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Samara Connor

Two cents here to. If we wanted to we could go to Chitter Cahtter part Deux and talk about it.

Harry~ Leader

Hermione~ She is the brains. But she also could go as leader. What she says usually is right and gets done.

Ron~ Ron I consider a strategist and the muscle.

7/15/2008 . Edited 7/15/2008 #61
Samara Connor

This site speaks the truth.

I git this list From It is called Without Hermione.

Without Hermione:

"Ok… without Hermione, Harry would be absolutely hosed! I mean… seriously… she's the one who figures everything out. He always wakes up, you know, after fainting, and Hermione's their, breathless, saying 'that was a close call, Harry'…that's like…all of book 7."

Without Hermione, Harry and Ron wouldn't have noticed that Fluffy was guarding a trap door.

Without Hermione, Harry and Ron would not have found the book telling them who Nicholas Flammel is, or what the Philosopher's Stone is.

Without Hermione, Harry might not have solved the potions logic enchantment guarding the Philosopher's Stone.

Without Hermione, Harry and Ron might not have eliminated Malfoy as the Heir of Slytherin and focused on other clues.

Without Hermione, Harry and Ron would not have known about Moaning Myrtle's bathroom, realised the Chamber of Secrets was in there, or discovered Tom Riddles diary.

Without Hermione, Harry and Ron would not have known about, or had someone to brew, the Polyjuice potion.

Without Hermione, Harry and Ron might not ever have learned that the Chamber of Secrets contained a basilisk.

Without Hermione, Harry and Ron might not have realised the Baslisk was using pipes to get around the school.

Without Hermione, Crookshanks would not have been there to help Sirius.

Without Hermione, Harry would not have had a time turner and the opportunity to rescue Buckbeak and Sirius.

Without Hermione, Harry would not have perfected the Summoning charm he used in the first task.

Without Hermione, Harry would never have been able to have his version of "the story" written by Rita Skeeter and printed in The Quibbler.

, there wouldn't have been a Dumbledore's Army, since she came up with the idea.

Without Hermione, Harry would've probably been tortured by Umbridge, since Hermione came up with "the secret weapon is the the forest" story to get them out of there.

Without Hermione, Harry would've been killed by Nagini in Godric's Hollow.

Without Hermione, Harry and Ron wouldn't have had the invisibility cloak, polyjuice potion, or any of the other items that Hermione thought to pack in her little beaded bag.

Without Hermione, Harry and Ron would never have understood about house-elves, and probably would never have heard the truth about Regulus from Kreacher.

Without Hermione, Lavender Brown would've been attacked by Fenrir Greyback.

Without Hermione, Ron would be ever so lonely :)

7/15/2008 #62

Right, so basically they'd be nothing without Hermione.

7/15/2008 #63

As I said before and I stick by it.

Hermione is the brains of the operation. Harry is still the leader though as he always makes the final decision on the trio's actions, whether they are good decision or not is besides the point.

I do not deny that without Hermione or Ron (remember him saving Harry's life more than once too?) Harry would have been well and truely stuffed the the term Golden Trio. Even Harry admits to getting loads of help over the years.

7/15/2008 #64
Samara Connor

Yeah! Thats what i was saying. She is constatly doing sone thing. She is the reason Harry and Ron did not die in there 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th books. She solves the mystrey. I would not surprised that if Hermione had not been around they would have ended up getting them selfs killed. They would not have figured any of that stuff out, in time to do anything. They would have gotten in way more trouble at Hogwarts than they did. You can not Have the Story without Hermione.

In the end Harry makes the final decision. If something had Happened to harry in the serries Hermione would have been in charge of getting him rescued or whatever.

7/15/2008 . Edited 7/15/2008 #65

re: This Being Off Topic.

