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Come worship our favourite twins, Fred and George. Challenges, discussions, fun! We cover many more HP things than just the twins but they're our favourite subject.
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Twin Exchange

Please send entries to the July challenge to this account. Thanks!

7/11/2010 #151
Twin Exchange

Only 4 days left to enter the monthly challenge! You're chancing of winning are looking good because no one has submitted an entry yet.

7/16/2010 #152
Twin Exchange

Want to write a story, but don't know where to start? Check out Ideas to Good Homes and adopt a fic. They're lonely and some of them have been waiting for an author for a very long time.

7/17/2010 . Edited 7/17/2010 #153
Twin Exchange

Hello ladies!

This is your last day to enter the Twin Exchange 2010 July Challenge - if you are still working on your entry, good luck!

Also, some of you may have noticed a new topic posted by Mistymist, please visit it and follow the link to the poll on her profile to vote for your top 4 HP females to write about. On the 24th the poll will change to male characters and the results will be used to determine next months Challenge pairings.

Happy writing!

7/19/2010 #154
Twin Exchange

The TE July Challenge 2010 is officially closed and the poll is posted on the topic and this profile. You have until the 10th of August to vote for your favourite!

Don't forget to vote on the poll to decide which female characters will feature in next month's challenge!

7/20/2010 #155
Twin Exchange

The details for the Twin Exchange August Challenge have been posted. You have 20 days to write and submit a one-shot!

Thank you to everyone who voted in the poll to pick which characters we would choose from this month, the results can be found on this profile & the challenge topic.

Good Luck!

7/31/2010 #156
Twin Exchange

We at the Twin Exchange would like to wish CedricHarryEdward a very Twintastic Birthday!

If you want to write her a birthday fic, check out her requests at Birthday Fic Requests.

Also, let us know your opinion in the newest couple and question in The Great Pairing Debate and Twintastic! topics.

8/4/2010 . Edited 8/4/2010 #157
Twin Exchange

The Winner of the July 2010 Twin Exchange Challenge is:

Holiday by remuslives!


8/11/2010 #158
Twin Exchange

Only nine days left to enter the August 2010 Twin Exchange Challenge!

8/11/2010 #159
Twin Exchange

Two days left to enter the August 2010 Challenge!!

8/18/2010 #160
Twin Exchange

The TE August Challenge 2010 is officially closed and the poll is posted on the topic and this profile. You have until the 10th of September to vote for your favourite!

8/21/2010 . Edited 8/21/2010 #161
Jack of the North

I finally have the internet back! Yay! Or darn from some of you haha or a who are you from you newbies. I will be back on a more regular basis and hope to get to know all the new people and to remeet the people I may have forgotten. I have post baby brain still so please forgive me if we have met before but I don't remember it.

A big thanks to the other girls for keeping this going. Lord knows if it was up to me the forum would have come crashing to its knees years ago.

9/7/2010 #162
Twin Exchange

A HUGE welcome back to our lovely Jack of the North!

The winner of the August 2010 Twin Exchange Challenge is:

Most of the Time by angelically-devilish!

Congrats Meg!

9/16/2010 #163
Twin Exchange

Happy birthday to Mystii, September 8th! Hope it was lovely! And to Sarah3Noelle.(: on the 22nd!

9/16/2010 . Edited 9/16/2010 #164

The October challenge is now up.

To make up for my pitiful talents at coming up with quote prompts, I have left the pairings fairly open.

9/30/2010 #165
Twin Exchange

We at the TE would like to extend a very Weasleytastic birthday wish to weasleyobsessed! Have a great one Gemma!

10/1/2010 #166
Twin Exchange

Hey everybody! Just a reminder that you only have 9 days left to finish those Challenge entries.

10/11/2010 #167
Twin Exchange

The Twin Exchange October 2010 Monthly Challenge is officially closed. Go read and vote for your favorite! Results available on November 10th.

10/21/2010 #168
Twin Exchange

Only 11 days left to vote on the October Challenge! Make yours count. ;)

10/30/2010 #169
Twin Exchange

A new month, a new challenge. The Twin Exchange November 2010 Challenge is now up! You have until the 20th to send your entries to this account. Hope to see a bunch of them!

Only 8 more days to vote on the October winner!

11/2/2010 . Edited 11/2/2010 #170
Twin Exchange

Happy birthday to the lovely DarkSaber3434 and the smashing, but rarely met WeasleyForMe! If you want to give them a gift fic, go see Birthday Fic Requests to see what they'd like.

Also, for those of you who've already seen your birthdays come and go, feel free to go edit your fic request preferences to your more recent tastes.

11/2/2010 #171

Last day to vote on TE October Challenge!!

11/9/2010 #172
Twin Exchange

The winner of the October 2010 Twin Exchange Challenge is:

Deeper by remuslives.

Only 9 days left for entries for November. Hurry up girls!

11/11/2010 #173
Twin Exchange

Please note: There is a new topic, Holiday Fic Requests. Please drop by and fill it out girls. It's 'frequent visitors' only this time, sorry everyone else. But we'd like to keep this one limited to those who stop by regularly in the chitter chatter topic.

11/13/2010 #174
Twin Exchange

The November Challenge is now officially closed! Thanks to all the entries and good luck in the poll!

Note: There will be no December Challenge this month, sorry.

11/22/2010 . Edited by remuslives, 12/3/2010 #175

Claiming is now open for the Holiday exchange.

Please PM me with your preferences. (top three choices)

The sooner you contact me the longer you will have to write.

11/24/2010 #176
Twin Exchange

Happy Birthday to remuslives (Lana) on the 3rd and ssShadow444 (Wayne) on the 23rd!

12/1/2010 #177
Twin Exchange

10 days left to vote on the November Challenge winner.

12/1/2010 #178

Dribble Drabble now contains links to the newer chapters, so you can check it out.

12/1/2010 #179
Twin Exchange

Roll Call and Birthday Fic Request topics have been pruned. If you find yourself missing, feel free to add your name back to the list. But take notice that Roll Call is a quick name reference topic for newer members. It's hard to locate who you're looking for if it's cluttered with a bunch of folks who've only dropped in a time or two. And for Birthday Requests, if you want someone to write you a fic, it would be more likely if you stopped in and chatted with us. If we don't know you, it's not likely we'll write for you. Not trying to be rude, just pointing out the facts. Thanks!

12/5/2010 #180
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