muhyo and roji's BSI
talk all you like about Muhyo and Roji's BSI here...although i think that not much people knows about the existance of this series...*sigh*
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muhyo X roji? dont they look good together

i mean i like muhyo x enchu a tiny bit but muhyo fits with roji

wut do u guyz think~?

11/8/2009 #1

lol. they do look good together, you know! and everytime i fangirl this pairing and started writing fanfic's for them, my big sis would come up and says; "You're doing that pairing? gross! who's the seme and uke, btw!" and that.. makes me confused. Roji is sweet though, really nice and all and looks like it'll fit with the Muhyo.

I mean, seriously, i'm turning into a big yaoi supporter whenever i read this manga! and i support both enchu and roji to end up with muhyo too ~

My head is spinning with ideas for a threesome.. Gosh, I'm out of topic isn't I ?

3/19/2010 #2

lolz sum one really should write a story with those 3~!

i'd read it!

oh yeah i could read all the volumes over & over again yoshiyukis art is just so kewl!

and in vol 18 it has alot of MxR in it~!!

heh but yoichi's kool with me toooooo so i dunno maybe enchu x yoichi~??

9/12/2010 #3
Katherine Apollo Karma

I absolutely support them! It's just so fitting and flows with the story. Enchu could of been a past crush or something but After all that happens I say Roji/Muhyo wins out.

10/4/2013 #4

I love Muhyo x Roji! They're so adorable together 3

need. more. yaoi. XD

4/1/2014 #5
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