A forum to talk about the crack couple of Hitsugaya Toushirou/Kuchiki Rukia. Likes, dislikes, haters, supporters, anything about the couple! Join the HitsuRuki-Army!
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This is where we will be talking about anything and everything that is fanfiction!

You CAN do a number of things in this place;

1) Talk about fan fiction ideas. Share what you have planned with everyone and see what they think or if they have any advice.

2) Ask for advice on anything related to writing.

3) You can commercialize your story. Ask for reviews. Or ask for reviews for another story.

4) Challenges can be made here. If you want to see a story done but can’t do it your self, or want to issue it to a particular person, then you can do it! They don’t have to take the challenge though.

5) Say when a fanfiction is updated.

6) Talk about your pet-peeves in fanfics.

7) This is where we shall talk about YouShallNotPass’s idea on the HitsuRuki-Army: The Fanfic!!

This is her words about the Fanfic;

So yousha is writing an OC fic about....dun dun dun! The Hitsuruki Army! It's going to be about how we all got started as shinigami, met in the academy and became the Gotei13 that we are today. I'd like to write about the lot of us, and therefore ask permission from everyone...

Can I use you in my story, pretty please with cherries on top?!

I'd like to write about everyone, but before I do I need you to do three things!

1. Reply and say "yes! I want my character to be a part of the story!"

2. Describe how you would like to appear physically, and any name you would like to go by if you don't want to be called by your handle (I certainly wont be writing about myself as youshallnotpass, my publishing software will fizz out during the first chapter -.-)

3. Describe any personality traits you might have.

Please remember this is an ORIGINS story, so we wont all be the glamorous bankai wielding sparkle taichous we are right now. Everyone will start out at step one- no rank, no bankai! I'm not writing Mary Sues -.-

So please, if you'd like to take part, reply and answer my three questions! I hope to hear from everyone!!



Please reply to her words! If you want to be in it, say yes! If not say no! Write down descriptions of yourself and everything. Please make something this fun be easier for her!

And remember to thank Yoshi for what she is doing!!

Its asked that in this topic only fanfiction. DO NOT bring in other subjects in this forum. To make things simple and easier to follow keep to the topic at hand!

3/24/2008 . Edited by Iana Sabelle, 12/10/2008 #1
Oh man, you make me blush tremendously :D I just don't know what to say...well actually I do, lol! HITSURUKI ROCKS!!! Okay well that wasn't what I was going to say, but I thought it to be the right time to scream it out....although you can't actually hear me, but we're not getting technically here now are we, lol...ummm....hehehehe, I kinda ran along a rabbit trail now didn't I, lol! Anywho, back on the wonderful topic at hand! I love every fanfic out there that has the pairing HitsuRuki (duh, hehehe)! But I must say what really got me going and started on the couple (besides my obsession for crack pairings and such), was BlackBelt's story 'Converse The Dragon'! I must also admit that I absolutely love vedette26's story 'Tension and The Spark' and the two-shotish one from StormDragon666, 'Secret No Longer'! I must agree with you that I too am surprise, although very ecstatic, that the love for the pairing HitsuRuki is growing! And no worries BB, we're all big perverts inside :D Also want to mention that I absolutely love every HitsuRuki fanfics out there....and sorry for not menitoning your name or story :D Lets hear what others have to say!
3/24/2008 #2
Sorry scerwed up there, I meant I like Vedette26's stories, but also the one 'Tension and the Spark' written by Atramentous Love (I adore this fic alot - even if there is only two chapters, It's just so good!)
3/24/2008 #3
Really? I'm making you blush? Yay me!! But yes, HITSURUKI FOREVER!! >//< You're making me blush now though. Really. But yes, I LOVE those stories you mentioned. 'Secret No Longer' is incredible! I think its written wonderfully and just hot and possesive and basically how we like it! ^w^ The pairing is slowly, but steadily and surely, growing. Hopefully...it will...TAKE OVER THE WORLD!! MUWAHAHAHA1! Oh good, I thought I was the only one.
3/24/2008 #4
Ill talk more but I cant so Ill give a quick thing before I wish there will be a lemon for a hitsuruki couple im such a pervert hahaha however my fav stories right now is conversing with the dragon and why do humans kiss and another won where rukia is drunk and hitsugaya is taking her to his place hahahaha i cant remember i have a bad memory any way ill post more tomarrow when i get back
3/25/2008 #5
Muwahahaha! Perverts are most welcome! And yes, I hope someone is brave enough to REALLY do a lemon for the two. CrazyOnDisplay did a wonderful soft lime in her newest story and -vedette26-'s Attention one is great as well. I have plans on doing SOMETHING in Conversing the Dragon but it won't be for a few more chapters...we need some lovin now!! >__<
3/26/2008 #6

I haven't had much time to read many fics because of school and homework, but I'd have to say one of my all-time favorites is "Conversing the Dragon"! I mean, if it weren't for this particular story, I would never have thought to write a HitsuRuki fic in the first place, so yes. BB is amazing writer and her fic is awesome. I just wish I had time to read more fics so I have more to enjoy!!

