, I lung across the cell and snatch the walkie talkie from his large hands. I throw it behind me and it shatters on the wall. I grab his shirt and pull him into the bars.

"I said shut up. If you wish to keep talking, I'm afraid I'll have to hurt you. Now shut up." the threat wasn't very ominous, but I didn't care. I threw him away from me and me crashed into the bars of the other cell. I stalk over to the piece of steel and sit on it with a growl. I glare at the man as he comes over to the door. He glares right back and pulls out the same weapon the other man had.

"Don't make me use this on you. I don't care if I get fired for killing you, if you touch me again I'll blow your head to bits." he snarls.

I stand, and for a second he looks scared as he again take in all seven feet of me.

"I don't think you understand what's going on here. You have placed me in a tiny cell, angered me, and threatened me. From where i come from, I'm allowed to deal with this how I will-" not exactly true "- and I know just how to deal with this. If you want to find out threaten me again and we'll see what happens. If you want to leave with your internal organs on the inside, I suggest you back off." I hiss.

The man steps back, then runs down the hall. I sit back down with a triumphant smile. A small part of me wanted him to stay and see what happened when a Katorian got in bad mood, but I guess that would have to wait. I look down at the broken walkie talkie and wonder if I could make something to entertain me. I sigh and pick up the pieces. This should keep me busy for the next few hours.

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This is the best ever!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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