No I am not in here to tell you guys not to talk ... I'm not that mean. I have put in a suggestion to the other mods about changing the name of this topic to just Hermione, since this has become a character discussion and is no longer about which Weasley man is best for her (after all there is only so much to say on that topic). So continue talking about her, but we will have to wait for Jack to come back to have the title changed. :D

7/15/2008 #66
Samara Connor

Thanks, sorry bout that did not mean to be off topic.I thin Hermione would work better.

Hermione is just as capable to make a decsion as Harry

7/15/2008 . Edited 7/15/2008 #67

She's capable of making the decisions but Harry's responsible for doing it. Whenever a choice comes up, Hermione and Ron looked to Harry for their response. Granted, sometimes she does make smaller choices but the bigger more important ones are left to Harry. She did save his life several times, and so did Ron. But Harry saved both of them too. In fact, in SS when she panicked, Harry saved all of their bums. My take:


Hermione-his second, the brains

Ron-comic relief, strategy (remember he kicks the crap out of the other 2 in chess)

7/16/2008 #68
Book Mad TJ


Harry, Leader, he gives people hope just by being there, he makes people believe that they can be stronger, that they can win. He tells them what to do and people listen to him, they listen to him and he’s prefect to lead as he will always think about everyone he leads, not just himself. People need someone they WANT to fight for, and that’s him.


Hermione, The brains and planner of the group, she’s smart and knows what to do when things go wrong. She comes up with all the great ideas. She is kind of the leader, but HARRY JUST HAS A WAY WITH PEOPLE……………and people want someone like Harry to lead, lead with his ‘love’


Ron, The back up, he’s there when both Harry and Hermione are in trouble, he’s there for the others to fall back on, for support. Ron keeps the group together like glue.

Yes Amy. I agree, we should change the name of this to Hermione……………….or character personalities as we can talk here about everyone's personalities here and why we like or dislike them......

Does anyone know when Jack will be back?

7/17/2008 #69
Book Mad TJ

I like the sound of 'character personalities' if we change the name of this topic Amy..........what do you think?

7/17/2008 #70

Its really only Jack who has the power to change the name of topics, and as I am not the only mod on this forum it ultimately comes down to everyone else. If we were to change it to character personalities then everyone would need to make an effort to discuss all characters, not just 3. My suggestion for Hermione was because the topic seemed to center around her.

This will be discussed in the topic 'Forum Ideas' if anyone has anything else to say about it, but for now go back to the Leader discussion as was. Nothing will be changing until Jack gets back.

7/17/2008 #71
Book Mad TJ

Yeah okay Amy.

Hermione is the brains, but Harry has this gift to make people do what he says........................

7/17/2008 #72

Which is essentially what makes a strong leader. Hermione's too know-it-all-y to command the crowds. They'd get annoyed with her and wander about on their own, maybe even 'revolt'.

7/17/2008 #73
Fayth G

About which Weasley brother is right for Hermione, Pre DH I would have said Fred, but then he you know, died. So know definitely George. He is the more compassionate of the two, and the follower. I would have said Fred before, because he was more of a leader. Hermione wants to be the "girl". Se doesn't want to be another one of th guys, which is a danger she constantly faces with Ron and Harry. I might also see this as a potential problem with George, because he might rely on her more than she might like, but he also doesn't know her as well as Ron and Harry do, and therefore would treat her more as a "girlfriend" than "one of the guys".

7/19/2008 #74

I felt bad for Hermione in GOF when Ron remarked to her that she was indeed a "girl"

7/20/2008 #75

She should have expected something like that from him. It wasnt the first time he upset her.

7/26/2008 #76

As much as I love Fred, I can see him and Hermione clashing a bit considering as others have metioned that they are stongheaded. Then again, it could be good for the both of them. Then we have Hermione with George, true he is more of the follower, but not as much as Ron, because if he was, she might as well be dating Ron.

7/31/2008 #77

I don't see either of the twins as being classified as a follower. And as much as it hurts me to say it, Ron neither, really. I mean if he was a true 'follower' he would've jumped on the Harry's a nutter train when the rest of the school did. The only person he really lets lead him is Harry. He doesn't even really follow his brothers.