But I'll definitely take a look at some of the ones you guys were talking about. They sound awesome!

4/2/2008 #7

Really?! You're making me blush! Thank you alot for that compliment...that means so much to me!!

4/2/2008 #8

Uggghhhh! I feel stupid.. I can't believe I missed this forum! I just recently found this..haha..

anyway, speaking of HitsuRuki fics, the ones that actually inspired me to write my own fics were "Secret No Longer" and "Conversing the Dragon"(yay!). Those were the first HitsuRuki fics I read that actually instantly made me a fan! hooray!

But now, I love all the HitsuRuki fics I have read! You guys are all great writers! I'm so happy to be in the army with geniuses like you! yay!

4/3/2008 #9

You're welcome BB! If it wasn't for you I might not even be writing right now. I'm actually half-way done with chapter 7!! *dance*

4/3/2008 #10

I'm seriously blushing with how many are liking my story. It really makes me so happy. Thank you all so much!!

It's exciting at how many HitsuRuki stories are being added! WE SHALL TAKE OVER THE WORLD!!

And YAY!! Evilmoose is almost done with chapter 7!! I need to do the happy dance now!!

4/3/2008 #11

You're very welcome!! You deserve it!

We are most definitely taking over the world!! BWAHAHAHA!! WE WILL WIN! -random dance-

Happy dance!! Whoot!

4/3/2008 #12


Ok...er...any more conversation ideas about HitsuRuki?

4/3/2008 #13
Iana Sabelle

Eeeehhhh? I just realized I haven't posted here yet... Oh well...

Uhmmm... Just want to add that 'Conversing the Dragon' & 'Betrayal of Fate' were the two fics that made me addicted to this adorable couple! sigh...

Uhmmm.. how about we talk---plan on how to conquer the world since I guess everyone here belongs to the HitsuRuki army?=D

4/3/2008 #14

Well...welcome then!!

o__oU Mine again? Wow...well, thank you! Oooh! "Betrayal of Fate" is wonderful!!

We so totally will take over the world!! YAY!!

4/3/2008 #15
Iana Sabelle

^_^... Yup, yours again.^^

Hmmm... how about challenge everyone (as in the whole army including the ones who are uhmm.. how should I say it... uhmm.. those people who are seduced (bad choice of word) by this adorable couple) to advertise (more like promote) and write stories about them...?=D

or better yet challenge the whole army to hypnotize/brainwash people...

...and then... we'll take over the world! Bwahahaha!XD

4/3/2008 #16

Hmmm...well it wouldn't be a challenge. We can just advertise it in asking for others to promote another's work since some aren't getting the recognition they deserve. OR we could do a challenge. We ask everyone to challenge themselves and if they read a fic and enjoy it they leave a review--even if its just a simple "update" or "good". So many people read stories and yet they leave nothing behind for the author and that just isn't fair. So we ask them do leave a review, no matter how tedious it is, and give some enjoyment to the author. I mean, they took their time to make something for all of us--the least we can do is leave something in return to make them feel happy! (I know I am always estatic when I get a review and everyone else probably feels the same when they get one as well)

So that is what shall be done! From hence forth I challenge everyone to review what they read and enjoy! If you have nothing nice to say don't review but if you like the fic and you read it REVIEW IT! It seems too unfair to not do so! If you can, in your fics when you update say this. Say that you are an author who wants feedback and you know you deserve feedback and you want reviews or a certain number of reviews or the updates will be slower. One just might have to hold their own story hostage to be fair.

4/4/2008 #17
Iana Sabelle

Of course reviews (specially the positive ones) makes me happy and all... I mean who doesn't love reviews from people who appreciate your hard work, right?.... but as much as I would love to have more reviews, I shy away at the thought of what you are suggesting.. I mean I don't want to impose... (not quite the word I was looking for)... It's just me, shy and all... but then again...

...sorry, I'm babbling. my brain is still clouded (curse all allergies and meds.). heheh *sweatdrop*

4/4/2008 #18

It does work. People need to understand that the author needs to know people are reading and enjoying what is being written. In Wit and Courage I say that I need fifteen reviews to show that this story is indeed being read and enjoyed. Not everyone is up to the idea but when you want reviews and you're not getting them sometimes you HAVE to be tough. It's your work, your art, your idea, your baby. You have the right to be proud and to ask for some recognition.

