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Come and Talk about all things Oliver Twist from the ever eternal book to the movies or about characters or about fan fictions or things you thought should have happened in the book or just some general thoughts overall!
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M'kay, so the title speaks for itself. Here I'll be reserving characters. Try to keep everyone a in-character a possible, yes, that means the use of slang as well. Google "Victorian-era slang" if your knowledge is limited! Hahaha. OH and because I think that more people have seen the musical or one of the film adaptations than they have read the book, I'm only using characters that appeared in the musical. Sorry if your favorite charrie was Monks (although WHY that would be, I have NO idea. . .) or Toby Crackit (that I could understand XD )

Character List:

Oliver Twist (open)

Fagin (open)

The Artful Dodger (open)

Nancy (open)

Bill Sikes (open)

Bet (open)

Charley Bates (open)

Mr Bumble (open)

Widow Corney/Mrs Bumble (open)

Mr Brownlow (open)

Mr Sowerberry (open)

Mrs Sowerberry (open)

Noah Claypole (open)

Charlotte Sowerberry (open)

Mrs Bedwin (open)

Dr Grimwig (open)

ORRIGHTY THEN, M'DEARS! I dunno if I'm going to participate yet, I'd love to play Dodger, but. . . i dunno. . .he's Dodger xD


I'll reserve it for ya.


6/20/2010 #1

OH YEAAAAAAH! I forgot to mention, that if you want, you can make up an original character. Just a name, age, and brief personality and appearance description is necessary if you wish to do so. And you can play more than one character, but no more than two.

6/20/2010 #2

He he... my psychotic best friend kind of started up a roleplay type thing at school (we were learning about Oliver Twist in English) and decided that I was Monks. Needless to say, I was not impressed. However, I was forced to go along with it after she announced she was to be Bill Sykes, and then threatened me with a compass. XD

I might take part in this... don't know who I'll be yet, though.

- SilverLinings

7/5/2010 #3
Could I please role play Nancy? :)
9/16/2010 . Edited 11/21/2012 #4
(( Accidently double posted. Sorry! ))
2/26/2011 . Edited 11/21/2012 #5

Ooh I'll take Dodger then c: . Might make an OC later, but I'm not sure..

1/3/2013 #6

What about a semi-OC?

3/16/2013 #7

i've read the book, but I can't seem to get the 1982 movie version out of my head...

3/16/2013 #8
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