8/1/2008 #78

I don't see Ron as a follower at all, which is why I think that Hermione and Ron would work. It's just that his ideas might not be the best to they often get pushed to the side.

Be that as it may I actually think that Hermione and Percy would make a good couple. Percy is very ambitious and I think that Hermione would help him 'move up' but also keep him levelheaded.

Of course I always like the twins and Hermione (I don't really mind which, although I prefer writing George/Hermione) for all the reasons previously mentioned.

Bill and Charlie are good in fan fiction, but I don't think they would actually work.

8/4/2008 #79

I'm more a fan of Charlie with Hermione...

Of course, Percy's cool, too (along with the twins!), but not Ron or Bill, for some reason... They just never clicked for me. :)

8/30/2008 #80

... And I just realized that I am apparently completely off subject (at least, what the subject has turned into...)! Lol *Sighs* That's what I get for not reading it out thoroughly before posting. XD

Anyways, I agree: without Hermione, Ron and Harry would most likely be dead, but Harry still has the final say and the rest just sort of follow along. Mind you, isn't that how it normally is with the side characters?

Ja ne! ^.^

- Cady

8/30/2008 #81

lol, yeah this one got a bit carried away. but we've talked about changing the name of the topic, but we can't until Jack (the admin) gets back on.

8/30/2008 #82
Book Mad TJ

What about without Ron...............What would Harry be like if he and Ron never became best friends?

Would the books be worse or .........................better? (Lol, Sorry I'm not a Ron fan!)

8/31/2008 #83

Actually there's a really interesting series written about that called An Alternate Adventure: Goblet of Fire, written by slytherin-nette where Harry takes Draco's hand in first year instead of staying around with Ron and subsequently gets sorted into Slytherin. Okay so he also has a twin sister but I thought it was a very interesting read. It's H/Hr though for anyone who doesn't like that.

8/31/2008 #84

If Harry never meet Ron, I don't think he'll be as close as he is to the Weasley family.

8/31/2008 #85

If Harry wasn't best friend's with Ron, he probably would've hung mostly around Neville. He may not even have become friends with Hermione, because it was in part due to Ron's mouth that they became friends with her in the first place. So, Harry and Neville? He probably would've snuffed it during the Sorcerer's Stone.

9/5/2008 #86
Book Mad TJ

I think if Harry was not best friend's with Ron, he would have taken Draco's hand on the train...and been Draco's best friend...

9/5/2008 #87

I have to disgree TJ Harry would not be friends with Draco he didn't like him from the start, I think he would have been friends with Neville, and Neville would have surpised us all and helped Harry alot, he could replace Ron as musch as I love him Neville could do what he did, they would however be introuble without Hermione and may have snuffed it as Lana said

9/25/2008 #88
Book Mad TJ

I love the new title!

Okay what do you think Hermione sees in Ron?

Hermione's a very pretty, smart, power young lady who would have many good men to choose from, but why choose dumb, easliy angered Ron???

9/28/2008 #89

Actually Canon Hermione is an Average looking, bossy know it all, that spends a lot of time studying. Ron is no angrier than Harry or Sirius or Remus or any other male really. He is also smart in a non bookish way. He was Molly-coddled literally for 11 years of his life , youngest baby boy he got home sick he went home. At least he came back right? Oh and what did he do when he came back? ... oh that's right he saved Harry's life. Chess game year 1 Ron, Rescued Harry from the Dursley's? Ron, Third year he was a bit dippy but yeah well I could go on but I will just upset everyone AGAIN.

I don't think fanon Hermione would end up with Ron as they are not matched for each other at all but canon Ron/Hermione are soul mates.

Edit Pretend I said nothing and ignore this please. I am not deleting the contents but I so bady want too.

9/28/2008 . Edited 9/28/2008 #90
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