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ascended ancient

these are the rules decide by chii

XD Here are the rules, they apply to every RP topic in the RP Village:

1. No killing other OC's without the owners permission. However, you can beat them to a bloody pulp.

2. Be respectable to fellow RPers. Constructive criticism is always wanted for an OC but DO NOT FLAME!!

4. If you make a topic in here then you are responsible for it. Please make sure not to overcrowd the village with RP's that no one goes to. (this is bold because people are breaking it. If you want to make a new topic, go to the "RP ideas" topic first. Once you are sure that your idea is liked THEN you can post it on the forum.)

5. I am not a spelling grammar freak so you can calm down. *^^* But, Mods will be forced to murder you if you spell things like "OMG!111one!1 my oc 1s da pretist eva!!11!11 and narudo wnts 2 mary hr!!!!111!! bt she leks sasiku!!!!!11"

6. The most important rule is to HAVE FUN!!!!

7. If someone becomes a mod don't abuse that power or I will take it away.... After giving two warnings of course.

8. No controlling the other RPers characters unless you get permission to do so.

9. Try to stay away from making Mary sue/ Gary stues if you really don't know if your oc is one or not take a quiz for it.

10. Please use third person while Roleplaying. NO FIRST PERSON! I don't mean ''Misa loves you!" said Misa.' You can do that but I meant just 'I love you!' said Misa.

11. Ignore the fact that rule number three(lemons) is missing, I'll leave that rule for topic creators to decide.

12. You have to make a character OC sheet before you start RPing in a new RP topic. And You must get your topic approved in the RP Idea topic before creating it!

13. You may make your own rules in a topic, but the ones here will still be in effect. So that means if you want to make a roleplay with no guns. You may make it a rule not to have guns in that roleplay. But these rules up here will still be in affect.

14. Cursing. You may curse. I have the settings filtered, so if you want to show the word, then censor it. For example: sh*t ,*ss, f*ck, cr*p....you get the picture.

2/10/2009 . Edited by Chiisai Shiroi Wolf, 12/4/2010 #1
Yuki Monotomo

Aren't these at the beginning of the Welcome topic?

2/10/2009 #2
ascended ancient

its incase some one doesnt read them there

2/10/2009 #3
Yuki Monotomo

Pinned topic!

2/10/2009 #4
ascended ancient

im going to sound like an idiot but what does that mean

2/10/2009 #5
Yuki Monotomo

The topic'll have a little blue flag beside it and be at the top of the topics list

2/10/2009 #6
ascended ancient

oh ok thanks

2/10/2009 #7
Yuki Monotomo

This topic is now imported!

2/10/2009 #8
Dutchman Sjorsie

nice...posted everywhere!

7/23/2010 #9


7/25/2010 #10

Godmodding is not against the rules? O.o

9/12/2010 #11
Dutchman Sjorsie


9/14/2010 #12

Uuh it really should...

EDIT: Nvm, it basically is up there, sorta.

9/15/2010 . Edited 11/19/2010 #13
Yuki Monotomo

Everybody will follow the rules or I will burn their house down with lemons!

7/20/2011 #14
Chiisai Shiroi Wolf

it was.... Then Yuki unlocked it

7/20/2011 #15
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