Hope ya feel better soon!

4/4/2008 #19

I actually agree about the advertising thing. I mean, we're all writing for the same purpose, to take over the world, err, to promote the HitsuRuki pairing, so advertising our co-authors would be a big help.

However, I don't feel like I'm good enough to demand the readers for a certain amount of reviews for my stories. Of course, it would be so much better if most of the readers would leave a comment, though I was thinking that maybe they didn't like my stories so they don't leave a review. *sigh*

I'm afraid of scaring people off if I demand them to review my work. Aww. That would make me so sad. T__T

4/5/2008 #20

I think we all should try and see how it goes...now...are we all going to advertise one story or all of the stories generally?

I don't feel I have that great a stories either. And you don't have to make it so its hostage. You can say what you want and why you want it but that's not leaving ti hostage. Just say you would like more reviews from those who read because it will make you feel really good or somehting like that.

Don't worry--that won't scare them off though. They would want to read it and they would more then likely understand where you are coming from if they are author's themselves.

4/5/2008 #21

I think it's better to advertise the whole army. I mean we ahould create an official list of the stories to be advertised then put it all in our profiles or in the latest chapters of our stories. I don't really know, that's just my idea. You decide, Soutaichou. =)

4/8/2008 #22
Iana Sabelle

That would help in promoting the army... I mean there are a lot of people who reads our profiles (especially the profiles of the long-established ones, like our soutaichou.;D) and so if there would be a 'directory' sort of in our profiles, our 'viewers' would somehow be enticed to check those 'recommended' HitsuRuki stories....

The downside of this though is that it'll make our profiles 'bulky'. Some has an already looong profile and making it longer would probably bore the 'viewers' to even read everything we've written there... but what are the odds, ne?

Any comment Soutaichou?:)

4/8/2008 #23

Hmmm...well in my chapter twelve I will be advertising evilmoose's story because I promised her and I want too. So...hm...well I guess we can do both general and specfic stories. How's that? It's all up to each author. And for like a week or so you can place up recommended stories on your profile (// I don't think too many look at my profile--stop feeding my ego!!) Or at the begining or end of each chapter you can just add a little thing about a story and give a small review and just say people; I command you to read it!!

What abaout that?

4/8/2008 #24

Yay for advertising me! XD I really appreciate you doing it..of course like I told you before just the fact that you few people review my stories makes me happy...because my friends opinions definitely matter more than just random people any day. But its still nice to know that if someone is going to take time to read they should at least leave a couple of words. But that's just me.

But I will definitely attempt to do so! I don't have much time to read many fanfics...but I'll try my hardest to advertise. I may just do it on my profile; although not many people read it. But it's easier for me that way.

Sounds like a good idea though!

4/8/2008 #25

And I am almost done with Chapter 7 Soutaichou!! I think its turned out pretty good! I should have it up sometime this week. :3

And I've been brainstorming for "Ribbons and Chains"...hehe. I have some good ideas. Did you read the summary on my profile? It's at the bottom..you should read and tell me what you think of it! I will probably change it up later..depends on how you like it. XD

4/8/2008 #26

WHOO HOO updation of White Phoenix!!!! SOMETIME THIS WEEK!? WHOO HOO.....oh so very very sorry, but as I've recently mention to Iana Sabelle.....I am honestly on a hyperactive meltdown, and can't seem to get off it!!!! SOMEONE STOP THE ROOM FROM SPINNING!? I ask you all to please not judge me from my odd behavior...It seems to overtake my actions once in a blue moon.....hey look a blue moon!

Ribbons and Chains!? Hellz Yay!!!!

Alright, I'll leave the rest to everyone else.....I feel a headache coming on.....

4/8/2008 #27
Iana Sabelle

2 updates from 2 great stories this week and a brand new fic from a wonderful writer?! Yay! *does the silly dance* happiness!

Tsk tsk tsk... somebody should keep CrazyOnDisplay-taichou from any forms of sugar/caffeine... oh, and somebody please cover that blasted blue moon!


This'll be an exciting week full of HitsuRuki goodness!

4/8/2008 #28

I hope there is more!!

Crazy, you silly....SHARE SOME OF THE SUGAR WITH US!!

4/8/2008 #29


Oh, I've updated! I couldn't wait to put it up...that and the fact that I have stuff to do this week so submitting it now gets that out of the way. Haha. Hope you guys enjoy it! I know you guys will review so I don't have to worry about that. :3

4/8/2008 #30
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